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  1. 2nd…. very well said Pat.. many new traders believe the get rich quick scam of trading.. hit the base hires d every now and then you’ll knock one out of the park.. now how do I win that drone man… 🙂

  2. Good rules. I remember when I first started I would overtrade and force trades. Before I knew it, I was down 800 bucks on the day. Now I have my broker but a max loss on my account to save me from those spiraling days

  3. It's pretty crazy how much better you've got since your first video's. What's your favorite strategy breakouts, dip buys, or shorting resistance?

  4. Hey is your chart set on 1D:1m? Or do you trade on ticks? If so, how many ticks per bar?

  5. Great viedo you r totally right I went from Daly trading to swing trading I see 5 % usually on a trade once u find your nitch stay with it ur one he'll of a teacher keep up the good work

  6. do you think there's a minimum share size when growing a small account in order for commissions to not hamper your gains? thanks.

  7. One rule I like to follow is to decrease my share size when I'm up huge on the day. Makes my confidence stronger and I'm not as afraid to enter positions later on. I think I've seen you do this before.

  8. Your videos are really worth watching everytime. If I didnt find you I wouldnt have started day trading. Thanks a lot

  9. Thanks for these great knowledge bro! 👊 All your videos are very valuable. Some people making money from these type of knowledge you be throwing at us right now.

  10. I have a problem with over trading too and I'm trying to fight it. Thank you for the advices and another amazing video.

  11. Hey Patrick.. Great and humble video as always. Love to watch it as ive said a few times already.. Its inspiring to see how your videos get better and better from when you first started out. Good luck man. Wish you the best. Did you buy that R8 yet btw?

  12. That's how I do it Slow and steady will get you there . Cutting stocks that are going against you is the way to go. "Large Loses you never forget. Small Losses you never remember" Been trading 20 yrs and selling trim and trail etc.. is way to go.. Take some money as the stock moves in your direction either on the long side or short side. Good Trading ALL

  13. Another great video and good advice. Advice I need to use more. Don't hold too long. Many times I've had a plan..70 dollars. Was up 100 and held thinking I could get 150-200 and lost. Profit is profit. Get out ahead. Great advice.

  14. Great and important video patrick,one more rule, we need to accept our losses! some days we lose and it's inseparable part of day trading, do'nt force trades just to cover you're losses if it dosen't meet you're strategy don't touch it,i'm fighting it too.

  15. Drops the mic and walks always! Good info we all need to remember every single day!

  16. It's like you knew how this week was going for me or something lol… Every tip was gold!

  17. Great video! I’m more of a swing trader but this works for me also because I day trade big stocks here and there

  18. Love your videos, Patrick! Keep up the great work! I'm very appreciative of your content and knowledge, one of the best on YouTube for sure. By the way, you have four drones on your desk for decoration while I'm trying to save for just one! Help a brother out!

  19. So I am brand new here….I opened up a RobinHood account, obviously I can not "short sale" on there…and I am told it is quite slow.   So what do I need to look for in a brokerage firm?  I have been asking around locally, and not getting good responses.  Is it better to get a local broker or an on line one??   What criteria did you use to pick one?   What should I look for as the good/bad in someone?

  20. I suggest make A Set of Rules for your Self to follow before you start any type of trading & stick to those Rules to stay true to your self no matter what. This will help you have A Possative Mindset.

  21. Just started day trading and doing lots of research online along with studying charts – deposited like 30 quid just to have a go, made some pennies, lost some pounds haha. I'm going to take a step back now and study more as I've been basically gambling.

  22. New viewer. I like your enthusiasm and more importantly your morals. Keep up the good work and lets make some money!

  23. Hi I know I am late to this video but please could you answer me this. Is it generally a bad idea to set a low cost trade running just before you go to bed for the night? Is it best practices to trade when you have full attention to your trades? Great videos btw. Quickly becoming my favourite trade YouTuber! 😀

  24. “If a stock is up 1000%, don’t think it’s going to go 2000%.” lol

  25. Hey man I like your style! I'm Subbin'! Thanks for passing on the wisdom.

  26. funny guy. Glad to join. happy trading. Quick question, while I'll be looking for it, do you happen to have a video about scanners for day trading or perhaps Ross's scanners? Cheers

  27. Well said….. Pls talk about swing trading or positional trading, How do we find a swing trading stocks and when do we get enter and into that stocks and when to exit… Thanks.

  28. Do you remember every single stock you trade when day trading? Where is the focus more on, the charts or digging info on the company you are trading?

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  30. I've done that twice now, got to greedy and lost $80. I'm a beginner and only been swing trading for a couple of weeks. I need to set a rule for myself.

  31. Thank you so much for your videos…and and is good what are you telling from the minute 6 35….

  32. If you have a profit of 100 dollars is ok and tomorrow get 200 or 150 is good …people will be practicing and getting it little by little and not losing too much and will be a good practice to gain experience

  33. yes you are 100 % sure and I agree with you…and I been thinking that stock market is mainly like the weather……..unpredictable and traders have to deal with it

  34. Ok, as much as I want to believe it, Im really having a hard time wrapping the idea of upping a $1000 account, to $35000 in 2 weeks. Thats insane! Thats 3500% in 2 weeks! Nah buddy, as much as I think you are a good trader, there is something wrong with that statement. I mean if thats the kinda gains you were making, I dont think you would be out here making youtube videos! You could be managing millions of dollars for some of the largest financial institutions in the world! Again, thats considering that your statement is not a load of trash. I mean Im not an experienced trader, but even to me thats sounds to good to be true…
    Nevertheless, still a great vid and some good advice too. Subbed.

  35. You make way more sense to me than most on YouTube, do you have a website/courses

  36. First of all, you are not consistently profitable. It takes longer than 10 years to fully understand stock market.

  37. Do not use City Index without videoing your positions to have proof for the FCA if they rip you off make sure its a real chart with real candle patterns

  38. If a stock goes up 1000% think it’s gonna go down 500% and short that bih haha happy trading boys

  39. yup. slow and steady wins the race! shovel by shovel And brick by brick building up the account! 😀

  40. how big is the monitor behind you and what resolution do you use? thanks

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