DMACC Visual Merchandising Fashion Gala

DMACC’s Visual Merchandising students
recently hosted the fourth annual fashion gala in Des Moines. Students put
together this one-of-a-kind fashion event that combines fashion culture and
the arts here are the two students who spoke to a local television program
about this year’s theme. Our Visual Merchandising class is the one where
most of the garments are prepared in. Sometimes we open it up to alumni or
kids from other classes that just want to participate that are also in the
program that haven’t taken the class yet, but a good majority of the classes are
made in our visual merchandising class. So every year we have a different theme. Our theme this year’s about metamorphosis-isms. So we took it as change, evolution.
The name of this is called Lyric Tech, so it is about the evolution of music. As
you can see, it’s made from cassette tapes, CDs, music sheets, records. Our
students really thrive. They get so much experience when they’re producing the
show and even the ones that are modeling and volunteering and just helping in
general, everyone that’s involved in our program gets the benefit of the show. A
lot of them are actually made by groups. So we have anywhere from 20 to 30 people. Okay so some collaboration with some of these which you know sometimes when brilliant minds come together, you get some really cool things.

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