DAY TRADING With Legend Stephen Kalayjian!

what’s going on guys we’re here today in
Connecticut and we’re gonna be hanging out at the ticker talker office checking
out what Stephen collegian is doing every day from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. when
the market is open how it works what he’s doing what he’s looking for and
everything that’s going on inside of Steve’s room you’re gonna see you here
in a minute you’ve seen it before but now we’re gonna get a more in-depth look
at kind of what goes on what Steve’s looking for so come along I’m taking you
inside where most people will never be able to go so feel lucky
stay tuned come on good man so Steve here he is the man the myth the legend
all right break down what you’re doing right now
it’s 8 o’clock in the morning what are you looking for what do you kind of
focused on so I’m just getting my eyes you know zeroed in on what’s going on I
just walked in about 10 minutes ago just start getting my my desk organized and
then I’m just my live room at 8:00 I’m checking my economic calendar because I
don’t like to trade into any economic news so if there’s a neat dirty numbers
coming out or a 10 o’clock I want to get ready and prepared for it but just right
now I’m just going left to right just you know checking out the futures
contracts where the overall markets are looking at some of the Forex is the
pound the euro the dollar yen and looking at the index futures on I’m
trying to buy the ESP futures because the futures eight o’clock in the morning
equity markets start at 9:30 but a lot of guys who trade futures when I come in
at 8 o’clock in the morning so whether it’s the index futures the crude oil
currency markets you have a GDP number coming in at 8:30 so the economy looks
like it’s it’s strong it could be a sign that Federal Reserve’s gonna start
raising interest rates again and if it’s a weak GDP well it could be taken to
ways that the economy starting to falter and that may be that it would be offset
by the Federal Reserve not looking to raise interest rates again so there’s a
combination it’s a whole way of you have to interpret it but hey S&P so 90 or
better here and then not cancel the balance so you know all day long we’re
in here but right now we after this trade I probably won’t do my
you know because of the fact that you know you don’t want to have a position
going into the big big number like GDP at 8:30 all my life I’ve never traded
into an economic news I mean I have y 30 minutes 25 minutes before ok that’s some
peas 9 and a quarter so I probably you know I wouldn’t be doing much here so I
gotta get on in 10 seconds and but people who are normally on a little
before would have probably caught that you know one little trait scalp trade on
the ESPYs if you look at all the four etf’s reversed yesterday and continued
to be in a solid uptrend what are we looking at you got a lot of screens a
lot of people are like oh well yellow screens for tell us kind of what we’re
looking at on the screens and kind of reckon I think I was trying to explain
to people how you know every screen is a either a different instrument or
different equity koror future so because I have so many screens up is not because
of any ego or anything like that it’s because so the way I’ve been doing this
for well over 25 30 years and that’s because the fact that I want to be able
even though technology which I have behind me out what my three assistants I
have my elbows running behind me and they’re blurting out stuff for me yeah
right but it’s important that you know when I am more of a visual guide to
right so when I’m able to have all my different instruments that I look at
that I trade that my my customers and my traders look at right it’s good that you
know I’m in a rhythm with it so instead of just having the Algol just say okay
you know biased appease then I want to watch the pattern and then I could trade
in that pattern all day long number one thing is you want to be on the right
side of market right you know I’m able to identify the trend whether it’s a
negative or a positive trend and then I like yes you’ll be caught the whole
reversal off you’re also looking for kind of like correlations to oh yeah so
right spy how does that work like let’s say I’m trading the e-mini ‘s
right what am I looking for in this buy so when I trade you could trade the
futures contracts before my research to show me you can trade during the Tokyo
in the European session outright using my technology and then you can trade up
until 9:30 so what happens is is that once the bell rings at 9:30
and all the markets open equities ETFs so yes say for example if you look here
I caught the by reversal using my proprietary algorithm on the 15-minute
time frame I caught the by reversal here at 12:45
on the spiders right but if you look back and I have to scroll back here you
can see that when I got the buy signal on the SP futures right here and I think
it was about 15 minutes before 11:45 like an hour earlier
so at 11:45 I caught the buy signal and I said to everybody that I thought the
lows were in for the day and then at 12:45 when the spiders would trade like
a stock correlated with up with the continuous contract now they both lined
so now I knew the lows were definitely in and I was trade trading from what
from the long side on the SPS or the equity markets as a whole doesn’t so
