De Giro Share Trading Platform Review

okay in this video I’m going to take a
slightly different approach in a different topic
normally my videos obviously are about law or about business or starting a
business this video is about investment that’s about buying and selling shares
now my philosophy my strategy is to buy shares which will be good investments
and provide good growth in the medium to long term I’m not looking to make a
quick book I’m not looking to be a day trader I’m looking for a good solid
value in my shares and I’m not going to provide essentially my own pension and
my own little nest egg your investment fund or whatever for for the rainy day
as it were the best way that i have found to those various platforms
available to various ways of buying and selling shares he can go through stock
broker so he can go through various other services but the bottom line is
the best the cheapest the most effective way that i have found is to buy
insurance and shares is through this the gyro platform you can find that the gyro
dot ie you can find more information there the gyro I think is owned by
Danske Bank but the trading platform is very very powerful and there’s a massive
amount of information on it there is a share price at stock prices from all of
the major stock markets in the world in real time so you can see that the
various share price is changing from minute to minute so it’s very very
powerful you can also do quite a lot of research on particular shares or
particular stocks there’s an app then as well if your phone if you wanna track
your portfolio or share prices online this is the inside once you log in I
have an account and this is essentially what it’s like inside so you’ve got a
huge amount of information you’ve got various stock prices that you can check
you can search for a product up here for example if I was to search for for
example small fruits small for Cap’n I can carry out my research on this
particular stock by I can look at key figures I can look at
the price over a day a week a month three months and a year it says so if we
look at maybe the tree or pattern that’s what I’d be looking at on the wall near
pattern you can see over a three-year period you can see over a five year
period this is the smart for chair this is over a month and this is the daily
change in sheer crisis you can also take a look down at key figures for the
particular share you’re looking at the number of employees and many shares are
in issue how many of the dividend yield is payout rates your profit sets etc you
can look down at key documents here as well so if you come up here then that’s
just one particular share you can carry out you can carry out research in on a
share you like so you can look at the market so currently this is showing the
euro stocks index but you can know karate market that you like you’ve got
statements here then which will show your portfolio your count your orders
transactions and so on so if you take a look at orders you’ll see that I am
outstanding order today for for shares in Amazon and if you want to check your
portfolio you can do that as well here you’ll see my shares here of course
alphabet which is actually Google have seen seed the last and drape or try and
be a carrier group right near Summerford snap that’s not to snapchat or to
produce that used to be face of Twitter so but these are the various options and
various features placing an order is very very simple so I’ve want to place
an order for a particular stock and I did a number of ways that I can do it
but before I do that I want to show you so you can see here you can check out
the various indexes in Ireland or in Europe or in America or
whatever so you know you can you can search for shares as well and carry out
a bit of research if I want to however to buy a share for example in let’s say
Norfolk’s I’ll place an order then I can search
for the product that related search for product here and immediately down here
you’ll see that I can buy or sell just bring that over here so you can see I
can buy or sell the stock and if I want to buy it and you’ll see the various
prices the open price the high volume of the day so essentially the last price is
35:58 for smurfer so if wanna buy stock i can go through the transaction here so
I can have a limit order or I can have a market order stop-loss stop limit I can
put in various limits and I can set out or too many shares wanna buy any allowed
to are to spend and placed the order the order will be executed pretty quickly
this though I have found to be an extremely good platform an extremely
good that way of buying and selling your own shares with the minimum of their
costs is very very powerful information at your fingertips you can have a look
to say here’s the eyes I will just go through the irish isaac overall index
and you can see the various shares here Lister’s so from you know I’ll be down
to see and see down to the on the all investments clan beer and so on you can
see the various price is changing over the day you can keep an eye there as a
say on your portfolio it’s very very detailed I’m not going to open that up
because there’s no need for me to show what my portfolio is my account the
various orders transactions I can get there is of course Jenna’s we have over
a period of time and you know there’s a huge huge amount of information
available on the platform I find it very very useful I find it incredibly quick
in terms of executing transactions and I find this very very cost effective so if
it’s something that you’re interested in then I would certainly recommend very
very strongly the gyro ie if you’re gonna buy a book or two both
investing in shares for the media to long-term I’d recommend a couple of
books by a guy who was Irish heritage for Peter Lynch who was one of top guys
on Wall Street he had an investment fund the thing called can to make yellow in
fund or something but I bought a couple of books of his I
implement its strategy it’s worked very very well for me and it’s a sensible
medium to long-term growth strategy with a good spread of stocks or shares will
spread a risk across the portfolio and I strongly recommended really his books if
you want to get into buying and selling shares and seeing exactly what’s
involved and what might be the best strategy to adopt I’ll put a link down
below to the couple of books you can check them out on Amazon hope you find
this video useful thanks for watching

18 thoughts on “De Giro Share Trading Platform Review

  1. €20,000 I have read is the amount that will be refunded to you, if the broker goes bust? However I am wondering if someone has a larger amount invested in shares, then because your investment is in a segerated account, you should still not experience any loss?

  2. Are you aware of coming market crash ? What kind of strategy , for portfolio diversification will you use ?

    Thank You Terry.

  3. How does Tax affect these investments. Does the system carry out this tax deduction or must you declare this? Where would you look for advice regarding tax on stock investments? I want to invest in Index funds for 30+ years and then take some individual stocks also

  4. I said to myself copy Warren Buffett strategy tho Peter lynch breaks it down in such a way. Great shoutout..thanks Terry

  5. (It's not blurred good, I can see EUR cash fund = €7432,58, Available to trade = €1368,50)

  6. Do you know of anywhere there is information on the taxes involved if a person is buying US stocks from Ireland ?

  7. Hi Terry , I have an account with Degiro, When I Place a BUY it asks for a limit How and what does it do? As I cant place an order without putting a number it. Great calm video too, Regards Kev

  8. Can you please tell me if its possible to buy fractional shares? Do you always have to buy at least 1 share? Can you buy like 0.2?? Because that are shares like amazon that are quite expensive

  9. I’m a beginner so I’m a little bit confused by the website/app. I don’t understand the dashboard where it shows my balance, I don’t understand what the figures mean. Next to portfolio what does that figure mean? I thought I bought more shares in something and the figure doesn’t match how much I spent? Very confused

  10. Hey terry, do I have to pay tax if I sell my shares. is there anyways I can not pay tax??

  11. In all honesty, the only reason to use Degiro are the low commisions/costs with trades, the platform itself is total cack. Its a strange setup in that the platform has little to no provision for day trading – the sort of traders who are interested in low commissions.

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