Do #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter? | Decoded | MTV News

– At this week’s Democratic debate, the candidates were asked, do black lives matter,
or do all lives matter? And after fumbling the
question in the past, everyone pretty much nailed it. Well, except for Jim Webb. (energetic music) Awesome. We now all agree that the
Black Lives Matter movement isn’t saying that black
people’s lives matter more than anyone else’s. The movement is about addressing issues with police violence against black people. And while I’m glad that
the candidates get that, it was kind of a softball question, and then they didn’t talk
about the real issues for the rest of the debate. Great! You understand what
the protest movement is about. Now can we talk about
addressing institutional racism, repairing the relationship
between police officers and communities of color, the inequalities present in
our criminal justice system, and the school-to-prison pipeline? Black Lives Matter is a
rallying cry, not a solution. And frankly, I’m a little disappointed that the issue was presented
as a true or false question. Yes, it’s Black Lives Matter, but the follow-up is more important. How is our next president
going to address the mountain of inequalities that suggest they don’t? So did you watch the
debate? What did you think? Tell us in the comments, and we will see you next
week, here on Decoded. Can you name seven superheroes of color? – No. – Storm. – Black Panther. – Miles Morales. – Um. – Hm. Damn. (energetic music)

100 thoughts on “Do #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter? | Decoded | MTV News

  1. Black lives matter is not a rallying cry it's a terrorist organisation

  2. Today I was entering a gas station to get a drink.. When I got the last drink this black guy runs up to me and takes my drink and I said that is mine I was going to buy that and he screams black lives matter 15 times.. and I'm just like wtf. Please stop using black lives matter as an excuse to do whatever the hell you want…

  3. Blacks arent killed in police encounters any more than any other races. In fact, most black people are killed by ..Surprise! .. Other black people. But I guess statistics are too hard for Lacy Green and other retarded mumbling idiots at MTV offices.
    I literally can not stand your fucking lying faces. You disgust me beyond imaginable.

  4. We have a black president who promised to renegotiate trade treaties back in 2007. Has he done that? No. That's why we have fewer and fewer jobs in the US. While he failed to make good on his campaign pledge he ran cover for illegal aliens thus increasing competetion for fewer and fewer jobs.

    If you want to know why black unemployment is so high look to the White House. Don't blame me. I didn't vote for that scumbag.

  5. While we're on the subject of black unemployment Obama is pushing for the TPP. That would suck even more jobs out of the US and give corporations control over US law.

    MTV has become culturally irrelevant for a reason. They cover for the far left that increases unemployment, drives businesses from black neighborhoods then blames the resulting poverty in "racism".

    Blacks need to learn this: the party of the KKK and Jim Crow didn't magically become nonracist. They became craftier in their racism and exploited Black Stockholm Syndrome for votes.

  6. you've clearly never spent two minutes in the black lives matter hashtag on twitter.

  7. If #Alllivesmatter really do matter, shouldn't we help the Syrian refugees and stand against the deportation of illegal mexicans?

  8. She's the worst kind of race baiting garbage, she is part of the problem. Can't stand her voice or face.

  9. Social justice warriors are constantly telling us how we have to watch our wording to avoid micro-aggressions and yet they always name their movements in an exclusive/discriminatory way. If #BlackLivesMatter is really about eliminating unjustified police shootings why isn't it named #EndUnjstifiedShootings or something neutral?

    If words matter, and #BlackLivesMatter isn't about killing the police, why did they protest chanting "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!"?

    The truth about #BlackLIvesMatter is the same as all hate groups, they have a couple valid points and a whole bunch of half-truths and lies that they use to indoctrinate people into their hateful movement.

  10. If you chant "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now" your life does not matter to me.

  11. This woman is blinder than Stevie Wonder. If she would open her eyes she would understand that police disproportionately have negative interactions with blacks the majority of the time because blacks are disproportionately committing the crimes! Take the fact that now every incident that involves a possible misjudgment by police against blacks is the main headline and all other similar instances involving other races is ignored, you got race blaming morons like this easily manipulating others like her by the masses.

