Donald Trump: “I am the chosen one” on China Trade

Pepe the Frog in Hong Kong? The chosen one appears And Social Media actually stands up to China That and more on this week’s China Uncensored. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This week’s China news headlines! Hong Kong has been in the midst of two months
of nonstop protests. 1.7 million people took the streets last Sunday. They’ve been protesting an extradition bill
that would allow Hong Kong authorities to send people to mainland
China for trial. The people of Hong Kong say they’re fighting
for their freedom. China calls it a color revolution backed by
the US. The truth? Hong Kong protesters are a bunch of white
supremacists! Yes, that’s Pepe the Frog. As the New York Times says, “Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol, a cheerleader of racism and anti-Semitism, a friend of alt-right extremists.” Yes…clearly that describes the Hong Kong
protesters that have adopted him. Some even spray painting him around the city. There’s even a Hong Kong Pepe themed sticker
pack for Whatsapp. So are the Hong Kong protesters a bunch of
Nazi white supremicists? Um…no. It turns out that Pepe symbolizes something else to Hong Kongers. One protester said, “It just looks funny and captures the hearts
of so many youngsters. It is a symbol of youth participation in this
movement.” Or my personal favorite, the protester who said, “To me, Pepe is just a Hello Kitty-like
character,” Hello Pepe! Yes, that image will haunt your dreams. Just like Pepe the Pooh. You’re welcome. But in some ways, perhaps Hong Kongers have the purest understanding of Pepe. Pepe was created more than a decade ago— long before he was adopted by the alt-right
on 4chan. And as Pepe’s creator says, “In the end, Pepe is whatever you say he
is, and I, the creator, say that Pepe is love.” Pepe is love. An employee of the British consulate in Hong
Kong has been detained in mainland China. Simon Cheng traveled to Shenzhen on business
for the consulate where he was picked up for…well, at first no one knew, because the police refused to say why Cheng
was in detention. But then they told my favorite state-run media
the Global Times that they detained Cheng for soliciting a
prostitute in Shenzhen. To which everyone said, suuuuuuure. Yeeeeaaaaah. Especially concerning was that fact that Cheng was apparently detained after he already left
Shenzhen and was on his way back to Hong Kong on the
high-speed rail. That means he was most likely detained by
Chinese police while he was already in Hong Kong at the West
Kowloon Rail Station. Last year, Hong Kong and mainland Chinese
authorities struck a deal to put part of the train station
under Chinese law, instead of Hong Kong law. At the time, people were worried about Chinese
law being implemented on Hong Kong soil, but as this case clearly shows, they had absolutely nothing to worry about, everything’s fine. In fact, Cheng’s mysterious detention will probably make Hongkongers even more enthusiastic and reassured about the extradition bill to
China. Everything is fine. And since Simon Cheng was an employee of the
UK consulate, obviously the UK is up in arms. And by that, I mean they apologized profusely to the Chinese government for the inconvenience, before retiring for afternoon tea. Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence says Beijing needs to honor the treaty they
made with the UK r egarding Hong Kong, or else people might think China won’t honor
any deal. Well, someone who worked on that deal for
China had this to say on the UK’s Channel 4 news. “Let me get this clear then, the joint declaration is dead. Correct?” “No the joint declaration terminated when the British government handed sovereignty
back to China midnight June 30th, 1997.” Which shows you just how difficult a lasting trade deal with China will be. Only a very special person would be able to
do it. Well, here’s US President Donald Trump talking
to reporters about the Trade War and standing up to the
Chinese regime. “Somebody had to do it, I am the chosen
one.” Surprised? Well actually, this was prophesied back in
2014. “You are the most talented, most interesting and extraordinary person
in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special.” Yes, I’m saying that Donald Trump is President
Business. Think about it. “We got a hugger.” Maybe. In China’s often-forgotten special administrative
region— Macau— things aren’t going so well. It’s time to vote for a new leader! But don’t worry; you won’t have to sit through endless campaigning that drags on for two years. Because in Macau, there is only one candidate: Ho Iat Seng. He’s the only person the Communist Party
approved to run. He’s “a Beijing-backed former legislator who is expected to cement China’s control over the special administrative region and distance it from escalating protests in
neighboring Hong Kong.” Democracy in Macau is so much more harmonious
