Did Wall Street create the China trade issues?

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  1. Sam Walton built Walmart by importing goods made in China by child and slave labor. American consumers didn't care about anything but low prices. Consequently, this country lost most of our family owned, small businesses. Walmart is a greedy, anti-American monster machine gobbling up independent grocery & retail stores. It's no surprise that HRC is on their Board of Trustees or that so many Supercenters shut down to become FEMA incarceration camps AND by-the-way are still unoccupied, waiting. If the Dem Socialists take this country-eventually they'll be put to use. Do the research. It's out there! Wake up!

  2. Wall Street is a very negative influence on American society. And American politics. Pray that President Trump wins reelection but if he doesn’t let’s hope the Democrats nominate somebody like Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders who will not be in their back pocket a slave to their massive donations.
    Elizabeth Warren just had a big meeting with Wall Street and promised to tow the line if they would prop up her campaign

  3. I have bought clothes from China, and if you look at some of the designs closely, you can see demonic figures. I'm bought a grandfather clock in 06 from Swann's furniture store, the color was black and gold with art work. I decided to sell it, and put it on Craigslist so I had to take a picture, when I did a man's face appeared in the picture. I'm a Christian, that was really scary.I ask the maintenance man to take it to the garbage dumpster. I showed the picture to a Chinese guy, he said it was the face of a dragon, and that's what they worship. They have other drawings that looks like snakes, even little entities like aliens. When you purchase clothes look at the designs closely.

  4. Previous administrations, dirty Congress, Wall Street, Soros, & China are conspiring to take down America. They all hate our guts and want us to be a third world craphole.

  5. The Chinese are at a full on war. China has been sending heroin into the US, since at least the 80's

  6. Why?? Why?? Because at heart they are all antichrists. Love money more than America it self.

  7. China is not smart. China is cheap and all about cheap labor, cheap products and cheap production. That's how they can sell for less. I've been to china and seen the quality of everything they have. It is all a fraction of the quality of american made products. Look at the steel, plastics and fabrics qualities… huge difference. China products are garbage and made so you need to buy more in a short time.

  8. The CEOs n Wall Street have created the problem n Trump is the only person for the first time that cares for the American working men n women..
    Trump 2020!!!!

  9. Marty Davis is right. He should amplify his views on past administrations to increase public awareness

  10. China can't offer free trade or level play field simply bcs of her authoritarian communist structure.

  11. America's corporate elites has been selling out America's long term viability for personal gain. Same with the mainstream press.

  12. Truth above. Clinton/Bush's sold out the U S. worker. Larry Summers and Hank Pauslon were both part of it. Raise the tariffs. Go Trump! Either make it in the U.S. or get it out of here. NO free trade!! It's anti American.

  13. You idiots still watching these bullshitters, come on people wake up fox are liars, and trump is a liar, so all we can conclude is that you viewers
    Are also liars, or morons, pick one !🧢😁🍌🙉🙈

  14. Yes they did why else you think the traitors cause the dow and others go down when anything is against China rally when it benefits China.

  15. Wtf!! Trump ruined the middle class. Where’s that payroll tax break. The rich got that tax break. This guy didn’t tell us how trump is helping the middle class

  16. Bad deal with these China people? There hungry for money then you have people going behind him making deal with out Mr Trump 😠

  17. Short Term Wall Street $$ Globalist – Have No Moral Compass or Allegiance to USA only $$

    Their pursuit of $$ at the Expense of USA Populous is Treasonous ..

    Mr Davis is a USA Hero & Patriot

    'We need to tolerate any damage in the short term to achieve our independence from China in the longer term and to stop Beijing from implementing its totalitarian plans for the world in the even longer term.

  18. We were trying to bring S&P 500 to China and indeed there’s always a “set up” game you have to play. And it is very hard to get a fair trade. Wall Street is worried because they have tons of RMB that won’t be able to leave China, and they must say good words about China….anyway, perhaps suggesting Fox News to do a deep report on Hollywood “Co-Production” with China. And dumb Hollywood executives buy this deal, LOL!!! Co-Production is similar to “Free Trade”.

  19. You can protect us jobs but you will loose jobs in return on the chineese market! IS Newtons law! And china is a very big market! Foe example Apple is loosing big now! The monopoly ripping people of has failed!

  20. Americans must not for a second be heartened by CCP lies.
    Chinese people should not lose their patience for light because of the current stupidity of world public opinion haven’t developed an intelligent way to reach to you!
    美國人切勿有一秒被CCP的謊話獻出善心; 中國人切勿被目前世界輿論的笨笨無法逹到你而失去對光明的耐心!