much research on this that I wrote this and the way they line up very powerful
and you should be going in in that direction yes what I’m able to see and I
teach this to people who are in my live room who use my software as well hi
Alfred generated trading ideas in and out you know market direction seeing
things that a lot of people you know I feel can’t see and this is what I do is
try to help them how long are you typically in a trade anywhere from one
to six bars which means anywhere from one minute to thirty minutes on a trade
I watch I just absorb and then I you know I’ll wait
sometimes I’ve seen you know big drops and then use reversals up and so I just
want to be able to let the dust settle a little bit usually that the second move
is the right direction for my years of experience ten-year bond still bullish
here on the 15 and at timeframes all right markets about to
open what are you looking at right now what’s kind of the game plan the indexes
are down SMP futures are down 6 the Nasdaq futures are down 23 that’s the
gauge of the market right there overall I have buys all my ETFs the spiders the
Russell the Q’s and the diamond so right now we’re still in buy mode even though
the markets gonna open up a little weaker so right now I’m just gonna be
patiently waiting here and see which way the markets gonna dictate eventually how
quickly normally try to get in once the market opens today it’s is not no umph
to it but normally sometimes like if you see like a you know an 18 20 handle move
off I try to fade it in short it right on the opening and then try to look for
a quick scalp you know how does the like market open affect the futures it’s
obviously the beaches are already trading but they’re kind of trading on
the idea that the future price right so right now you’re just gonna wait to see
where a lot of the underlying stocks are gonna open like the Amazons you know the
names that are the apples that are gonna right like right now Apple I’m in buy
mode right then as I features is down 22 okay here we go all right so all right
Apple still in buy mode here Tesla Wow new highs here in Tesla all right we
have cells in Intel takes out the 50 to 96 level again the Intel you take out
the 50 to 96 and then tell you’re gonna get a cell signal here alright 10 year
bond look to cover here four and a half shouldn’t have been able to sell all
fives no way you were selling oh five-and-a-half use up use a five stops
if it starts going but you should be complete here half its gonna get hit out
here at a half so you should be filled let me give you some key numbers to
watch your spiders need to hold above the 278 43 Russell 156 73 Q’s 170 286
and it diamonds 259 27 these are all really big numbers here if any of them
gets start taking now we’re gonna see a reversal to the downside right now the
Dow’s on the Dow’s right up a dollar here its 1003 now we probably how many
trades we do to about 24 20 about 20 trades we probably gonna be
in the you know mid 60 70 range right now we have buys on the snps the spiders
the rustle just reverse negative so one of the four ETFs are now in sell mode
here so I just feel that the markets really heavy and this pattern on the
bigger timeframes got to be complete so I’m still looking for another you know
20 to 30 hand will push down in the next couple days to complete that before you
get another push back up on the bigger timeframe so normally when I’m trading
I’m looking for opportunities in terms of a stock being overextended the upside
to go short or on you know Oversoul to the downside to get down to support area
to get long kind of how are you what are you kind of looking I mean other than
looking just a bit why are you selling on proprietary yeah algorithms so I
really never look at anything you know I could show you examples my 36 years of
an overbought condition and the market still barely 2,000 points so the way I
designed everything that took me eight years of my life I’m able to identify
the trends and reversals and the patterns that setup and I have you know
using my overbought oversold oscillators so I’m pretty in tune to like how I use
them and use them with other indicators so I can pick up divergence patterns and
oversold conditions that I know how to use and I teach that all day long is
there a reason you have a preference between the tick charts and bar charts
and stuff like I’m just so used to you know the bar date I like that I’ve been
looking at and to me it’s the only way to look at it I get into a rhythm with
it more flow so it’s what my eyes are pretty much trained on a daily basis can
you give us a quick little explanation of how a bar chart works yeah so
basically looking at the exchange-traded fund Spyders SP why it’s just data
coming in and just the prices you know within that I’m looking at a 5-minute
time for so the data is coming in and out and
then basically the way I have my charting application set up with using
my own proprietary algorithms I’m able to you know identify the patterns in the
price action so obviously on that bar there little yet the on the left sides
the open yes the open of that bar and now you can see the yellow digits right
here to the right because my right eye is always currently on that bar so when
I trade I’m always looking at the current bar and all these numbers to the
right house very meaningful data for me so right now you can see it’s just drop
