DOCS: The Sex Chamber

On 22nd March 1999 a terrified woman ran through the streets of New Mexico – naked. She’d escaped after being held captive by
sadistic sexual torturer – David Parker Ray. She wasn’t his only victim. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I was scared. I didn’t know if he was going to kill me or not. NORMAN RHOADES:
He could get a woman in virtually any position. She was his sex slave. COMMENTARY:
More than thirty women had passed through Parker Ray’s torture chamber. The police
suspected that many of them had been murdered. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
I have never had any question that David Parker Ray is a serial killer. COMMENTARY:
The police launched a vast search for bodies, but Parker Ray was always one step ahead. JIM YONTZ:
David was a very intelligent individual and took great lengths to make sure that he was
not discovered. COMMENTARY:
Could one of America’s most prolific serial killers get away with murder? COMMENTARY:
New Mexico. A barren land with the second highest murder rate in America. Cut off from the world by 40,000 square miles
of desert, Truth or Consequences is a town where people go about their business and few
questions are asked. Population: 6,000 – and falling. NORMAN RHOADES:
Truth or Consequences has kind of an undercurrent of criminal activity. We investigated a murder
where a guy was stabbed 43 times. We had another murder where a guy beat his wife and put her
in the trunk of the car and burned her and the car. Then there was a man found dead in
his apartment, he had blue panties on and no other clothes, he had a doorknob inserted
in his rectum. This is just a community where strange and bizarre crimes occur. COMMENTARY:
On 22nd March 1999 the police received a call that would open a case far more shocking than
anything they’d seen before. OPERATOR:
The call came from a panicked local after 21 year old Cynthia Vigil burst into her house.
She was naked, except for a metal dog collar attached to a six foot chain. LOCAL RESIDENT:
Yes, I’m calling for a young lady that ran into the house. She says she’s just been
raped. She’s got a chain on her and everything. Send someone rightaway. This lady is naked
and everything else. She says they’ve been holding her for three days. NORMAN RHOADES:
So the officers arrive on the scene. Cynthia Vigil’s telling them: don’t let them get
me, they – they kidnapped me, they tied me up, they raped me. The officers, of course,
you know – well, who and where, and all these questions are coming up in their minds. And
sometimes it’s really difficult to get answers from a frantic person. COMMENTARY:
Cynthia Vigil was a prostitute with a heroin addiction. She said she was abducted by a
client and driven to a house on the outskirts of Truth or Consequences. NORMAN RHOADES:
As far as when a police officer is called to an incident involving a prostitute, that’s
always in the officer’s mind, is what degree of credibility do I give this lady. Especially
if it’s a real bizarre story. COMMENTARY:
The house belonged to David Parker Ray – a 59 year old mechanic. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
Cynthia said that she was on a bed in a kind of an expanded trailer house. She was naked,
she was handcuffed and she had a collar around her neck which was attached to a pole. She
was given a bucket for a toilet. She was sexually assaulted, she was repeatedly sexually assaulted.
She was under the impression she was going to be killed, so she was desperate to get
Cynthia Vigil said that she was held in this house for three days. On the third day Cynthia
Vigil said that a fight ensued. A lamp was broken. Cynthia Vigil then was able to escape
out the back door of this residence. COMMENTARY:
Parker Ray was arrested. The police obtained a search warrant for his house to investigate
the prostitute’s allegations. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
Once they go inside the house they find where Cynthia had been held, in the sunken living-room
area, they see the bed, they see the pole, there’s some chains and manacles there,
there’s a bucket with her waste on the floor. There was obvious signs of a struggle and
disarray in the room. Obviously what they saw did not look like the area of somebody
who had been kept there voluntarily. COMMENTARY:
The search team also found a collection of sinister, sexual devices. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
Everything that they were seeing did nothing for them, except to add evidence and corroboration
to what Cynthia, their victim, was telling them. COMMENTARY:
But nothing could prepare them for what they would find inside a simple white trailer at
the side of Parker Ray’s house. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
It wasn’t really until the utility trailer was opened that we really began to get a good
understanding of what we were potentially dealing with. Then Pandora’s box was opened. COMMENTARY:
In the desert town of Truth or Consequences, prostitute Cynthia Vigil was recovering in
hospital. She had escaped from three days of sexual torture at the hands of David Parker
Ray. Parker Ray had been arrested. He was a 59
year old mechanic and a father of two. OFFICER:
Do you want to state your name for the record? DAVID PARKER RAY:
David Ray. David Parker Ray. COMMENTARY:
He claimed that the prostitute had agreed to a session of rough bondage. OFFICER:
Okay. Was she a willing participant? Or did she not want to do it? DAVID PARKER RAY:
Yes. She was willing. OFFICER:
At Parker Ray’s house the police were discovering the horrifying truth. The search team had