  21. why did i think i could force myself through this level of ignorance lmao fox news always finds new levels of hypocrisy

  22. Goldman Sachs is a criminal operation. They don't care about Americans one bit. They are globalist to the bone. But they do not have to worry about prosecution because we do not live by rule of law. They commit crimes and just pay fines.

  23. It might be “cultural” Maria, however, that doesn’t make it right or Just! These corporations are seditious! Im an investor I have to ride the “roller coaster” & I do it well! I totally support Donald Trump! China has had it too good using theft & Lies & Wall Street elites along with them! A pox on Wall Street & China! I am a DEPLORABLE & Trump is my Guy!

  24. Great interview, but how many Americans will see it and understand his message? That is the problem that we have, a captive mass media.

  25. I have no doubt with the president of the United States he will make the best deal possible for the American people yes he wants to be friends with other nations but being the People's president he puts the American people first unlike many of the Democrats who actually have received a great deal of money from people in China to promote their interests and not the interests of the American people

  26. To be honest, China will still be
    No. 1 most of times with or without trade war after no of decades. Not U.S. nor even mention about Taiwan used by western world as a trump card to suppress development of China. With this amount of population, market and hard working plus good policy, culture and infrastructure It's just back to where it used to be. Same as India too. Around 3th to 5th. With Japan and Germany.

    Taiwan's GDP used to be 1/2 China now is only 1/20. Will it be back to half of China the answer is definitely no. The iconic industry in Taiwan is only semiconductor industry left as No. 1 in the world and a small place without much resources, well infrastructure, stability, lifestyle, environment, strong economy and power and energy industry to support its development so its population and GDP are continuously declining and moving out compared with countries like China, U.S., Canada, Australia, Korea(north and south) , Singapore, Vietnam etc. Even Taiwanese there's about 3 millions in China. In fact, most Chinese not really focuses or attracted by Taiwan only the political and historical reasons Chinese communist party and Western politicians use it to battle against each other. And it's not necessary to most people in the world.

    The main reason why western world or other countries supporting Taiwan is due to the fact of their national interests or to suppress China not values or sincere relationship or technological, business, cultural, arts and beauty attractions from it. it's not gonna last permanently and not necessary as well when the world eventually gonna become one with trend of technologicalisation, urbanisation and globalisation.

    The fact is quite often people get influenced by media but China is not that lack of freedom, or ambitious to western countries or any other countries except some disputes to its surrounding counties (still all Asians in Western perspective ) due to historical and cultural reasons (not to judge who's right or wrong but it's just like that). And continue to grow and prosper.
    (Yes, China has some problems, but eventually will be resolved and it's also stronger, more beautiful, artistic, fashionable, historic, technological, industrialised, decent, better infrastructure and building and prosperous compared with Taiwan in almost every category excepted what so called democracy & freedom in which Taiwan fall into it and struggling to it. So people who's biased to China or Asia should really go and have a look. To see is to believe.)
    The current system, economy, freedom and democracy are depending on what politicians, merchants and their medias and organisations trying to feed us, not true freedom and democracy to human being.

    Ask most people in the world if you gonna choose a place to live, work or travel, would you choose China, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, U.S. and Europe or you gonna choose Taiwan? it's just relatively not that important.

    So sometimes you just have to let go, and now it's time to let go Taiwan as a chess which is good for everyone to prevent next war. Live everyday to its best with right direction and then time will resolve it.

  27. Screw the Chinese, we don;t buy from them, we do without or manufacture here, yes we pay more but we have much better products, made in here in the U.S with American employees

  28. really, it's a lot more like this:
    President Clinton positioned Wall Street to create China when he repealed Glass-Steagall.

  29. The Epoch times and Zooming In never interrupt or hurry their speakers because they are not at the mercy of advertisers.

  30. My how lucky we are to have a President that cares about us the U.S. citizen and puts us first

  31. China is screwed. They are going to lose billions of their people and possibly lose control of their country. The level of suffering there will be unimaginable. They are screwed.

  32. Mary Davis is a great man and he is speaking obvious truths. Trump is fixing all of these horrible problems.

  33. See how these scumbags like the socialist bed that they're making for the future.

  34. china could build and deliver to lake orion Michigan part tubes for what it cost me for just the paint for the same job how can companies compete

  35. And this would tend to explain why there is such a growing wealth gap in the US and in many western countries. China and off-shore companies benefit the capitalists, at the expense of the working and middle class of the U.S. And since Wall Street props up the US politicians, what is the incentive to change?

