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How’s it going, Dazzlers ? Welcome back to Daz Games and another Daz-Watches. the workplace can be a very dangerous place. There are many things that help keep us safe one of which are PSA adverts, or public service announcements Which we’ve all come to know and love some of them are hit or miss, Some of them are really good, some of them get to the point, others It’s just damn right too graphic and they…you get the point, but you just don’t want to get that much of the point Hence why do you guys have asked me to source the scary or banned PSA adverts. I found a compilation here of 10, and I don’t really know what to expect I think you guys over in America have a lot more of these than we do here in the UK But these are some of the most scariest / banned work PSAs ever. Let’s watch the video (kid in the ad: mommy!) Okay, what was that kid’s problem? just cuz she has a scar on her face, she looks at her like that? Look at this kid. Look at that. You got a problem DORA!!? HUH?! But hope there’s a lifeguard in that pole before I drown your ass. Sorry… just… so rude!! She’s a very stunning woman isn’t she. Like, I know that’s makeup and stuff. But you know, she’s a very stunning woman. Oh Jesus, it’s going back in time, isn’t it? We’re gonna see what happened to how she got it. . Ugh..I’m not good with his stuff. I..( laughs nervously) If you’ve been on this channel a long time and you’ve seen me watch pain compilations and stuff, you know That Daz does not do this shit. I can’t deal with it ad:( -you alright over there?
-yeah ! ) Oh God, she’s in the kitchen. She’s gonna fall in a chip fryer or some shit. Oh god!!. ARHh..NO! what was gonna happen? Ah… no, that’s gonna splash or something isn’t it.. .. I gotta stop trying to predict things. ( laughs ) I’m too scared!! ( poison splashed, woman screaming ) Arhh…burned her face and blinded her Oh Jesus. “If you’re not sure, ask.” absolutely. Absolutely. I agree with that one. Okay, that wasn’t so bad But you know, still, that’s like my limit right there Oh god, no, oh, oh no. His sleeve is stuck on the conveyor belt. No!! No!! I’m out (laughs). I didn’t know it was gonna be like this. All right? nah nah nah ! SOMEONE HELP!! Oh no.. Someone do something, NOW! someone get off their lunch break, put down that sandwich. Oh god No, no, no his hands gonna get sucked in THAT’S . IT . I’M OUT….i’m out! No! oh my god. Fingers and hand doing all sorts of shits it shouldn’t be doin’ Ahhh… ahh..i was gonna get sandwich after this but i think i’ll skip lunch i’m gonna skip it. Oh, i didn’t know it was this bad, I didn’t know it’d be this bad He’s dead He’s dead. That’s it. Get a new employee and maybe get some better shelves Okay, I can’t actually show the rest of that forklift one bit on YouTube because YouTube will tell me off Who -directed these adverts. Are they the same one that made Jigsaw?? Jesus! why can’t they make machines so that you can’t put your hand in them. like, to fix him you have to like, have like Access with tools and stuff like barriers. You should be able to just stick your hand in there. Don’t ,don’t ,don’t Oh i swear to Jesus, he’s gonna put his whole fuckin’ arm in there, isn’t he. Oh my god That’s it, yep, i’m done off! Off! OFFF!! Huhhhhh No… Like, you know what, I can see why you wanted me to watch these now, you’re assholes, every last one of you are assholes oh my god “you’re not sure, ask” or DON’T PUT YOUR HAND IN A MACHINE! How about that? This bitch, is dead! Straight up some WWE That was some W-W-E. Okay. What was she doing? What was she doing? It’s a clothes shop! What she need up there. What do you need? Damnit what is this machi-…What does this machine do? Why does it do it? And why is he gonna die? i wasn’t ready, I wasn’t. oh god damn it. I used to work in a factory, so glad I don’t now How’s it go again ? Can someone come and get that kid? I used to work in a building site and no joke, true story, Once a guy had his finger on too tight and he shot it Through a board and it went (imitates nail sound) straight past someone’s head and into the wall Next to someone, it was sticking in the wall. Just barely just missed his head and I was standing next to him. They’re so dangerous… building sites… I swear to god ad: it can’t be that hard. “Ugh, i can’t see a bloody thing.” don’t do it! (Screaming in pain) … BOSS!” Okay, i can’t show that bit but..he got a nail in his eye he got the point, he got the point. ughh.. got damn it ” What am i doing now ?” “Josh, have you moved that pot of stock , yet?” “It’s massive” “They’re wet…yuck” God he’s gonna drop the whole thing. I bet it’s gonna be like a small part. That’s not even that he’s just gonna drop it and just DIE. Oh my god ” it’s so heavy..” jumping mother of gods. Oh Jesus that’s it. That’s it. He’s dead write a letter to his mum. I would look at the chef I’d look at the pot and I’d look at the chef and then I look at the pot and I’d look at the chef and I’d be like, oh haha, guess what? I ain’t doing that suck me, sack me, fire me. I ain’t give a shit. I’m sure i ain’t moving that shit, you come help me move this “poppy seed loaf, please” *whispering voice *”poppy seed…poppy seed, where is it?” “over there ” *whispering*( ugh, poppy seeds are black…) “um, can i get that sliced? thicks. ” No, don’t..don’t get it sliced. just for today… Slice it at home. Please. Don’t get her to slice it. She doesn’t even know what a poppy seed is How’s she gonna slice it? She’s gonna slide her head off. oh no, I’m not messing with a machine that *krtrtrt* I can’t, i can’t, no! “it’s ok, i can do it” “oh shit, that’s thin” DON’T PUSH IT DOWN WITH YOUR HANDS!! You stupid woman. Oh god .someone help her. (inaudible) over here, please OOOHHHHhhhhh, Hell no!, No… he wanted a poppy seed,he didn’t want a thumb (gropes mic) He didn’t want a thumb “it doesn’t hurt to speak up” – it doesn’t hurt when you don’t put your hand in, that’s the message you need to put i’m the sous-chef here with any luck. I should be head chef by next year No, you’re not. You’re gonna die cuz you’re in the compilation. Alright, I foreseen it “got an amazing fiance” Won’t be marrying this weekend Because I’m about to be in a terrible “accident” Well, then quit ! QUIT, if you see it coming then quit. go home and see your fiance, make him a pie or something ya sous chef “and really i should’ve clean up the grease over there ” “and they should never put the deep fryer so clo- “*slips and dies* The bitch went flying.. Did you see that?? omg Can you imagine….Her fiance better still marry her . otherwise, he’s a dick. He’s just a dick .right I am Feeling a bit dizzy. Um, I uh, Okay. All right, okay Whoohh That’s a lot to take in in a space of ten minutes. That’s a lot to take in Um, I will probably never do this again. I Can’t I can’t I can’t deal with that. Why don’t you guys tell me? When things are bad, hah? a little bit of warning. You’re all right Aren’t you because you’ve always got some pussy:” going jump-scare list 1:17″ “Scary bit – ” Oh where’s my jump scare list, huh? who’s gonna write that shit ? LINDA! LINDA! I want a jump scare list prepared For every video from now on Linda. All right? Why are you even here ? Guys, thank you so much for making me watch that I’m glad torturing me is part of your daily entertainment Buy, the merch! subscribe, like, do all that shit that you want to do. If you want to do it . like, love, caress my channel!! And I’ll see you in the next video ,stay dazzling HAUUHH ( outro )

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