in here you can see that the the high on this bar and I click on it and I can see
the high is two seven eight ninety seven and it just got down to the 86 level so
from high to low which was dropped 11 cents so I’m able to identify much
better visually what works for me it may not work for other someone else but most
of the people that I teach and who are generating are using a bar data okay
because I think for me and I’m looking at candles I’m looking I see the red in
green on the candles in terms of you know obviously if it’s selling off I’m
seeing that and taking that into account yeah you you’re not really yeah I you
know I’m using my own way of my methodologies and how I’m trading using
my own proprietary algorithms and so I never really use candles I looked at
them once on maybe some 30-plus years ago but I just not something I look at
yeah you’re not really looking at volume no there’s a volume well I’m the only
time I look at volume is just like when it’s super slow I just wanted to see how
many contracts are trading on the SPS and normally they’ll do twenty thousand
contracts on a 5-minute bar and you know right now we’re
I had a you know pretty pretty much in tune for that number on this five I
don’t look at volume when I trade though you’re asking yeah cuz I mean know it
some people were like oh if I see you know I’m knockin Volume II yeah I’m not
gonna do that I only time I I’m not gonna trade a symbol that has no volume
where it’s like maybe those five hundred shares in an hour I’ll do a liquid I
don’t go anywhere near a liquid symbols so are 27 trades right now it’s almost
lunchtime well say 11 o’clock it’s almost 11 o’clock obviously run paste do
60 to 75 oh no really just when the markets just rally and rally and rally
what’s what do you think the most trades are made like in one day in the kind of
like in the ticker taco room and stuff probably north of a hundred yeah yeah
and then obviously you see what’s slow day when the markets kind of just flat
it just yeah you know anywhere between 40 and 70 so obviously that comes into
play like you said you know wait for the setups being patient gotta be patient if
the market isn’t showing you the entries you’re not buying
no no way and I’m not just I’m just not gonna have people commit capital just
for the sake of committing capital I think a lot of people sip their own
computer all day and they’re like they feel like if they’re not in a trade
they’re not doing they’re not actually they’re not working yeah I get that all
the time yeah a great point a lot of people say
like you know what do I do next where I’m like dude you have to chill out you
know you just gotta wait until the patterns set up let the market you want
to be right or you want to just gamble I’m not the gambling I’m waiting what
the odds on my side do you ever notice obviously like in the middle of the day
kind of just slows down because you could just you know you get the bigger
moves in the morning kind of I mean firends kind of develop and start moving
through the mill a day and then like yesterday the market right the other day
kind of rallied into close you know I the markets in my point of view doesn’t
have a predictive pattern like that I mean there are days when it’s like you
look up is 3 o’clock and you’re non-stop yeah the last week or two I would say
that it’s been pretty much disc why I could never you know there were periods
of time or you couldn’t even do this this interview like the
every day is a different day so I don’t come into the day knowing okay from 11
to 11:30 I’m just gonna you know relax you know it’s not like they’re gonna
take a nap they’ll go at lunch we we you know desks
military in terms of you know as it like somebody from the outside to see like oh
the market crashed I have to make Monday but there’s opportunities in a bear
market there’s opportunities in a bull market do you have a preference really I
love her I mean I I think the markets you make more money when the markets go
down I’m the same thing in general like would you bet if we got into a bear
market for the next two years not because she was a very usual you could
treat like instruments like the tcas which are the inverse of betting the
market going up the s Dow the Qi DS so there’s other instruments to trade from
the long side they capture that and you know you can always short yeah you know
so if you don’t feel comfortable shorting but you want to buy you
instruments like the TCS or the Qi DS or the S towels which are the inverse of
the market going up so you know there’s other there’s always opportunity so
there’s other vehicles of trades gotta expand your horizon yeah it’s one thing
I’ve learned obviously volatility is pretty much what you need in terms of
I’m not so much worried about if it’s green or red I’m more worried about if
I’m getting action well right but even like today for example it’s pretty slow
at about 10:40 6:00 in the morning but there’s been opportunities here across
the board I’m not going to deny that some good opportunities in the futures
contracts goal dropped from time we got the sell signal I think almost six seven
dollars on food oils all over the place so there’s opportunities it’s just you
know having the technology and the asset classes that you want to trade and you
know what guess what if there’s nothing there’s nothing there preservation of
capital you just want to wait because truth I’ve been around a long time