arrived at a seemingly innocuous white trailer. NORMAN RHOADES:
It was pretty – pretty amazing. It was remarkable. I’d never seen anything like it in my life.
The first thing my eyes focused on was this black chair, which turned out to be a gynaecology
chair – just sitting there empty. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
There was medical equipment everywhere. Drills – modified drills with sexual devices on them.
And cages. I mean it was just this unbelievable looking den. This was a torture chamber. COMMENTARY:
David Parker Ray called the trailer his ‘Toy Box’ or ‘Satan’s Den’. NORMAN RHOADES:
To see it the first time just kind of gave you a feeling of sickness, and it was just
remarkable how everything was set up. Everything in here denoted pain. Everything
in here denoted destruction. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
There were several, several items in there that were obviously meticulously crafted by
hand, and were very, very sinister. David was known as very adept with his hands, as
a – as an excellent mechanic. COMMENTARY:
By day, Parker Ray worked for the local state park. PHIL SANCHEZ:
And this is David’s truck right here, his original truck. COMMENTARY:
He was well respected for his technical ability. To those who knew him, he was not the kind
of man who tortured women in his spare time. PHIL SANCHEZ:
He was just a real nice guy. He was just real nice, real smart. He was always eager to help
these other guys do things, you know, around here. And these are some things that he made. He
named them ‘snake catchers’. That’s a rope through a piece of pipe. Put the snake
in there and you… It’s a pretty creative piece of work he did there. NORMAN RHOADES:
And he had the ankle-spreader. This looks like something that he would have made, and
he has it labelled ‘ankle-spreader’. He could get a woman in virtually any position
that he wanted her in. She was his sex slave when they entered this – this trailer. And
then he had the dildo fashioned out of – it looks like a plastic pipe actually. These
are nails that have been melted into this plastic collar, and this would be inserted
in her vagina or anal canal, and he would work it and work it until he could get it
all the way in, and then he would have these spikes here, and they’re gonna go in, you’re
gonna get poked, it’s gonna be very painful and rip their inner thighs out. I have to wonder how many people came in contact
with all this stuff. COMMENTARY:
Parker Ray’s terrifying den was evidence of a long campaign of sexual torture. RICH LIBICER
The consensus was pretty clear that there were gonna be additional victims here. For
example, the utility trailer was taken apart virtually, and we collected trinkets, rings,
necklaces, jewellery. They came from somebody. COMMENTARY:
Despite police appeals for more women to come forward, Cynthia was still the only known
victim. But as a prostitute and drug addict she might not be believed in court. The police
needed more credible witnesses. Inside the ‘Toy Box’ Parker Ray had set
up two video cameras. The suspicion was that he had recorded the suffering of his captives. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
It made sense to believe and was logical to deduce that there were videotapes somewhere.
And many, many were found, there were probably a hundred, at least a hundred. COMMENTARY:
Most of the tapes contained nothing of relevance. But one would prove explosive. It showed Parker Ray testing his equipment. Then it cut. And when it came back to life
Parker Ray was with a captive. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
It’s – what you see here is the inside of the ‘Toy Box’. You see a youngish blonde
haired woman with David, strapped down naked. He’s standing over the top of her, or kneeling
next to her at all times. He’s constantly touching her, and it’s obvious that he’s
trying to get some kind of sexual gratification out of this. She appeared to be unconscious
or at least unresponsive to anything he was doing to her. This doesn’t have any of the
earmarks of a consensual encounter between two people who just enjoy this kind of behaviour. COMMENTARY:
The videotape was crucial evidence of another victim. But who she was was a mystery. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
We’re looking at this videotape and – and we need to know who this person is. He moves
her leg at one point and what’s exposed on her right calf, on the outside of her right
calf, is a tattoo, and you can see it in the video, but it’s not clear, and it looks
like a pretty – you know, it looked like a pretty big tattoo. So we took this tape to
the FBI to have it enhanced. Once the image was enhanced we provided that to the media.
And very shortly afterwards a woman came forward and said “That’s my tattoo. That’s me.” KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
The tattoo I have is unique. Nobody else has it. COMMENTARY:
Kelli Van Cleave was a 25 year old child-minder. She was a friend of Parker Ray’s daughter,
but had no recollection of ever going to his house. And no idea why the FBI had a picture
of her tattoo. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
They told me that it came off of a – a video they found in David’s house, ‘Toy Box’
as they called it. It was weird. And I was scared. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
Initially, it was clear that she was having difficulty remembering everything that had
happened to her in the utility trailer and in her experience with David. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
