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[Saint-Saëns: “The Aquarium” from Carnival
of the Animals] Hello boys. I get a lot of people on YouTube calling me
“degenerate,” but I’m still not sure what that means. I try to be open to criticism, so I’ve decided
that what I need is a glorious knight of wisdom to set me straight, and I think I’ve found
just the man. Some call him the valiant champion of mother
Europe, the ever-chosen of the gods, the radiant paladin of the Fourth Reich—but to this
priestess of blasphemies he’ll always be: The Golden One. “A young prince, chosen to take the mantle
of the ages—“ Oh my god. Look at his butt. Oh my god. Daddy, can I have some meat? Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys! [Roar] Oh, Daddy. You know, Lars, things have really changed
since the last time we talked. I’m a fair maiden now—to a certain extent—and
I’ve been chaste since I started my transition, so, in a sense, I’m a virgin. And I don’t know about the rest of these
decadent sluts but I for one care about a little thing called purity. So, now that my decade of gender-dysphoric,
alcohol-drenched debasement seems to be coming to a close, I think I’m really ready to
begin the training, master. But first, let us fend off degeneracy by purifying
ourselves in a bath of Swedish lakewater and pure absinthe. It’s time. [gong] [“Alone” by Heart] [R&B] [Laugh] What? Is this is the bad kind cultural appropriation? It is isn’t it. zMmmm they’re shiny and I want them. It’s not my fault black people have good ideas. What am I supposed to do, not steal them? I’ll pop it out. Alright thou resplendent champion of the north,
hit me with your finest wisdom. “I’m going to go train some shoulders
and admire myself in the mirror. That’s always a nice thing to do.” Well, at least we agree on something [door
open] Aha! Autogynephilic narcissist exposed! Abigail, isn’t not invading women’s bathrooms
like your whole thing? Misogynistic mental illness confirmed! Abigail, what is your damage? Are you okay? How’s your mom doing? Is everything alright? [Rossini, “William Tell” Overture] You wanna get in the tub? Ew. It’s your loss, babygirl. And your gain, sweet prince. He has an Instagram. And it’s just delectable. Meat’s back on the menu boys. He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval. What ho ye jaunty lads! My captain, my King! Yaaaas! If the Golden One didn’t exist I would have
to invent him. I need him. And maybe you need me too, Lars. I’m the moon to your sun, the, uh, Brünnhilde
to your Siegfried. As you become more of a burly masc, I become
more of a silky femme. But you know, I’m noticing that even though
you’re straight, you don’t seem super interested in the bodies of the women in your
life. Now, this is just a casual suggestion, but
maybe what you want is a fair maiden like me. I’m not like the other girls. I’ve got the Ts and the D. On second thought, leave trans women alone. I don’t want that blood on my hands. Well, this is no longer a relaxing bath. And that’s why we never bathe with fascists. [Beethoven, Symphony 1, Mvt 4] Well, I blocked my T, I popped my E. Let’s
talk about degeneracy. What are people talking about when they call
something or someone “degenerate”? Well, let’s look at some examples from my
YouTube comments section and see if we can figure it out from context. “transgender communist degenerate”
“kill yourself you fucking degenerate tranny freak” “degen tranny lel” “Trannies grow out of their degeneracy by
the time they are senior citizens, or at least that’s what I would assume since you never
see old dudes in dresses, lol what’s up with that?” “This is degeneracy. You ought to be slung from a tree.” Everybody likes to rhyme. “you little homos are future cannon fodder. A bunch of physically weak degenerate dogs. The End.” Aww, these people are trying so hard to upset
me. They’ve only got one card in the deck though,
alas. Anyway, what I’m gathering from that sumptuous
sampling of the choicest fuckboys is that, like burly Nord and his fair maiden, the
accusation of “degeneracy” is usually paired with a loathing of queerness. Now it’s not always just about queerness,
in fact fascists and social conservatives use the word “degeneracy” as a
catchall term for to refer to queers, non-whites, communists, “communists,” people with disabilities,
basically anyone who gets killed when the fascists win. But where does the word degeneracy come from? Let’s watch an instructional video to learn
more. The word “degenerate” comes from the Latin
prefix de-, which means away from, and the Latin word “genus,” which means race or
kind. So to be degenerate is to no longer be of
your race or kind. And if you think this already sounds pretty
fashy, you’ve been paying attention. The current usage of the term “degenerate”
crystallized in the 18th and 19th centuries, when Lamarckian proto-evolutionary biology,