things happen yeah so let’s say you get a day where it’s just like the end of
the world we’re down seven hundred eight hundred
points are you just the whole time just bang a bang and bang a tree yeah all day
in you know it depends on the type of trader I have guys who are with me on
every trade because some guys are like they just wait you know though it
depends it really does you know but I’m here to do one job I give it a a million
percent every single day so I’m not thinking I’m just seeing what I’m seeing
and letting the technology tell me and in the direction that I’m able to see
using my proprietary software I’m just calling out what I’m seeing I can’t
there’s so many DNA’s enrolled I don’t know who’s trading wat with me or right
like today you know we were shorting the 10-year bond all the way down so there
may be some guys we’re gonna trade a 10-year bond but there are guys that do
so other guys who are SNP traders or are guys who are trading oil or Forex or
waiting for moves like in Netflix when I said Netflix take out the 360 one and a
half level and then it drops you know almost more than a dollar and a half so
everybody is it’s up to the trader overall to get the comfort level of what
they want to trade so like with your with with your algorithm is it always
the more and more data you’re gathering the more and more time you’re using it
is it getting better and better over time
I’ve never tweaked this since the time I I started running it forward so it is
what it is and I always I believe in forward testing so I always just ran it
and I’ve been I never once touched it since I had
implemented on my software so on my chart so I just I believe in it I I
stuck with it I’ve taught many many people how to use it and this is what I
use every single day and I teach people how to use them every single day if
people go on Tigger talker and see past performance of kind of yeah under my
verified because I use this to do my verify trades yeah when I there’s a
section I’m a leader on the platform yet so I’ll be using that my technology
there to you know trade and people can actually see my real life my performance
okay forty five trades two o’clock what are you thinking how many more trades a
day two more hours marked Wednesday 45 will push it to about sixty six sixty
all right have you uh it’s just what’s been
averaging with these slow days when the vault when there’s no vol I mean look
the Nasdaq futures would less down less than the dollar the Dow is down thirty
yeah is there one day that really stands out like you remember like back in your
trading like one day that you really remember like that was historic well
that Monday was in October 19 was a crap night October 19th yeah October 9 Black
Monday I never forget that short this gold 1610 yeah I think that day was it
the Friday before was pretty wild cuz I had to come in that Saturday morning
but you’re talking volatility that you know was just back then you know 500
points on the Dow I mean that’s like earth-shattering you know now we see the
Dow move a thousand points a couple times in the last year you just like
okay well it’s not 26,000 it drops a thousand it’s not not so bad right but
you know I’ve seen you know when you’re in the game as long as I had before 36
years you you get to see a lot of different things and there’s nothing
that you know I probably haven’t seen than most veterans you know who’ve been
in the game as long as I have I mean seeing the market go from 1,000 to 20
almost 27,000 27,000 I mean now when you see a big dip it’s just like nothing
yeah I mean you know it’s like anything else you don’t get psyched out by it’s
not you you’re in a mindset where are you just prepared to see anything at any
given time and that’s why I like I tell people all the time don’t overthink
things you know so if you’re gonna trade futures if you’re gonna trade stocks or
if you’re gonna trade foreign exchange don’t overthink just look at the just
learn look at the pattern identify and try to be number one on the right side
of the market and then wait patiently for the patterns to set up and that’s
what I do all day long like right now there’s nothing going on and I’m just
waiting for patterns and in trends to develop or a reversal here in the market
so right now everything is bullish right across the board here so I’m not I’m not
looking at anything really much here hey let’s take an aggressive longer SNPs go
85 a to go 84 go 84 89 he was 83 and 83 stop have some people take an aggressive
long here the three and the five minute time frames are reversing here are the
Diamonds and the S&P futures and the Nasdaq but any push up I’m buying this
one off the 15 minute time frames let’s look to buy these snps for maybe a maybe
a one two to two-and-a-half handle scalp alright so the market just closed we’re
gonna get a little recap from Steve kind of what went down today overall you know
where they’re at what’s going on how many trades they ended up at I think
earlier Steve said they’re looking for around 60 trades so let’s find out
exactly where they ended up at so Steve where were ya what’s going on
was a nut number two a 58 I could have did a couple more you could have got
through morning I think you had two more just kind of popping overall I mean you
feel a little bit of pressure I mean 36 years trading I mean kind of like you
got to perform you know like the only pressure I really gives when I leave
