Here, let me talk to that bitch. Where you running? I already took care of you! Come on now, you don’t run from me. You don’t run from me, bitch! Come on! {Struggling} Give me that mother fucking money! {Struggling} No! No! {Clothes Tearing} {Screaming} {Muffled Screams} Get him guys, get him! You’re alone this time. What are you doing here? Get off me! Where’s your big brother now? What the fuck is this? You crossing my street? You have to pay the toll. See, there’s two ways to get off this street. You work for me, or the other way. I’m not going to sell drugs for you! {Laughter} I love this kid. I was kind of hoping you’d say that. No, no, no! {Struggling} {Struggling} The fuck you doing here? Laundry. You like breathing? Usually. Get the fuck out of here, old man. Got a special on bourbon. I meant vodka. I’m six months sober. Fucking animals. Makes you wanna do something, don’t it? Couple of years back, that was me standing right where you are now. Looking out that door. Only difference was, it was a little girl back then. What’d you do? I walked out there. Three tours in the sandbox, not so much as a scratch. And I come home to this shit. Always a war on somewhere. Why fucking bother? That’s my motto. If the almighty struck those savages down today, there’d just be five more to replace them by tomorrow. Nothing makes a difference. The whole world is burning down, my friend. Least I’ve got me a front row seat for it. Buck fifty for the Yoohoo. Bottle of Jack. Come on kid, say yes. He’s got a choice! Come on now! All you gotta do is say yes! We’ve got a mother fucking problem up in here. {Cracking} {Splatter} {Snapping} {Cracking} {Snapping} {Cracking} Fuck!!! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You know the difference between justice and punishment? What? Help! Help! Fuck you! I’m sorry. No!!! Hey mister, You, you dropped this. Keep it. It’s got a hole in it anyway.


  1. Punisher is the solution for washing the world…finally…i like that…

  2. This short is absolute proof Thomas Jane is the best Punisher. Bernthal is great, I'll give him that, but I would happily pay twice the movie prices to see Jane do a real sequel.
    Then I'd go see it again.

  3. Fantastic!!! The Movie with Thomas Jane is one of the best Marvel Movies. He and Jon Berntal are real "The Punisher".

  4. Weshalb, also aus welchem Grunde, beantworten und kommentieren alle die deutsche Erklärung zu dem Zustandekommens des Videos und das Video selbst nur auf Englisch? Da ist doch klar folgendes zu lesen: "Ich wollte einen Fanfilm für einen Charakter machen, an den ich geglaubt und immer geliebt und habe – ein Liebesbrief an Frank Castle & seine Fans. Es war eine unglaubliche Erfahrung mit jedem einfach zum Spaß an dem Projekt zu arbeiten. Es war es war der Hammer von Anfang bis Ende ein Teil des Teams gewesen zu sein – wir hoffen, dass die Freunde von Frank genauso viel Spaß damit haben werden wie wir bei der Arbeit daran." – Thomas Jane
    Könnt ihr nicht deutsch und/oder seid ihr alle nur dumme Amis?

  5. Just make a movie this way. It was allready done with Deadpool. Trust the fans.

  6. Thomas Jane is the ultimate Punisher, dude just seems so cold-blooded when he is Frank Castle. The TV show Punisher John Berthanal? Don’t know how to spell his name lol He is also very good.

  7. Deberia haber un punisher , y hacer mierda todas esas lacras .
    Y las leyes meterselas en la raja

  8. All Marvel super hero should be like the Punisher who kills bad people in a good satisfying way!👍😁

  9. I'm just saying………dr strange and the madness of the multiverse…….BRING BACK THOMAS JANE AS THE PUNISHER!!! how amazing would that be lol

  10. why I didn't see this scene on the punisher? I have watch this movie a few times and I haven't found it

  11. Adi Shankar, please make a bootleg Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film set years after the Trilogy

  12. it very good feeling for me this punisher teach a lesson to all those scum punisher touture brutally if someone is very wicked and sociopath.

  13. the real Punisher to me. This movie should be released. I am waiting for it.

  14. Actually damn chills. Holy shit. I love when the kid realizes who saved him.

  15. I think I saw more Punisher in those last 10 minutes than in all Punisher movies combined.

  16. After watching this I so want to see a black punisher (Miles morals style) and he takes our corrupt cops who are racist ass holes d

  17. It's a shame hollywood can't seem to get Punisher adapted to the screen in a good way. Just make a movie of him being a ruthless and effective killing machine just fuckin up the bad guy.

  18. I don't think that Punisher in his normal mindset would have allowed those thugs to rape that girl or beat that kid, he would have stepped earlier. It's very likely that he had a bad day and was thinking about abandoning his war.

  19. Thomas Jane did the unthinkable for The Punisher role.
    He made him likable .

  20. "Bottle of Jack"

    Then they cut out the part where Ron's character said "Hmm… the YooHoo is on me then."

  21. we need to start a go fund me for another Punisher movie and it has to have Thomas Jane in it.

  22. Mató a todos con una botella de licor. Y la botella jamás se rompió, Jajajajaja bastante ridículo. 😂

  23. Is it just me, or is that the same music from the bank robbery in The Dark Knight? DC/Marvel crossover?

  24. Even this short film is better as the new Punisher
    Thomas Jane was the perfect Punisher.

  25. how many bottles did he have? I thought he bought just one, but he killed the guys with so many bottles….I have no idea how much it costs in America..guess 50 bucks as the other man said 🙂

  26. Thomas Jane is in my top 3 actors living today and possibly ever. highly underrated and under utilized actors. I think Solomon Cane was one of if not his best, along with his version of the Punisher of course and a series with Kevin Bacon I think was called "the Following"? Always a pleasure to watch him work. I will wait patently for any of his work.

  27. I know the black punisher dude was from the UK, but this would make a hell of a origin story.

  28. Wenn falsche wahre liebe gewinnt und das machen kann was sie will stimmt, irgendwas rundsätzlich nicht. the come was hacked in a unreal ART.

  29. Beau petit massacre de suce boule et le chef des suce boule se fait cramé la gueule il dit help help comme une salaupe.

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