bourgeois disgust toward the urban working class, and a growing colonialist awareness
of supposedly “inferior” ethnic groups gave rise to “degeneration theory,” the
idea that civilization is in decline due to biological devolution. Hold on, aren’t these the exact same dingbats
responsible for scientific racism? The exact same dingbats, yes. And one of the chief dingbats was the French
aristocrat Arthur de Gobineau, one of the intellectual grandfathers of Nazism. Gobineau wrote a book called Essay on the
Inequality of the Human Races, in which he developed the idea of the Aryan master race,
warned that miscegenation would lead to social chaos, and gave the word “degenerate”
its modern fashy definition. M’lord? “The word degenerate, when applied to a people,
means that the people no longer has the same intrinsic value as it had before, because
it has no longer the same blood in its veins, continual adulterations having gradually affected
the quality of that blood….in fact, the man of a decadent time, the degenerate man
properly so-called, is a different being from the racial point of view, from the heroes
of the great ages….I think I am right in concluding that the human race in all its
branches has a secret repulsion from the crossing of blood….” Notice that the “degenerate man” is the
product of a “decadent” time. And “decadence” is a concept closely related
to degeneracy. “Decadence” literally means decay, which,
like degeneracy, implies a fall from a previous state of grace. By the late 19th century in Europe, concerns
about decadence were everywhere in the European cultural imagination. During this period, German nationalist composer
Richard Wagner wrote his essay condemning Jewishness in music—which he first published
under the pseudonym “Freigedank,” which literally means freethought. That’s right, he pulled the goddamn free
speech card. [airhorn “Turn Down for What”] Then the Jewish doctor Max Nordau published
a pseudo-medical book called Degeneration accusing Wagner and other contemporary artists
of degeneracy. And around the same time a bunch of queer,
absinthe-swilling artists reclaimed the word decadence as the title of their movement. Everyone was accusing everyone of degeneracy
and decadence. It was 4chan writ large. So the idea that Western civilization has
become decadent is not exactly new then. Not at all. The idea that European civilization is in
some way suicidal or self-destructive goes back at least as far as the 18th century,
when scholarship about the fall of the Roman Empire led to speculation about what causes
civilizations to decline. And one of the hypotheses was that effeminate
hedonistic emperors and general decadence left the Romans vulnerable to butch Visigoths
and Vandals. Is there any truth to that? No. It’s vulgar pseudo-history encouraged by
social conservatives. The “decadent” emperors—Nero, Caligula,
Elagabalus—reigned from the first to the third centuries. The empire didn’t collapse till the end
of the fifth century, which leaves at least two hundred years between the decadence and
the collapse, at which time the Empire was thoroughly Christian. And in any case, the Eastern half of the empire
still survived for another thousand years. Well, hail Caligula! But you know, a lot of people still believe
this story about ancient civilizations collapsing because of the queers. Here’s “feminist” Camille Paglia on
how the transgenders destroy civilizations. “The movement toward androgyny occurs in
late phases of culture. As a civilization is starting to, uh, unravel.” Hang on a second. I’m gonna need to shift up a gear for this. “Okay, and you find again and again in history,
in the Greek art, you can see it happening. All of a sudden there’s a kind of, uh, you
know, the sculptures of um handsome nude young men athletes that used to be very robust, okay,
in the archaic period, suddenly begin to seem like wet noodles toward the end, okay? People who live in such times feel that they’re
very sophisticated, they’re very cosmopolitan.” [belch] “’Homosexuality, heterosexuality, so what,
anything goes’ and so on.” “But from the perspective of historical
distance you can see that it’s a culture that no longer believes in itself, and then
what you invariably get are people who are convinced of the power of heroic masculinity
on the edges, whether the Vandals or Huns, or whether they’re the barbarians of ISIS,
you see them starting to mass outside of the culture, and that’s what we have right now.” “There is a tremendous and rather terrifying
disconnect between the infatuation with the transgender movement in our own culture and
what’s going on out there, okay?” “That’s why I’m concerned, I feel it’s
ominous, I question whether the transgender choice is indeed genuine in every single case.” Riley J. Dennis. Why did you destroy ancient Rome? So the idea is that our infatuation with effeminate
