Deer | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Oscar Nuñez)

62 thoughts on “Deer | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Oscar Nuñez)


  2. My dad would've shot him 💀 he would've made an example out of him.. put his head on the Mantel 😂😂😂

  3. B!tch @$$ deer. It's lucky my hamstring was messed up because i would have kicked that thing

  4. Never played for the Bucks, but passed on by them in favor of Andrew Bogut at #1 😭

  5. Question is: How long was that buck standing there and how he got in the garage without them knowing?! Lol😂

  6. Why are you copying Farmers Insurance advertisements???? Can’t you come up with your own advertising??? How sad is this!!!!!

  7. I have a concussion from hitting a deer with my car there for I don’t find this funny… jk 😂😂

  8. Is it ok to shoot that buck after that display? I mean, he SNEAKS in, vandalizes the place, intentionally keys the car and messes with his balls while looking at him while he's doing it. Then sticks his tongue out – that's buck language for looking for a female (so he's saying that Chris is his bitch). I'm thinking that venison chili is on the menu after that little display.

    Sorry PETA but there has to be a balance in the world and State Farm just made that poor creature a predator. Gone are the days of Bambi.

  9. I would shoot that buck before it can damage my car. If it was in my garage, it will surely can not go out alive, and I don’t think it would be a cruelty to animal when you try to prevent someone from getting hurt

  10. Who and why would they think putting chris paul would attract more costumers? Everybody hate chris paul! This is guy is a flopper, cry baby and a loser. Gtfo

  11. I really hope Chris Paul persues acting after BB. The camera really loves him. I love these commercials!

  12. If the Bucks go up 3-1 on the Celtics and the Rockets Tie 2-2 against the warriors ,
    This is definitely Finals foreshadowing!

  13. Just like all CP3 commercials, he's gonna be traded to the Bucks. Watch…

  14. The CGI sucks. I mean really bad. This is probably the 2nd worst commerical of the year. Who greenlit this?

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