here yeah this is like my environment if you will really contained in here and I
you know I know what I’m doing so it’s like peace of mind here I did I think
they get a little too press room the assistants back there a little bit of
pressure in there well couple moments you know they know me they know what’s
going on but yeah really cool to see kind of what went down today seeing the
overall I think it’s interesting definitely to see how you’re trading you
know Forex the goal with the futures the oil it’s all on your head it’s hard to
explain but I mean you’re seeing it it’s happening and you’re not it’s like that
like it’s not even it’s like instinct we’re gonna psyche you see you see crude
oil and you’re like oh right here let’s get in short and then it’s BAM and
you’re seeing that stuff where most people would have to pull the whole
chart and really take a lot of time to kind of figure that out so that’s
obviously part of your algorithm and I spent eight years building this and so
I’m a person I do this every single day but more importantly the people who come
into my live room get this technology so they see exactly they get that good as
time goes on they’re if they’re committed to it and they want to learn
and they want to see it and they want to really do well for themselves so they’re
there they have the same technology I have yeah
so yeah and in the actual chat in the live room they can see the same chart
you’re looking at same indicators they can use all that even if they can keep
an eye on it and kind of learn the same way that you teach them you know keep an
eye out for this indicator this setup yeah and you can you’re basically seeing
what you’re seeing 100% and when there’s a lull I’ll go in and I’ll explain it oh
you know I’ll just bring up the chart and I’ll start explaining why I did what
I did and I start pounding it into them and remember I told you patterns repeat
themselves over and over again whether it’s a pattern based based upon the way
my algorithms line up or a pattern based upon price action so that to me is you
know the way I wrote this I you know I’m pretty much able to see that happening
and when I do get a reversal or buying or so signal that I know how to trade it
but again it’s all visual so I want to be able to be on the right side of the
market I’m not guessing and I am very disciplined I have my stops in place and
there’s no averaging down preservation of capital you got to have all this you
know in the back of your head so so what you’re telling me here is that you’re
not gambling well anytime you put money at risk it’s always clear you’re not
just going in it’s on fifty-fifty you’re not going in there
I mean on black no I mean the bottom line is you know I’m not in this to be
right 50% 60% 70% 80% of the time I’m I want to be right
my consistency is everything for me so I want to be right 90 percent 90 plus and
that’s what I try to get people to have that mindset you know so that’s what my
goal is here every single day I manic the biggest thing when you people ask
about day trading oh it’s just gambling I think at the end of the day what we’re
really doing here is we’re managing risk you see an opportunity where you see a
small amount of risk but a reward and you do that over and over and over and
you’re consistent you can make money trading as long as you have a predefined
you know risk for every trade and you understand that like you said you can’t
just kid and bucks are buying the e-mini Xand just keep buying buy and buy until
it goes well I’ll be honest with you I mean I’ve been trading for 36 years and
since I’ve had this and I wrote this some 10-15 years ago yeah I was just
trading based upon the depth of the markets you know I was trading you know
anywhere from one to four or five million shares any given day and you
know back then there was depth of markets where any time I saw a buy or
sell program come in I would just lift an offer us and then you know
the virus of the by program in that example would continue I would be
getting out into it you know but when the arrow decimalisation came around you
know I would I tell you right now if I didn’t have what I have you I would
never be able to call the market I mean I spent eight years of my life building
this and this is what I do during the day when there’s lulls I constantly
teaching I’m constantly educating people I just want people to get better traders
get better and better and better give them the right tools make them
consistent and make you know and hopefully that they’re on the right side
of market with me and trading really cool to see it in action today hanging
out with you thanks again thank you for all the knowledge information we got a
lot more videos to come from Steve really soon if you want to check out
more on Steve and what’s going on at the ticker talker office and everything like
that check out ticker talker com there’s a
link down below you can hit that link check it out I think just like I said
before there’s also a little discount going on right now you can check that
out down below and see what’s going on free trial or you might as well you
might as well check out the free trial see what’s going on and learn a little
bit worse come to worse you learn something you don’t enjoy it you can
walk away but I think you’re gonna enjoy it so thanks again Steve banks we gotta
go we’re out of here

