Digging Out of a Massive Hole (click bait)

13 thoughts on “Digging Out of a Massive Hole (click bait)

  1. How do make a living making $100 a day?… oh yeah… subscribers are paying to watch you make $100 a day.

  2. Why in gods name are you picking these random points you look like an asshole man lol stop teaching people this dog shit.

  3. I mean dude my fuck your bad. Where was your stop at???? You're a fucking fool omg 不不不不不

  4. Hey Clay I always enjoy these videos. Is that what they call the rubber band strategy? Your the absolute best Ive ever seen do this

  5. Thanks for posting, I like your Platform setup , which Brokerage is it? Thank you.

  6. Hi, I just started trading and I would love to record and review my trades after the market closes everyday. What equipment are you using that everything is getting recorded? Thanks, keep the videos coming!

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