Before the FBI contacted me I used to have nightmares of being tied to a table or handcuffs,
or duct-tape scared me, but I could never put any of it together. And then when the
FBI called, then I knew they weren’t just dreams, nightmares, they were real. COMMENTARY:
Kelli was struggling to remember the details of what Parker Ray had done to her. But the
police had made a chilling discovery in Parker Ray’s house which would explain everything.
A tape-recording – in his own voice – that he played to initiate his victims. DAVID PARKER RAY:
Hello there bitch, I’m going to tell you in detail why you have been kidnapped, what’s
going to happen to you… CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
This was sinister stuff. DAVID PARKER RAY:
Now, you are obviously here against your will. You’re gonna be kept chained in a variety
of different positions, usually with your legs or knees forced wide apart. You’ll
be raped thoroughly and repeatedly in every hole you’ve got…(Laughs) COMMENTARY:
Midway through, the tape revealed that Kelli’s memory loss may have been no accident. DAVID PARKER RAY:
You’re gonna be drugged up real heavy with a combination of Sodium Penthothal and Phenobarbitol.
You’re not gonna remember a fucking thing about this little adventure or what has happened
Sodium Pentothal and Phenobarbital numb pain and induce amnesia. It seemed Parker Ray was
using drugs to control his victims and ensure they would not remember his crimes. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
They would explain some of the things that were done to me. Being tied down and how uncomfortable you’re gonna feel, and being used as a sex slave. COMMENTARY:
Parker Ray released Kelli three days after taking her captive, confident that she would
never remember her ordeal. But as the police questioned her, memories
started to surface. Over time she was able to piece together elements of her captivity
in the ‘Toy Box’. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I didn’t know how long I had been there. I could see under the duct-tape once in a
while. Had all kinds of sex devices and whips and chains and stuff. I remember him coming and going several times,
but I don’t know how many times. When he was in there, he was in there for a long time.
I was scared. I remember telling him that I wanted to go home. I didn’t know if he
was gonna kill me or not. I don’t ever remember drinking or eating
anything. He let me up to use a Portapot once, but I was shackled to do that. I remember him using different kinds of toys
on me. And they hurt. That’s about all I remember. COMMENTARY:
The police now had a credible witness, but not necessarily one who could get Parker Ray
behind bars. JIM YONTZ:
The potential weakness that she had, she didn’t remember certain things. She didn’t have
a clear recollection of others. And that weakens the case and the overall picture that the
jury is going to be given of exactly what David was up to. COMMENTARY:
The prosecution needed more, and by Parker Ray’s own admission there were many more
victims to find. JIM YONTZ:
In his tape-recordings he indicated that he had been involved in sexual assault since
he was 15. David was arrested when he was 59. So he has approximately 44 years of practice. DAVID PARKER RAY:
As of the time this tape was made, I’ve taken 37 women for these purposes. Hell, it
may be more by now. COMMENTARY:
With so many victims unaccounted for, there was a fear that Parker Ray was more than a
sadistic torturer. He could be a prolific serial killer. DAVID PARKER RAY:
You are expendable. It may sound harsh and cold, but I won’t have any qualms at all
about slicing your throat. JIM YONTZ:
If you believe what David says on the tape is true, that he rapes and tortures women,
there’s no reason not to believe the other parts about killing women and disposing of
their bodies is also true. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
Death was a constantly resurfacing idea from David, not from us, but from David, in his
writings, in his drawings, in his tapes, everything revolved around death. I have never had any
question that David Parker Ray is a serial killer. There’s never been a doubt in my
mind about it. JIM YONTZ:
Whether the case was going to be a murder trial would depend on whether we could link
David to the actual killing of victims. COMMENTARY:
If Parker Ray was a serial killer he lived in the perfect place to hide the bodies. His house was on the shores of Elephant Butte
Lake. At 43 miles long and 200 feet deep, it’s
the largest body of water in New Mexico. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
There was a map that we recovered in David Parker Ray’s house that was just a map of
the lake with X’s on it. David had a sail boat, a large skiff sailing boat with depth-finding
equipment, and he knew that lake very, very well, and he knew where the deepest places
in that lake were. JIM YONTZ:
I was hoping that we were going to have a body, I was praying that we were going to
There were, overall, between two and three full dive missions that were performed there
without being able to locate any evidence that we could connect definitively to the
Parker Ray investigation. JIM YONTZ:
David had the perfect job if he wants to hide bodies or whatever. He had access to every
nook and cranny of Elephant Butte State Park, he had access to areas that are kept under
lock and key, that keep the public away from but to which he had access. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
We searched caves, holes in the ground, wells, mines, lakes, we searched everywhere we could
possibly think. It was endlessly frustrating. COMMENTARY:
The case against Parker Ray was weak. The best witness had a patchy memory, and unless
bodies could be found, there was a chance that a murderer would walk free. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
He was an intelligent man and capable of going the extra mile and making an extra effort,
especially when it came to this kind of behaviour, to do what he needed to do to avoid detection,
and I believe that’s what he did. COMMENTARY:
But Parker Ray hadn’t thought of everything. An extraordinary confession from one of his
acquaintances was about to blow the investigation wide open. COMMENTARY:
Police believed that victims of David Parker Ray’s campaign of sexual torture were buried
in the New Mexico desert. But no bodies had been discovered, and the case against him
was on rocky ground. The only known surviving victims were a heroin addicted prostitute
and a woman whose memory of her captivity had been scrambled by Parker Ray’s cocktail
of drugs. But Kelli Van Cleave clearly remembered what
happened before she was drugged. In July 1996 she was abducted from this once bustling bar
on the outskirts of Truth or Consequences. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I rounded up a bunch of friends and went bar-hopping, and this is where we ended up. We always ended
up here. No matter where we started, this is where we quit. There used to be a little
mini-bar sitting here, pool tables right there, and we were playing pool, and I had ordered
a beer, and I left to take one of my drunk friends home, and came back, and some of my
other friends left. And at the end of the evening it was just me and Jessie. Jessie
Ray – David’s daughter. COMMENTARY:
Jessie agreed to give Kelli a lift home, but she drove straight to her father’s house. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
The fact that it was his own daughter kidnapping just shows the depth of his resolve when it
came to this behaviour. And – and it also showed his lack of emotional involvement with
just about anybody or anything. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I just remember being on her couch – her dad’s couch. That’s when they held the knife to
my throat and put the dog-collar on, the duct-tape, the handcuffs. And I ended up tied to a table. COMMENTARY:
Jessie Ray was arrested for her role in Kelli’s abduction. It wasn’t the only time she’d taken someone
home to meet her father. In July 1997, one year after Kelli’s abduction, a friend of
hers had gone missing from the same bar. Marie Parker was a 21 year old mother of two. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
It was almost midnight, and she said she was gonna go home and check on her kids, she’d
be right back. By the time the bar closed at 2 o’clock she still wasn’t there and
her car was still there, so… But somebody said Jessie followed Marie out. COMMENTARY:
No one has heard from Marie Parker since that night. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
She had two little girls. There was no way she was gonna leave her kids. So I knew something
had happened. COMMENTARY:
The similarities between Kelli’s abduction and Marie’s disappearance seemed unlikely
to be coincidence. OFFICER:
Ever heard of a woman named Marie Parker? DAVID RAY PARKER:
Not really, no. OFFICER:
She’s a woman that disappeared about two years ago, and I just thought I’d ask and
see if you had any information that you could provide me with that. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
You know, with Marie Parker, we knew he was involved, but we didn’t have enough information
or evidence to pin anything on him. DAVID RAY PARKER:
She’s the one that disappeared from one of the bars? OFFICER:
I know of the incident, that’s all. OFFICER:
You were a part of that? DAVID RAY PARKER:
No, certainly not. COMMENTARY:
On the night Marie disappeared, Jessie Ray had been at the bar with a friend of her father’s
called Roy Yancy. The police suspected he was an accomplice, and brought him in for
questioning. His statement was astonishing. ROY YANCY:
From what I understand he’s had many years of kidnapping, torturing and killing women. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
The story that Roy gave was that Marie Parker had, in fact, been a victim of David Parker
Ray, that she had been abducted. While she was in the ‘Toy Box’ she was systematically
tortured over a period of a couple of days. When she wasn’t being tortured she was placed
on a cot and slid underneath a part of the – the wall in the ‘Toy Box’ that they
could shut and lock. And at the end of all of this, the information that Roy Yancy gave
us was that he was instructed to kill Marie Parker by strangulation. OFFICER:
How did you come up with the idea to kill Marie? ROY YANCY:
It was David Ray Parker’s idea. NORMAN RHOADES:
It’s pretty remarkable. It just seemed like it went up to a different level, and each
level it went up to it became move overwhelming. And then I began to wonder, you know, where’s
it going to end? ROY YANCY:
I know that he ended up giving me a rope and telling me to strangle her. And she wasn’t
dying fast enough. OFFICER:
You said she wasn’t dying fast enough, was she struggling? ROY YANCY:
Yeah, she was struggling. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
We have no doubt that his statement was accurate. His details were such that it’s unquestionable
that Roy Yancy killed Marie Parker. ROY YANCY:
I was told not to tell anybody anything or I was going to be killed and thrown in a ditch
as well. OFFICER:
And who told you that? ROY YANCY:
If Roy Yancy could take the police to Marie Parker’s body they’d finally have the
evidence to link Parker Ray to murder. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
David and Roy, according to Roy Yancy, took the body out to a remote location in the desert,
rolled it down a ravine, covered it up with a little bit of dirt and then drove back.
And Roy was very specific and detailed about the location where this happened. He remembered,
he said, pretty well where this was. We felt that if we were able to locate this
body it was gonna be a domino effect, and – and soon this was gonna lead to more and
more and more. We spent the better part of a week with Roy
Yancy going to several different locations. We had forty people out looking in these areas,
we had helicopters out looking in these areas, and still we – we were unable to recover a
body. And Roy’s, I guess, hypothesis – which seems to be credible and make sense – is that
David returned to that location after the body had been disposed of and relocated it. COMMENTARY:
Yet again, David Parker Ray had been meticulous in avoiding detection. CAPTAIN RICH LIBICER:
We spent a great deal of time chasing an intelligent man, who was well versed in what he was doing
and certainly able to cover his tracks very effectively. We were always one step behind
There’s thousands upon thousands of deep narrow ravines, nooks and crannies, and where
do you look? We could be standing above her right now and never know it. And I often wonder
how close did we actually come to – to her or some of the victims during the course of
Roy Yancy pleaded guilty to second degree murder, and was sentenced to 20 years. But
David Parker Ray maintained his innocence, and without Marie Parker’s body, murder
charges could not be brought against him. JIM YONTZ:
It’s extremely frustrating to know that he’s committed murders, and yet not have
sufficient evidence to bring this matter to a resolution in a court of law. But the fact
that we couldn’t prosecute him for murder made it all the more important that we successfully
prosecute him for the rape, tortures and kidnappings that we could prove in court that he did. COMMENTARY:
The trial of David Parker Ray began on 29th June 2000. His fate now lay entirely in the
hands of Kelli Van Cleave. Despite her patchy memory she would have to convince a jury that
he had kidnapped and sexually tortured her. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I didn’t want to go do court. I didn’t want to have to go face him. But I did it.
He couldn’t be out on the streets any longer. I had to do it. Because I had to do what I
could to save other women. COMMENTARY:
As Kelli took the stand, Parker Ray was just feet away. It was the first time she’d seen
him since her captivity. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
He was just sitting there with a smug look on his face, and it pissed me off. He acted
like he was totally innocent and he had done nothing wrong. I didn’t want to cry and
let him know how much he hurt me. I didn’t want to be his victim. That was difficult. COMMENTARY:
Kelli explained what she could of her ordeal in the ‘Toy Box’, but under cross-examination
she was attacked rigorously. LEE McMILLIAN:
The defence point of view has to be, in this case, that she’s not a credible witness
and, therefore, should not be believed, because she couldn’t remember what happened. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
You sit up there on the stand and wonder are these guys gonna believe me. LEE McMILLIAN:
David’s story was that she came over quite willingly, that they had some beers, and that
she had consensual sex, that the sex became kinkier as she stayed longer, and that he
cleaned her up and sent her home at the end of it. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
Just lies. I think that was the most difficult part, was all the lies that they said. I could
have faced David without the lies. LEE McMILLIAN:
People often do things that they can’t live with, and so they have to change the way they
feel about what happened, or the way they report what happened, or the way they feel
about themselves to account for that behaviour. COMMENTARY:
The defence’s claims that Kelli had consented to be in the ‘Toy Box’ were contradicted
by Parker Ray himself on the initiation tape that he played his victims. DAVID RAY PARKER:
You are obviously here against your will. You will be raped thoroughly and repeatedly
in every hole you’ve got. COMMENTARY:
But there was a problem, Kelli could not remember if Parker Ray had played the tape to her,
so the Judge ruled it was not relevant. The jury was not allowed to hear it. JIM YONTZ:
The suppression of the audio tape weakened our case because they were not able to hear
David’s actual planning, preparation and his own voice. DAVID RAY PARKER:
You’re going to be kept like an animal. As far as I’m concerned, you are a pretty
piece of meat. Your pussy and arsehole is gonna get a real workout. LEE McMILLIAN:
This was essentially a confession. COMMENTARY:
The prosecution did have one more weapon to draw on – the video footage of Parker Ray
torturing Kelli in the ‘Toy Box’. LEE McMILLIAN:
When you look at the tape you see that there’s no evidence of injury because he’s not beating
her, he’s touching her gently. He caresses her breasts, he lightly rubs her stomach,
he lightly rubs her arms. She was able to sit there and loosen up her joints, the way
you would if you’d done something strenuous. And that was our interpretation of the tape. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I knew the defence was gonna try and turn everything around on me. But I didn’t think
