Dear white gay men: Stop stealing black female culture

100 thoughts on “Dear white gay men: Stop stealing black female culture

  1. Every group needs to self reflect. Not just the Black community, not just the Lgbt + community, like every community . Every group has their own issues and every group has offended someone. But at the end of the day you guys need to improve your communities so that when we have discussions like this in the future there’s less ammunition against each other and more talking and working things out.

  2. Yes DonLemonade the White Race has stolen everything from black people.

  3. CNN is not real NEWS anymore, I don't watch the entertainment anymore, it's just crappy

  4. Excuse me? The media pushes the narrative that most gay men are effeminate. Many gay men including myself are not. And also basically all gay white guys that are don’t act like “black women”. If you wanna call someone out then call out the fem black gay queens which happens to be almost all gay blacks that act like women. This anti white hatred is bullshit and if you motherfuckers want a race war then keep it up, blacks will lose badly. Fucking racist black cunt bitch.

  5. But calling yourself kings and queens and bleaching your skin, straightening your hair, wearing weave, blonde hair, colored contacts. Etc. isn’t stealing white culture? GTFO

  6. YASSSSSSSSSS! Thank you lady! Melting pot my ASSETS! Gay white folks act like they aren’t prejudice, but THEY ARE! Look at Jeffrey Star. Just UGH!

  7. I'm really trying to figure out whether there are a lot of people out there who actually agree with what she's saying cause I feel like the majority don't and honestly she's ignorant of the LGBT community. Cultural appropriation among gay white man can certainly be a thing, but it's different from diffusion. A lot of gay slang does in fact come from ebonics and also Polari. A lot of this slang started in the ball rooms back in the 50s which were predominantly occupied by people of color but of course other LGBT folk as well. So a lot of these words come from ebonics but also polari which was a gay dialect used in various European countries. Just to give some examples some popular Polari words are trade, fruit, and butch while some slang from ebonics is yass and shade. Yet all these words are known as very popular gay slang. I argue that this is diffusion, people of different cultures coming together under a common oppression and celebrating together and existing together.

  8. well you cant deny that gay white men do copy the stereotype of black women… Like y do the act like that… Just talk like u ussually do…u can enjoy black culture thats cool and all… But if you cabt have it to ways… Black people dont have the privilege to act the way we want without being seen as a threat…and the african american woman is always bashed up by society even by her own people…so i can ubderstand why this woman is pissed off

  9. 1969-2010: We're all equal. People should not be treated differently bc of their race or sexual identity.

    2011- present: You cant do this bc you're not this color. You cant speak on this bc you're a (fill in the blank).


  10. So now its wrong to like things from other cultures and to emulate it. That tells me that this is about controlling other people by using victimhood status to tell people what they can and can't do. Girl Bye!

  11. Lmao smh alotta gay culture is influenced not by black women but from black gay men and black transsexual women

  12. and the photo show the black female trying so hard to look white with her blond hair….

  13. Lemon was right though. You can hide your homosexuality. You can stop having sex with men, wear traditionally male clothes and date women. Gay guys do it all the time. It's called being on the down low. But a black person cannot change himself. Period. He's hated for something that is not a behavior, it's a phenotype

  14. The first contribution that black women have on their culture that comes to the mind of an educated black man is “twerking”?…and Queen B in the background with blonde hair…gay white dudes saying/stealing “hey girl”…I’ve had more constructive conversations with toilet seats!

  15. When these are the main worries of intellectual blacks in university, it should come to no surprise why Africa is a fucking shit hole and why blacks commit 50% of the crimes despite being only 13% of the population.

  16. what a stupid bitch and silly news report. what a weird world to try and claim something because of ya skin color.

  17. I feel her. Ive had some offensive interactions with gay white guys. They really need to stop.

  18. It's not just gay men, NON BLACK WOMEN copy or steal black women's culture also. PERFECT EXAMPLE THE KARDASHIANS AND THE JENNERS. Like take fake designer nails for instance, it didn't become popular until BLACK women started wearing them. Weave's or extension's, fashion style swag etc. The rapper tyga even told KYLIE JENNER that in order for her to make it she had to copy off black female culture. People even pose like black women in selfies, with poked out lips, black women started that. The entire world copies black women or black peoples culture, yet we are the most hated disrespected group of people and or deemed as the least desired group of women.