  12. This divisive BLM rhetoric is leading to domestic terrorism by blacks. Shame on you.

  13. I love how all the rebuttal videos for this bitch are pics with her looking like a fucking moron or like she just farted. She's pretty ugly but nothing can be as ugly as she is on the inside.

  14. crazy wench:

  15. I'm beginning to feel that calling called a racist today holds about as much merit as being called a witch during the Salem trials in 1692. It's literally a buzzword that gets thrown around when someone doesn't like factual statistics.

  16. We can talk about all that as long as you acknowledge the crazy huge disproportion of black on white rapes versus white on black rapes. If you can't acknowledge that fact… we ain't gonna talk about a damn thing. It's LITERALLY 20,000 to 1 and that's not even a damn joke. I guarantee you this silly ass bitch will NEVER address this fact. I'll bet 1,000,000 dollas this will never be addressed by the mainstream democrats. Neither will the fact that democrats started the KKK in the first place.

  17. I'd be kinda pissed if people kept putting my ass in the "victimized" category. As if I am incapable of standing up and defending myself. That's what I do best is defend myself.
    Especially if it was the whitest dude you know trying to sympathize with your "victim status." I've been around enough black folks to know they don't like that shit

  18. When are some blacks going to quit whining and just get on with life. No one involved in slavery is alive. Laws don't allow discrimination. FAR more blacks are killed by other blacks than any police. So just shut the hell up and get on with your lives.

  19. Black Lives Matter is not a movement, it's an organization. Google our shit ass clown Franchesca. What MLK did, was a movement. Notice he didn't riot or loot or tell people to kill cops. Black Lives Matter? Tell that to the black man who was allowed to bleed to death in the back of an Ambulance blocked on the highway by Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter and to prove it, I don't cause someone to lose their life. Black Lives Matter is bullshit, because you let a black man die, so hence you didn't think his life matterd. FUCK YOU.

  20. "The black community has a crime problem." LOVE how she completely glossed over that little nugget. The reason BLM gets so little respect — other than the fact that hood rats with no socialization and an entitlement complex make up the bulk of their rank-and-file — is because they completely downplay any and all of the variables which clearly explain the situation of black people whenever such variables make black people look bad.

    If some systemic white supremacist bogeyman really were the be-all-end-all explanation for rates of black death at the hands of police, then why aren't Asians, Hispanics or any other minority groups being victimized? Seriously, these little "teaching moments" contain some of the most cherry-picked, specious logic I have ever come across.

  21. I wish you showed some clips or quotes of the candidates' responses. It would have given this video some substance.

  22. When people say Black lives matter they mean the lives of blacks who threaten police officers then get shot matter. Black Lives Matter never address black people murdered by other black people.

  23. So might you explain to me why almost twice the number of whites are killed by police than blacks? Or does that not matter?

    Why do you condemn, or at least speak out against, cops for DOING THEIR JOBS when they shoot somebody who's trying to kill them?

    Why do you act like it's it's the cop's fault when they end up having to kill thugs like Michael Brown, who was assaulting AND trying to take the officer's gun?

    How about the fact that more than 80%of blacks are killed by other blacks, but people like you ignore it so you can push an agenda? Namely; white people and cops are all evil, black people came from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, himself.

    Why does the phrase All Lives Matter offend you? Your ilk, the BLM crowd that is, scream, "That's racist, you white mother fucker!" when people bring up the fact that EVERY life matters, but you say that it does nothing but divert attention to other races over black. Which is exactly what Black Lives Matter does, but you routinely ignore it.

    Why do you ignore the fact that the vast majority of BLM people actually ADVOCATE the killing of cops? Look at their riots, the way they ransack cities. Hell, just look at what they say on Twitter!

    Why do you ignore the fact that the vast majority of BLM people actually do say that black lives matter more than other lives, specifically white lives?

    Why do you not speak out against the racism constantly shown to be the main crux of any BLM person's argument?

    Why don't you decry the violent, horrible things BLM does when they do one of what they call a protest, but is actually just a riot?

    Why do you not agree that All Lives Matter, but instead try to derail the conversation and accuse those of saying it of being racism?

    And would you please fucking respond? I'd love to know what you think.