that with the tape – I figured everybody would know, everybody could see I wasn’t there
willingly. COMMENTARY:
After a two week trial the jury retired to consider whether Kelli’s testimony was enough
to lock up Parker Ray for life. JIM YONTZ:
Kelli’s the one who the jury has to believe in order for them to return a ‘guilty’
verdict. I didn’t think there was going to be any way that a jury would come back
with a ‘not guilty’ verdict in this. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
When they finally made a decision and everybody got back to the courtroom, I knew it was gonna
be a ‘guilty’ verdict. It had to have been a ‘guilty’ verdict. They fooled me. COMMENTARY:The Judge required a unanimous decision. And
on July 13th 2000 the jury announced the verdict. Some jurors did not believe Kelli’s testimony,
so Parker Ray could not be convicted. It was a hung jury. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
When they came back with a hung jury verdict I about fainted, literally. I didn’t understand
The decision was made to re-try the case, this time with a different jury and a different
I didn’t want to go through court again. But I had to. He was not gonna hurt anybody
Nine months after the first trial ended the retrial got under way. In a boost to the prosecution
the new judge decided that Parker Ray’s initiation tape was relevant to the case and
allowed it to be heard. Parker Ray’s voice filled the courtroom. DAVID PARKER RAY:
Hello there bitch. You probably think you’re gonna be raped, and you’re fucking sure
right about that. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I remember hearing his voice, and it sent shivers down my spine. DAVID PARKER RAY:
You’re not gonna remember a fucking thing about this little adventure. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
It was like you could cut through the air with a knife. DAVID RAY PARKER:
As far as I’m concerned, you’re a pretty piece of meat. Be smart and be a survivor.
Have a nice day. COMMENTARY:
The audio tape was a crucial piece of evidence, but everything rested on Kelli’s testimony.
For Parker Ray to be found guilty Kelli would have to take the stand once again and convince
the entire jury that she had been kidnapped and tortured. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I was vulnerable. I was scared. But I was angry that he got away with the first one.
Was he gonna get away with the second one? COMMENTARY:
The Police believed that David Parker Ray was a serial killer but, as no bodies had
been found, he couldn’t be charged with murder. Instead, he had been tried for the
kidnap, rape and torture of Kelli Van Cleave. But at the first trial the jury had been unable
to agree unanimously that he was guilty. At the retrial, once again, everything rested
on Kelli. Unless her testimony was believed by the entire jury the charges against Parker
Ray could be dropped. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
It’s very difficult to tell people you don’t know intimate things, sexual things about
your life. LEE McMILLIAN:
We tested her credibility in the fire of cross-examination and trial twice. Her life must have been hell. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I think it was harder the second time than it was the first time, because I had already
been there, I already had to tell my – my story to thousands of people I didn’t know. And that first jury didn’t believe me. COMMENTARY:
On April 16th 2001, after a week-long trial, the jury retired to consider what they’d
heard. It took them just five hours to reach a unanimous verdict. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
I was sweating. I didn’t know what they were gonna say. I had no idea. We got ‘guilty’. And he got 224 years
in prison. And then we partied. INTERVIEW:
Do you believe Kelli’s version of events was true? LEE McMILLIAN:
Well, so the question is whether I believe that she was abducted by the Ray family and
held captive and – and raped and tortured? Yeah, I believe it. INTERVIEW:
But you’re his defence attorney, you seem to be saying that your client is guilty. LEE McMILLIAN:
I do seem to be saying that, don’t I? COMMENTARY:
In a deal with the prosecution, David Parker Ray gave up his right to appeal. In return,
his daughter, Jessie, was released without trial for her role in Kelli’s abduction. LEE McMILLIAN:
I knew that not everybody I would ever defend would be innocent. I knew that some of the
people that I represented would be truly bad people. And I believe that on the spectrum
of people who do not belong in society David Parker Ray is right in there. David Parker Ray died of heart failure soon
after the trial. He had served eight months of his sentence. JIM YONTZ:
Was justice done? I don’t think justice can ever be done in these types of cases.
What David did to these women, no amount of punishment to him can take away what those
women have to live with. KELLI VAN CLEAVE:
David took too much of me away. I feel like I’m a totally different person. I don’t
go anywhere, I don’t trust anybody. I miss the old me. The one that used to be wild and
crazy, and sassy and wasn’t scared. I would do just about anything to get the old me back. I wish he wouldn’t have died. I want him
alive. I would ask him why, why me? Why did he take me home? Why didn’t he kill me?
I wish he was still alive so he could tell us what happened to all those other girls?
Where he buried them, how he killed them, so those other families could have some closure. Police believe that David Parker Ray killed
more than thirty women. No bodies have ever been found.

