Debugging and Automated Trading

Hi guys, hi from Andrea Unger. Automated trading is often seen as something
extremely complicated and the main obstacle is thought to be the obstacles in, (the main
obstacle…the obstacles is terrible)…the main obstacle is the difficulty in learning how
to write the code and this is what prevents many people from starting anything. This is a mistake because that part of the
whole thing is really not that difficult. Anybody can learn how to put together the
2, 3 lines of codes necessary to write a Trading System. I’m not a programmer, I learned it, all my
systems work on their own and I wrote every single piece of these codes, so this is not
the issue. This is something that really anybody, I mean
if somebody is really terrible he should not trade in this case, but generally, anybody
can achieve it. The main problem is that the people, many
people, being afraid of the machine and therefore being afraid of coding the machine, has also
a non-reaction when something goes wrong. So what anybody should enhance is their capacity
of debugging which means to understand how to discover where there is, if there is any,
a mistake in the process and this is something the people, most often, are not able to do
and this is the main thing that you should try to work on if you want to become an automated
trader. Generally for your life, I mean this is important. Many people see the computer as something
so powerful that has not to be put into discussion. If they use a calculator and they write 2
+ 2 and the result comes out to be 5 just because they mistook one of the buttons, they
say… they claim that 2+2=5. This is exaggerated, but this is the point:
they don’t put into discussion what the calculator gives as an output and this is a problem,
because the calculator is something we have to use and it’s not something that has to
use us or to be more powerful than us, because we are on top of the process, we are in the
lead, it is not the calculator. The calculator is an aid, is a help to do
what we have to do, to do it faster, to do it better, but if it does it wrong, because
we input wrong data, then we have to be able or to try to be able, to understand that the
output is wrong. This is something that should be improved,
this 2+2=5 is an example I often make to my young daughter, because I said this is a case
where it’s clearly wrong and you know it is wrong, obviously I hope you know it as well,
so when you see that something is clearly wrong you have to investigate why it’s wrong. You will probably discover you pushed the
wrong button, you pushed 3 instead of 2 or something like that, but you have to react
and not stay there saying: “Hey, starting from today 2+2=5”. This is the problem that most often the people
get and are therefore blocked in going on in their process to become an automated trader,
we’re talking about trading here. When there are mistakes in a code, the people
get desperate and blocked in front of the wrong work they see and they don’t go and
start with a step by step process, analyzing where the mistakes will be, because there
is somewhere a mistake. This is what I do, when something goes wrong,
and it often does, I start from the very beginning and I investigate step by step where the process
has an error, an error which I caused obviously by writing something wrong or doing something
wrong, but we have to understand it this way: if we get always desperate saying: “Hey my
computer doesn’t turn on, I switch it on it doesn’t start!”. Do you have electricity? Do you have power? I didn’t check! I mean, this is an extreme example which is
important anyway. We have to be curious and critic in any output
we get and analyze it, we have to react, we have to be reactive. If the computer does something, we have to
be there and analyze it critically and say: “Yes I accept it” or “There’s something wrong,
let’s have a look where the mistake is!”. This is what you have to improve if you feel
you are weak in that, but believe me, so many people are weak in this. A master in science in engineering, as I am,
has some advantages, I must admit it, because we are taught to get a critical step-by-step
process in analyzing things, something that is necessary to do what we were supposed to
do, which I’m not doing, I am doing now something completely different, but the mindset is the
proper one and this is something you can improve. You don’t need to take a trading course, you
don’t need to go to the ultimate personal coach, you just need to have common sense
and with common sense and some will power, you can overcome this easily, in small things
and then go into the bigger things. You have to be critical and say: “Where is
the mistake? Let’s start from the beginning and let’s go
to the end!”. Don’t just say: “Hey, it doesn’t work!” because
this is what is blocking you and many others who are willing to become automated traders. It’s not programming, programming is something
you can really get easily and with some study efforts and some practical training you can
get what you need. You will never become a NASA programmer, maybe
probably you can, but it’s not necessary, anyway this is something that is not the obstacle. The obstacle is something that is inside you
and is your fear of investigating or your lack of curiosity to understand how the process
works. This is something, if you feel you are weak
in that, you have definitely to improve for trading and generally, I believe, for life
will be useful as well. Ciao from Andrea Unger, see you next time. Ciao! So guys, if you enjoyed it, I think so, I
hope so, in any case, if now you feel that you want to understand more about automated
trading, to understand more about strategy development and everything that is concerned
with this, I have this link here where you can register for a workshop, an online workshop
together, something more than one hour or so, where I will go in-depth in the strategy
development topic so that you can get even more familiar with the whole matter. If strategy development is something you want
to go ahead with, this is the link for you. Get registered, it’s free, we meet you there
and we can discuss what it means to develop a trading system. See you there. Ciao from Andrea Unger.

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