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  34. He seems a bit tense and overbearing at times, like he's trying his best to remain polite lol. Maybe if he was better prepared to get (what he parobably perceives as) naïve questions, things would have been different. Or perhaps he just views the whole thing as slowing him down from doing what he really wants, which is to trade, but that he–perhaps against his own better judgement–agreed to this, but suddenly experienced some regret in allowing it, but that he bit his teeth and decided to go through with it anyway, because it's the polite thing to do.

  35. You do know that there are these things we call tabs right😂😂?

  36. There is a button called ALT+TAB… why you need to have hundreds of Monitors…

  37. Huh?? Sorry I missed the setup cause I was staring at one of the wrong 30 different charts…

  38. Listen closer to him Wieland. He knows more than any YouTube trader cheater out there.

  39. I’m new n think he knows wat he is doing,I took a paper account in 100.000 n in few months made it to 300 000 000 millions ,so imagine wat he can do

  40. it makes sense to me, why this dude has all these screens… because this dude literally…. trades every single market. he can actually watch all of that information and benefit from it without losing his mind somehow lol

  41. So many screens LOOOOOOL
    I earn around 20% profit with two screens, even one is possible with futures like I do

  42. U get a deal buying monitors by the dozen plus he invested before he bought um then dumped after and made a lick.

  43. Why do you need that many monitors if they all show the same thing? Have been trading with RH on one single iphone XS, been doing just fine.

  44. The stock trading is just a cover, this dude’s got a serious porn addiction and unleashes hell with those monitors.

  45. Index trading is gambling no matter what anybody days .
    If hé would be so sure on entry points hé woulld take more and more contracts and stop talking lol.

  46. All these comments, mano mano. Children laughing and putting down Stephen. Not only ignorant of this guys knowledge, but that ignorance has carried itself to belittle and make someone else look fake or a charlatan. Children at play on the www, possibly with no future whatsoever.

  47. questions were weak its like the interviewer went there to get a confirmation of what he does when he trade

  48. This man only tells which one to buy and sell… And he only observes….. He have got people for him doing the buying and selling…… It is a company so there is no point talking about so many monitors

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