100 thoughts on “DOCS: The Sex Chamber

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    ME: you sick bastard

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    Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive.

  16. His sentence in hell began the day he died. Justice IS served.

    We are children of the light and of the day – our enemy hates us. Why anyone thinks they’ll somehow get around that makes me wonder at their intelligence.

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  24. Some women are just endlessly brave. You did it for all of us, girls- to protect all of us. Thank you.

  25. The original judge that said the tape was not relevant , should spend a few days in to toy box , and then be executed they are not worthy of any right to live

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  29. How many children did Cynthia harm through her drug addiction/dealer?

    If she had been a child molester, this episode would not have been bothered to have been produced. Yet there are 28 million drug addicts in the U.S. and 300.000 registered sex offenders COMBINED.
    That means taking just 10% of the drug addicts and giving them credit for the emotional, sexual, mental, physical and neglect and compare them to sex offenders, they are almost equal. Pedpohiles have discipline because they face extreme prejudice that drug addicts do not. Yet they are safer around children than a drug-addict.
    Hard pill to swallow.

    Drug dealers do not care they are selling to parents.
    Drug abuse is child abuse.

  30. 41:00

    Translation: I am not the least bit concerned about being an accomplice to the bad people I defend and send back out to do it to future victims. I am not concerned at all. I am culpable for my part of you being a future victim — or someone you know or love, but it does not hold a candle to my first priority — I am making money. I have a family to feed. Between my family's safety and your life, you gonna die at the hands of my client(s). I am a Paycheck Overlord!

    The beauty of it all, I am protected by law to victimize you! Please don't note the sadism in my eyes as I say this…it's just the law.

  31. Prostitutes are fantastic. I spent most of my adult life with Asian prostitutes.Way better company than hideous loudmouth unattractive loudmouth, think they got the golden pussy Western women

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