  19. Nobody owns a culture omg stop fucking complaining omg Jesus who the hell cares. People that want equality but say a culture belongs to a single race contradicts everything. Jesus fucking Christ

  20. I can get an dreadlocks if i want to, and no one can stop me im mexican u fucks.

  21. twerking is something that strippers do, why the fuck would you want to take pride in that being a part of your culture…

  22. Lets play a game of “What would life be without WHITE CULTURE”

    No phones/cell phones
    No cameras
    No facebook
    No snapchat
    No twitter
    No cars
    No basketball/football/baseball
    No computers (which means no making hip hop beats)
    No TV
    No movies
    No cd’s, no dvd’s, no vhs, cassettes, vinyl and pretty much no recording music at all (can only play music live)

    Everyone uses plenty of “white culture” EVERYDAY!! Its just not considered “white culture” because white people dont consider it that. Its considered american culture to be used by everyone. If being from the hood and struggling is black culture, is success and living in a nice neighborhood white culture? If so, if I white person grows up in the hood and has to struggle is he/she stealing black culture or is he product of his environment. Or if a black person is born into a wealthy family (which is pretty common these days) are they stealing white culture? Or are they just living with the cards they were dealt?

  23. You guys come to our countries and steal our gold and treasures and burnt down our good cities and now we are the same bruhhhhhhhhhh… stop stealin' black culture PERIOD!

  24. This is y no one trust CNN. Lol Y try and separate people, by saying something belongs to this group of people and that others can do that. Stupid. And the women talking about acting like a black woman us so so stupid.

  25. And yes gay men or women can hide there sexuality but if there family finds out they can be disowned and left on their own. So Plz don't act like or say that one group has it better then the other.

  26. How she rolled her eyes at 3:05 she seen right through the bull 😂😂😂😂😩

  27. So being absolutely ridiculous is something black females want to claim huh? Wow…

  28. If we are all the same white people let the little mermaid be black since we are all the same.

  29. I like to debate many things and issues, and yet these social issues of today are volatile in the emotions it stirs up. I have always been a little offended by this from the gay community as I felt it mockery. As with many things that mock black women it is generally ignored as our own men participate in this too to some degree, but it is different from mocking a race you don't belong to. I'm just saying I don't like being mocked by my own men, but another group's men have no right to do it in any way at all.

    Addressing the video I agree that they do straight up copy black women. Our versions of feminine sassyness and mannerisms are unique to our community. Even other races of women copy us at times. Usually to feel the freedom of it or to simply mock us. Black gay men do this too, but they are black of the culture from which it springs whereas non-black men and women are not. They are copying and arguably flamboyant caricature of us yet still not mocking us in exactly the same way. Yet when white men and women do it, that is not cool nor flattering as it appears to mock us at times. It is like I can talk about my momma and my people but you better not. Don't get it twisted. Many white gay folks are race bigots, if not blatantly racist towards people of color. Yet those same racists then complain of intolerance towards them for their sexual orientation while not having a problem with mistreating others for the race they born to. Then dare to equate their sexual orientation as being on the same level as another group's race and history. They are comparing apples to oranges not remotely the same thing nor same plight. Those who are gay and stand with the black struggle who understand that part of this argument, I can respect their human struggles because they respect mine.

    If white gay men copied white women instead then this would not even be an issue racially. Then it would be an issue of gay men who carry themselves in a feminine fashion as mocking femininity or womanhood as it is expressed by females. Many of the females they attempt to sound like, walk like, look like to some degree are not flattered either? I know not all gay men do that, so I would ask why would any man want to act like a female gay or not? Is it actually the freedoms they think females have to do and be outside the box in so many ways that they want for themselves too? Or maybe to compete with women for straight men who love women and all things feminine when it comes to choosing a mate? Who knows why and I don't particularly care. Just leave us alone!

    Can a man think and say in the presence of women what it feels like to be a woman when he is not, or vice versa? To me that is part of the problem here. I've seen the way men react when a gay woman acts butch and steps to them like they actually believe they can do what they do and not attract negative attention for it. The men aren't flattered by that caricature version of masculinity at all. Then there are those that would do away with all of these expressions of gender behavioral expectations that define so many lives. As if that will magically fix everything.

    The folks who don't want to be labeled in any way in my opinion as that is a expression of freedom for them. That is fine for you but don't put that on me if I choose to use historically non-offensive language to address you in greeting. Especially greeting a stranger for the first time. I say get over yourselves! I am af-am, a woman, and a child of God. Calling myself any of those things is labeling myself as I wish to be addressed and none of your business. Why should I care about your feelings on the matter when some of you don't care about mine? If you can claim any pronouns you want then so can I, so you have no right to tell me I can no longer call myself a woman because it hurts your feelings or sense of self. Yet you'd take that right from me to define what suits me. Your rights to define your person-hood should not supersede mine to define who I am because it breaks your sense of who you think you are.

    This world is done, and I want off the crazy ride. It is like watching a horrible accident that appears to have no end. Lord Jesus please come back soon.

  30. It's so funny, straight and gay men used to act like black women in Europe way before America was America, they were extremely bitchy.😂 True story.