  24. I'm for blm but the reason why they did not talk about it for the rest of the debate was because they have lots of other issues facing america

  25. Eight years of Obama and this situation was not satisfactorily addressed? Jamyla Bolden's Life Mattered

  26. The issue is not "institutional racism" it is that 6% of this country produces more than half of the crime. Instead of

  27. Then why does the blm movement seem to appear to only care about black lives????? The recent event of the blm kidnapping says otherwise too…….

  28. I don't think BLM is racist it's just cop killing terrorist organization

  29. The reason that about 27% percent of police fatalities are black even though only about 1% of the 27% are unarmed is because blacks only represent 13% of the population and are responsible for 51% of homicides with mostly other blacks

  30. You should put a warning before all your videos saying


  31. The BLM movement is like the KKK. They twist all the facts around to turn themselves into the victims while making everyone else the villans. How about addressing the fact of why this movement thinks black people should be above the law and they should not be subject to the same rules of this country as everyone else?

  32. it's kind of hard to repair the relationship between poc and police when black lives matter protesters are screaming "we want dead cops" in the middle of toronto. but y'know, tough love i guess

  33. black lives matter is b***** and a racist organization and should be dismantled and arrested right all lives matter not just black wives all right all lives matter and f*** you MTV racist propaganda machine

  34. Added for: I can't believe it! MTV CAN'T EVEN MAKE A GOOD VIDEO! If MTV, AN INTERNATIONAL CABLE TV CHANNEL, can't avoid making these shitvids, then I have lost faith in humanity. Please. Cancel this. As for the episodes already on the web, destroy/delete them.

  35. There is nothing controversial about saying all lives matter because all lives include all lives black included so if it's perfectly okay when people say black lives matter and there should be nothing wrong with someone saying all lives matter I don't understand what is so hard about this all means all

  36. The funny thing is is that black lives matter can't you just admit that it doesn't care about other lives it only cares about black lives hence the term black lives matter if it really cared about all lives it would just be called all lives matter or black lives matter too also no one has ever said black lives don't matter it's never been a thing except back in the Jim Crow or slavery days and those days are long gone

  37. Black lives matter movement may had started as a good thing. The movement quickly lost it way. I can't support a movement that riots an destroys stuff

  38. thank you for this video may the Lord god be with you and everyone in Jesus's mighty name Amen 🙂

  39. Stop killing each other and show us that y’all care about black lives first

  40. You are very vocal about the black inequality treatment. Name some to me and define it. Don't put everything links with race.

  41. Can we talk about the fact that that the vast majority of black murders are from other blacks and that 6% of the population (black men) are committing over 54% of all murders, 60% of all robberies and 47% of all violent assaults? No? Oh yeah facts are racist now a days.

  42. I'm sorry but when was the world only white and black :/

    See our president here is orange.

  43. What do you call a black chick that's had 7 abortions???………

    A crime fighter…..lmao…

  44. I don’t care. For me it’s more important to address other minorities’ concerns because no one gives a shit about Asians native Americans Latinos and Muslims in today’s climate

  45. Why can’t all lives matter represent black lives matter too saying black lives matter is that racist I am asking a question not saying it is racist

  46. Shut up boy. See what I did there if you’re gonna separate black lives into something special than I’m going to be racist towards you

  47. Actually according to statistics in as recent as 2017 and 2018 White men have been killed by police far more than blacks in America lol. How much more? both years the amount of whites killed at the hands of police officers was DOUBLE the amount of blacks!! Funny when you integrate racial demographics of criminal statistics!
    BLM says All Lives Matter diminishes black struggle and insinuates that black problems aren't of priority.
    They insinuate that ALL lives matter takes away from their fight against discrimination, yet have no problem crashing a gay pride parade and completely interfering with their protesting.
    Seems like they have no problem diminishing others causes.
    BLM fail to recognize that many of the problems in black communities are cultural issues, not the fault of "whitey"
    Maybe focus on the value of family first, and love thy neighbour.

  48. Carla Linton. In God's eye sight. All Lives Matters no matter what race. Blacks , Whites, Hispanics, Indians, Jews Latinos Jamaicans. And Italians.

  49. So… here’s a fun one. Black officers are more likely to shoot blacks than white officers. And a police officer is 18.5x less likely to shoot an unarmed black man than a black man is to shoot a cop.

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