  36. Of course wall st created and enabled the looting of America by China to benefit the few at Goldman suzks!

  37. The stock market hasn't represented economic health! Just the health of the money manipulation game in New York!

  38. Subsidies don't work. contraries to normal illusion in the brains of average Americanpigs.
    Subsidies jeopardize competence of economy in whole. since "it is practically impossible to assemble and process all the actually existing knowledge within the mind of a single socialist central planner." as Mr. Friedrich Hayek once pointed out.

    Subsidies is a way to fullfill the promsie of the "social contract" including an entry of "for the people". That is all.

  39. China and the MSM are a threat to the United States followed by the Fed which needs to be shutdown.

  40. CCP cultivated a counterfeit culture and export the excess capacity to fools around the globe.

  41. We got rid of the real economy long ago. Our economy is by Wall Street for Wall Street. China builds up its real economy. We build up our banks and predatory capitalism. We don’t have capitalism we have creditism. It is the banks against the whole economy.

  42. Exactly

    Trump is the only one doing anything the swamp has been be exposed they can never hide their corrupt mess again their organized media is now uncovered for the racket the corruption and the illegal thieves they are. Trump will go down in history he truly has been the chosen one

  43. absolutely right on maria and marty!! bout time someone bit the bullet on china… have to take a reagan approach to china and that's what trump is doing.,.. if only the msm would pick up on this story… need to get carter and solomon to investigate this as they've done w/the mueller fiasco… F china!! i wish i could afford new quartz counters and would buy only from cambria!!!!!

  44. "The smart guy in the room is President Trump". BWAHAHA! Fox News is pure, utter, unadulterated propaganda. Good job, Maria!! You are as slimy a reporter as they come.

  45. BWAHAHA! If Trump was so "Anti Wall-Street", why did he hire Steve Mneuchin to be his Treasury Secretary and Gary Cohn to be his National Economic Director? How many lies are you Corporate clowns going to tell?

  46. Listen closely. How EXACTLY is Donald Trump, Marty Davis, or Maria Bartiromo helping middle-class Americans? Just ONE policy.

  47. Secret Combinations caused this.

    The wealthy elites of many countries banding together against the poor to exploit and rule over them and live like kings on stolen wealth…

  48. China is pissed at Trump. Maybe if they cleaned up their pollution, and laid off Hong Kong… Get your shizz together, China. We're not putting up with your demands.

  49. Can you not give this President a break. Sh** doesn't happen over night. The dems have let this go on for years with bad trade deals with China. It's not like taking candy from a baby and hoping that the baby isn't going to scream. They will until you give the candy back or they will pitch a hissy fit. This is where China is at the moment. All this sh** was gave to them on a silver flattered with no consequences. Trump is heading in the right direction.

  50. I will vote to President Donald J.Trump on 2020. I will do whatever ever I can to DIFEAT CHINA.

  51. Wrooong! Trump got us into with China with tariff. American people will pay for all this. Fox news is fake news and O'Reilly and Hannity all fake

  52. Don't ya'll love the People's Revolutionary Army Chi-Coms trolling through the comments. Hong Kong Sings hallelujah to the lord.

  53. This is EXACTLY correct and illegals take our jobs it's the elites that will/are selling us out for themselves equals TREASON

  54. Looking at US paranoia, China is rightfully now a world leader. US can only try to sabotage China. Sabotaging China is US only bet as US can't compete.

  55. 🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷🔶🔷
    super good interview
    Marty Davis , thank you…

  56. Say what you will about Trump…he has America's best interest heart. I dont see that with the Liberals.

  57. “Short term gain long term pain” wallstreet in a nutshell. Sweep the long term issues under the rug while you can keep making gains and let it all fall apart later. When we come back after disaster start the cycle all over again

  58. People who blame the China situation on a President, a political party, or a few companies have NO CLUE what is going on in China. The largest Chinese cites are more advanced than ANY US city. They use electric buses, electric cars for transportation, they have stores with no clerks that use facial recognition, they use their phones for currency, and the move from city to city on electric trains that travel 250 miles per hour. American businesses also make money from an exploding Chinese middle class, many US companies like GM and Apple’s biggest profits come from China. Trump’s tariffs will have ZERO affect.

  59. History tells us that Nixon started this and the democrats have sheltered money there every since. China is hurting. Trump is correct according to myself, and even every economist to include Bloomberg's own interviewees.
    Democrat liberal socialist sell on fears that I bought up for pennies on the dollar. Thanks for my new sailboat.

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