than in Hong Kong. But some people are still standing up to the
Chinese Communist Party. Like the mayor of Prague. He’s been fighting against Beijing’s influence
in his city. “He reinstituted the practice of flying the Tibetan flag from city hall.” “He allowed an exhibition on city property commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.” “He hosted the leader of Tibet’s exiled
government and made an official visit to the Taiwanese
capital, Taipei.” “And he has called for Prague to renegotiate its 2016 sister-city agreement with Beijing, removing the acknowledgment of the one-China
principle, which states that China, Taiwan and Tibet
are a single country that should be ruled from Beijing.” FYI, he’s a member of the Czech Pirate Party. And speaking of, and I can’t believe I’m
saying this, Twitter and Facebook have also stood up to the Chinese Communist Party. Both social media giants said they discovered
fake accounts spreading disinformation about Hong Kong. Those accounts have been deleted. YouTube also disabled a bunch of channels for spreading fake Hong Kong news. Twitter also said it would block state-controlled
media outlets from advertising on its site. If only the New York Times and the Washington
Post and the Wall Street Journal could hold themselves to the same journalistic standards as Twitter. But no, they’re very happy to have Chinese
state-run media advertise in *their* publications. The Chinese regime was quick to condemn Facebook’s and Twitter’s actions, saying that overseas Chinese have the right
to express their opinions. And the irony caused the internet to explode. 15 papers from Chinese scientists have been
retracted because they may have involved involuntary
organ donation. That is, killing innocent people and harvesting
their organs. The Chinese Communist Party was quick to defend
them, saying it’s fine to murder Chinese people
as long as it’s for science… or politics, or any other reason. And then remembered they had meant to cover the whole thing up. Oops. What China should defend is the rail lines of the Belt and Road Initiative. That’s Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s trillion
dollar infrastructure plan to bring the world a little closer to China. A big part of that was a massive rail line
connecting China and Europe. Well, China’s state-run China Railway has
now admitted that most of the train cars have been empty. “In one extreme case only one of 41 containers on a particular train actually carried goods.” Widespread waste and fraud in a state owned
enterprise of a communist nation? I’m shocked. Shocked! And finally, in China, love is not always
love. “China ruled out legalizing same-sex marriage
on Wednesday. A parliament spokesman said China’s legal
position on marriage will remain between a man and a woman.” That is so incredibly hypocritical. Because the Communist Party once allowed a human woman to marry a toad. And remember, Pepe is a frog, not a toad, so Pepe still gets to be love. And that’s it for this week’s China news
headlines! And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you— a fan who support China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode, by contributing through Patreon. Daniel Ortman asks, “Could [the Trade War] break the CCP? If so, why didn’t we do it before? Well, obviously, we didn’t have the chosen
one before! Or as President Business would put it, “I do blame past administrations for allowing this out-of-control trade deficit to take
place and to grow.” But it’s not just “past administrations.” Because those presidents felt pressure from
the big US companies that funded their political campaigns. The China market seemed big and full of gold and a lot of people and businesses thought
they could get a piece of it. And so for many years, the US leadership turned a blind eye to all the Chinese intellectual
property theft, WTO violations, and currency manipulation. In fact, companies would sometimes complain to US officials about China, but then ask them to not say anything, because they still wanted to do business there. It eventually got so bad, though, it couldn’t be ignored. But even today, companies like Google and
Microsoft partner with Chinese military universities
on research that may be used in persecuting Chinese citizens. Thanks for your question, Daniel. And if you have a question for me you want to hear answered on the show, sign up to join the China Uncensored 50 cent
army, by supporting the show with a dollar or more
per episode. Again, YouTube is demonetizing us so much we would have to shut down the show if it weren’t for your support. And to everyone, thanks for watching! Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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  1. It may sound silly to you but I do believe Jesus chose this Lion. Donald Trump along side with the Lamb of God