decadence means we’re going to be destroyed by real men—you know, like ISIS. This doesn’t deserve a response. We’re moving on. Where does fucking Nietzsche fit into all
this? Oh god. Do we really have to do this? So there’s this dead German asshole named
Friedrich Nnnn, who’s every 19-year-old edgelord’s favorite philosopher. Hey baby, the ladies tell me I’m Apollonian
in the streets, Dionysian in the streets—in the sh— Shhhhhh go to sleep. Basically what he said is that the moral system
of Western culture, especially Christianity, is “decadent,” in the sense that, unlike
pre-Socratic Greek society, we have all these hang ups about guilt and sin and the afterlife. And Nietzsche says these ideas originate with
people who are weak and sick, and that they repress our basic biological instinct to value
strength and beauty and worldly happiness. In practice this turns out to be a Rorschach
test that everyone reads their own ideas into. There’s a fascist interpretation that says
we need to cast off the slave morality idea of universal human equality to make way for
the triumph of beefy Aryan studs, and then there’s the more progressive interpretation
that says we need to stop worrying about like fucking Christian morality man and reinstate
the cult of Dionysus, which, okay, I’d be down to go to that party, especially if we
don’t have to talk about Nietzsche. [airhorn “Turn Down for What”] What all this is leading up to is simply the
point that by the time 20th century fascism was really kicking into gear, European society
was already primed with a couple centuries of degeneracy discourse. Racist pseudoscience was combined with degeneration
theory and Wagnerian mysticism to produce the core ideas of National Socialism. Namely: 1. The German people and nation are like a biological
organism that is prone to infection and decay. 2. Jews, Poles, Roma, homosexuals, communists,
and the disabled are degenerate elements that contribute to decay. And 3. The degenerate elements must be purged in
order to secure the health and existence of the organism. So there you have it: the history of degeneration
theory from Foppington to Fascism. Well thanks for the history lesson, doc. One particular thing I’ve noticed about
modern fascists is they’re especially obsessed with breeding bountiful crops of white babies. Nazis call the Jews vermin, but it’s white
people they think should breed like rats. And they specifically loath anything that
stands in the way of fit white reproduction, including, as they see it: being gay, being
trans, being queer, being fat, being a beta male, being a slut, being a feminist, not
getting married, not having kids, having kids that aren’t white, masturbating, looking
at porn, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, using birth control, having abortions. [To the tune of “My Favorite Things”]
Condoms and orgies and mass immigration Malt liquor 40s and miscegenation
Boys who use dildos and girls with cock rings, These are my favorite degenerate things. Very cute. But don’t you think they might have a point
about the drugs and alcohol? Oh goddamn, fine, we’ll talk about the alcohol
thing. There’s like ContraPoints fans now who watch
my videos and they look up to me, so I have to be responsible and I hate it. So look, if you’re gonna drink, I’m certainly
not gonna stop you, but don’t even think about driving, okay? Drink lots of water, and pace yourself. There’s plenty of time to be blackout when
you’re dead. And you’re gonna be if you don’t take
it slow. Alcohol is dangerous, it’s unhealthy, it’s
only fun in moderation, and it can put you in really vulnerable situations with really
horrible people. So I would never recommend that anyone get
involved with alcohol for any reason. I mean, unless you like having fun and feeling
good. Where were we? Absinthe with coffee and bitchy sarcasm
Estrogen crying and fruitless orgasms Antifa furries and enby drag kings,
These are my favorite degenerate things. [ambient music] Hi there. I hope you’re having a soothing degenerate
bath. What I want you to do is just lie back and
try to relax, and I’m just going to slowly start to drip hot candlewax all over— [crash] [drone] So for fascists and identitarians everything
that doesn’t directly contribute to the greater cause of white procreation is degenerate. And individual fascists differ on what those
things are. Most of them agree that homosexuality is degenerate,
because, apparently, gay people can’t raise children. Fascists venerate nuclear families of one
dominant white man and one subservient white woman, because they view this situation as
the perfect factory for churning out clean-cut heterosexual white kids. And if you soften the emphasis on whiteness,
you get basic social conservatism. So this really isn’t just about fascism,