  31. I think the problem here is the lack of proper education on why certain things are considered cultural appropriation vs appreciation and where being black and lgbt can intersect on the spectrum

  32. This is just sad and pathetic. Basically they're suggesting language can't be shared and used amongst each other.

    Leftist: Noooo, not really! You can do this…..its a cultural appropriating etc….
    Me: BITCH! Culture is all about sharing language and knowledge!! No one or race owns a fucking culture, language, words, etc.
    I swear, this is what's giving rise to right wing trends and keeping Donald Trump in office.

  33. Don Lemon cape for gay white males because he's married to a gay white man.Gay white men are full of shit.

  34. His argument should have been that a lot of white gay men respect the beauty and awesomeness of black women. Some white gay men believe that by embracing the culture they are changing the landscape for black women to be accepted in mainstream culture. Some white gay trendsetters fight to put black women in their ads, tv shows, and movies. Some could argue that white gay men have used their “power for good” unlike their straight, white counterparts.

  35. GAY WHITE MEN ARE THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Even the video you can see he was trying to play victim at the end hahahahaha.

  36. I saw a black gay man on YT say that everybody, including black women, are taking things from them. Things like “yaaasss” is a big one.

  37. WP need to look at the classics and see how WP USE to dance. But now they are copying off of BP and it's sickening. Look at WW asses back in the day and now they want to copy off of BW asses. We know how WW really look and how they really act. STOP trying to bite off of BW. You want our men, our body, our style, our swag, etc…..learn to value and appreciate what you have, especially your OWN RACE OF MEN.

  38. How fair she use straightening products in her hair. How dare he wear a suit! What the fuck!

  39. Shame on Lemon punk gay ass for giving gay white and racist lying white women a plantform.

  40. what white gay men say is taken from black drag culture, not black women necessarily.

  41. Only when white people steal sh*t is it all about unity, other than that white people dont give a sh*t about unity. stfu.

  42. Blond hair, democracy, freedom of speech, having food on the table and clean drinking water;) are NOT "black" culture
    just look at ANY black majority nation

  43. 0:15 So when black people (Beyoncé in this case) bleach there hair to blond it is not stealing white culture
    when a white person does anything inherently black it is?

  44. Let's start by "hey gurl" is an English word
    English is a germanic language
    Germanic people are white
    therefor speak you African languages otherwise all he does is reclaim his own culture and language

  45. So black women consider trashiness, rudeness to be "black culture"? I mean I agree but way to disrespect yourself 😂

  46. sierra maine is an angry bitch lol fuck her. get a new weave with your bald ass hair do. she's a disgrace to black women lol what an attention seeking hoe

  47. These young gay white ppl have no idea what gay discrimination is, ya’ll never had the experience the older gay men experience. The old gay men have the good sense to know you can hide being gay to protect yourself, you can’t hide being black. When the gay white man was referencing Paris is burning to prove his point. He didn’t take a moment to realize those were black men. They copied their aunties, mamas and grandmas swag. It’s still gay men especially gay white men stealing black women’s cultural identity

  48. RACISM, SEXISM AND HOMOPHOBIA ARE BAAAADDDD! …Unless the target is a White Gay Man, then it’s a-okay. F**king hypocrites.

  49. then black women need to stop wearing caucasian, indian ,brazillean hair, if you love your blackness so much, wear your own black hair are culturally stealing white you say whites are stealing your culture, it works both ways.

  50. These people need to grow up I mean come on. Don’t worry about what somebody else is doing take care of yourself your family and pay attention to what you are doing. In my opinion they’re both right and they’re both wrong on a lot of points but at the end of the day the sun Will still rise the seasons will still change and we will all still need to take care of ourselves. We have other pressing matters to worry about other than what some gay man wants to say and do and act like or some black woman worried about that gay man acting like that I mean who cares when we’ve got people killing other people we’ve got trash and plastics building up in our oceans we’ve got smog from the millions of cars and factories and other machinery putting exhaust into our atmosphere I mean what about the future of our children like I said let’s grow up and put our grown-up pants on and fix our own backyards before we fix somebody else’s personally I accept people for who they are. Seeing stuff like this makes me want to be the change that I’d like to see

  51. So black people have a patent on twerking? This was very educational.

  52. congradulations, you can hide your "gayness" in a picture.. too bad real life isnt a picture. i honestly do feel for the woman, but shes a little confused here. she doesnt have to attack gay white men. don lemons seems like hes more on her side, which is probably because people are still ashamed of being gay and so in this conversation he can kind of forget his gayness and identify with race instead..and he probably has faced racism by gay white men himself.. example may be "i dont date black men" or something like that. i dont think its okay to mock or make a joke out of anyones identity so i really would love that to stop if thats a common problem.. but please.. dont attack gay people.

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