  2. I wonder what the Chinese guy could give for reasons that the UK agreement terminated on the day that it was supposed to take effect.

    Why would the UK spend the time to negotiate something that lasted zero minutes. Think of the frustration of all of the nonsense rhetoric and whatabouts and garbage the UK representative had to put up with then then it is completely ignored… hmmmmm… actually that summarizes all agreements with China.

  3. Pepe has nothing to do with the alt right. Pepe is actually anti communism. That's why NYT does not like it. "Progressives" in America, i.e. cough Communists cough … hate it.

  4. I think you have the Pepe angle all wrong… are you sure it isnt a drawing of our favourite toad by his supporters to protest against winnie the pooh? They didnt even have to make it a caricature it is a lifelike photo!

  5. >Chris recognizes that 4chan exists

    Welp, time to go post this on /pol/.

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  8. So according to the Chinese guy, the deal was over the moment it went into effect. Thanks for clarifying.

  9. Donald Trump definitely the chosen one to bring down US to the ground …Once again Thank You Donald Trump for making China great again..

  10. Seems to me the papers should still be used if the science is solid. Its writers shouldn't be glorified, but the information could be valuable, and the crimes have already been committed. Redacting potentially beneficial information that may not have been collected otherwise is just plain stupid.

  11. If Youtube is serious about protesting against China's online behavior and practices, WHY is Youtube demonitizing videos that expose China's shady practices and human rights violations? It seems to me that Youtube is STILL hoping to make money out of the Chnese market, so in reality, Youtube is "fence – sitting" with extreme predjudice.

    Or perhaps youtube just doesn't like China uncensored for some reason, but can't come up with a legitimate excuse to shut down a channel that is willing to tell the truth about China. Y'know; just like Youtube helped Take2 and 2K destroy Submato's youtube Borderlands Channel for some reason. Yes; Youtube is truly inconsistent and indecisive…except when it comes to favoring Big Corporations and Authoritarian Governments. This is my humble opinion on the issue.

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    I will continue watching regardless of hearing about the Epoch Times being bought out and who's agenda is being pushed because in actuality, it's all the same. Keeping the status quo is what got us thrusted this far into the mire to begin with. We will soon be in WW3 anyway so everyone needs to put their head between their legs and kiss their ass goodbye.

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  18. 3:52 So the Joint Declaration "terminated" at the very moment it came into effect? That says a lot.

  19. Of course the UK rolled over and apologized to the Chinese. Now that all of the West has turned to cowards who are absolutely terrified of being called racist, how can they be expected to ever stand up to the Chinese? The UK government is too busy tip-toeing around it's immigration issues and refuses to acknowledge how much radical Islam has negatively impacted the country. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a useless traitor who ignores the increase in rape and knife crime caused by mass immigration and many Muslims' refusal to integrate into society.

  20. Do not mix up communist China with real China. Chinese communists use China to build a criminal global empire that is completely different from real empire of China in the past. Commies hate culture, religion, nationalism… of which China was a perfect objective to destroy. And they did just that through 5 bloody socialist campaigns. The last one killed more than 50 millions people and headed to starving the whole nation, so they swing from Marxist socialist criminal system to the opposite criminal system, Marxist capitalism (do not pretend you do not know what it is, read Karl Marx’s "Das Kapital" to understand it or go to China or Vietnam see it for yourself) which is a global economical whorehouse which enslaves one billion Chinese, using foreigner’s corporations money, to profit foreigners and the red bourgeoisie (the slavers). Why do Chinese commies love foreign corporations that much? No, commies only use their money and China resources to destroy the world economy and to steal money so they can arm themselves to the teeth, and their ultimate goal is to destroy the USA. They use dirt cheap labors and destructive environment to steal the USA industry, to destroy the USA economy, to make the USA weak so that they can attack the USA in 2020. I am very eagerly waiting for them to attack. The main point is this: Chinese commies are not your friends, they are your enemies. Chinese commies use China too kill you, DO NOT GET FOOLED BY CHINESE COMMUNISTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  21. I really don't know how Pepe is linked to the alt-right and all that… Pepe is just supposed to be a symbol of freedom of information.

  22. Look Chris make fun all you want but the economic future of the world stands in the balance. What the CCP is trying to do is unprecedented in world history just look at the way they're allowing foreign investment now in there economy after they have destroyed it!

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    The USA does this too. That's why for long it hasn't said anything. The EU is growing weary about the USA's economically hostile activities to the point it's preparing economic sanctions to start a trade war with the USA.

    If the USA really wanted to protect its intellectual property and the WTO, it shouldn't be stealing intellectual property and actually follow WTO rules.

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    China is currently the US's largest goods trading partner with $659.8 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2018. Goods exports totaled $120.3 billion; goods imports totaled $539.5 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with China was $419.2 billion in 2018.

    Yeah, good luck replacing 400$+ Billion of Chinese imported goods…

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    But I'll tell you this, if all demonetized channels would leave youtube over night, so would their fan base. And all it would be left would be only youtube and their developers who support this devious platform.

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