Day Trading Put Options Live: Day Trading AAPL for $450 in 1 Hour Online

Good morning, this is Keshia here at, and this will be a live day trading video to learn to trade stocks So I am currently looking at Apple, and I’ll be taking a short position, so I’m gonna be buying some put options learn to trade stocks Here expecting the price of Apple to decline So I am now in the trade about 27 contracts at 62 cents for a total cost of 1674 let’s see if the price of Apple can continue lower learn to trade stocks learn to trade stocks So I have one contract left And I’m just about to get rid of it because the price of Apple is starting to bounce here So I’m gonna go ahead and sell this last contract I have an order in its 79 cents And I was just filled so all out for a four hundred and fifty one dollar gain This trade definitely lasted a little bit longer than I expected But we’re just about an hour and 15 minutes into the trading day learn to trade stocks and I’m up four hundred and fifty one dollars, so not too bad overall I Hope you enjoyed this short live trading video learn to trade stocks And if you did feel free to like and subscribe and also feel free to leave a comment or questions below Thank you so much for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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