though I do like to talk about the fascists, because they have the biggest muscles Speaking of which, a lot of rightists have
realized that in the 21st century, the social conservative position is not very cool. So what what they do, is they say of course
they have no problem with individual homosexuals, but only with “the gay agenda.” What they have a problem with, essentially,
is queerness. Now, what is queerness? Well, people have all kinds of scholastic
disputes about this. But in its most generic sense it means that you have some kind of weird sex thing, either your gender’s all fucked up or you have creative
taste in sexual partners. But unlike the words “homosexual” or “transgender,”
“queer” is tinged with a connotation of rebellion, often rebellion against the hetero-normative
commandments of marriage, monogamy, procreation, and productivity. So social conservatives and even a few fascists
claim that they’re willing to tolerate gay and transgender people, but only as long as
you shut up about it, conform to straight society, and try to act as normal as possible. What they can’t stand is loud, non-conformist
queerness, because think of the children. We’re talking pride parades, activists,
leather daddies, genderfucks, kinksters, polyamorists, sing it with me—these are my favorite degenerate
things. To fascists, the pursuit of individual happiness
must be subservient to the health and success of the race. So in a sense, traditionalism is a much more
collectivistic philosophy than communism, which only demands communal ownership of the means
of production. At least in theory communism doesn’t tell
you what gender to be, or who and how to fuck. In practice, though, there’s not a single
position on the political spectrum that’s immune to complaining about degeneracy. While I was researching this video I randomly
came across an article from an American communist newspaper from 1976 that claims, “While
we Communists oppose attacks on anyone by the bourgeoisie, including homosexuals, we
do not uphold homosexuality as a democratic right. Homosexuality is a form of social sickness,
a form of social perversion. It is a form of bourgeois ideology which appeals
especially to the petty bourgeoisie because of its appearance as sexual freedom. Homosexuality arose from class oppression
and the oppression of women.” Jeez, fellow degenerates, we’re kind of
short on allies out here huh? We’ve got the fascists calling us sexual Bolshevists,
and meanwhile the communists are calling us bourgeois decadents. Why does everyone hate decadence so much? Is pleasure really so wrong? [Beethoven, Symphony 1, Mvt. 4] [cackle] Listen: I don’t want my position to be misunderstood. I know that most people will probably always
be straight, cis, monogamous, and procreative. And you know, that’s probably for the best. Someone needs to have the babies and keep
society running. All we gentle decadents ask is to be allowed
to enjoy our special delights in peace. My goal is not to purge masculinity from society
or anything of the kind. In the perfect society created by me, there’d
be plenty of beefy studs around, so don’t you worry about that. And that’s the difference between me and
the fascists. I want a society where people like me are
simply allowed to exist, and—this is the important part—where people who are not
like me are simply allowed to exist. Fascists want a society where only people
like them are allowed to exist. The queer quest is to survive. The fascist quest is to be the only survivor. So if society can tolerate for thousands
of years the existence of priests, which is to say bejeweled men in dresses who have no
children and are a giant tax-exempt drain on the economy, well, you can certainly tolerate
the existence of queer people, who crack Nazi codes, and write you musicals, and sing you
songs. So if you think the meaning of life is to
create as many white babies as possible, you know what, fine. Go make white babies. But I really must insist upon the my right,
and the right of all degenerates, to coexist alongside you in our own decadent communities
of race-mixing, sexual anarchy, and rock ‘n roll. [piano chords] Rock n’ roll! [piano] Rock on Gold Dust Woman
Take your silver spoon, dig your grave I wake up in the morning
See your sunrise loves to go down Lousy lovers
Pick their pray but they never cry out loud Cry out Well did she make you cry Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love Tell me is it over now
Do you know how To pick up the pieces and go home Oh yeah Rock on ancient queen Follow those who pale in your shadow That is decadent Rulers make bad lovers You better put your kingdom up for sale One more time Oh did she make you cry Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love Tell me is it over now
Do you know how To pick up the pieces and go home Rock n’ roll! [gong]

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