Dryer Lint Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

I’m dryer lint. I might smell like a spring breeze… but I’ll burn your house down. So get Allstate. Mayhem is everywhere, so get an Allstate agent. Are you in good hands?

25 thoughts on “Dryer Lint Commercial | Allstate Mayhem

  1. There's some lint on the floor next to me. Pretty sure it wasn't there a couple minutes ago. Oh well probably noth-

  2. Dryers are hot. They exhaust extreamly hot air. The lint clogs the exhaust vents and heat builds up. Lint is extremely flammable, and the heat can make it catch fire.

  3. A drier heats up and circulates hot air out. If your catch is covered in lint the air can't circulate. It's trapped in your drier getting hotter and hotter. Drier lint is highly flammable so it's easy to reach the temperature it needs to combust.

  4. stuffing it back into the dryer- the lint screen (that he threw away) is supposed to keep all these little clothing fibres out of the parts of the dryer that get really, really hot and could catch that lint on fire, starting a whole NASTY chain-reaction in your house…(or, you could just read "ThePantscaptain"'s comment that explains it

  5. straight up threaens to burn down your house if you dont have "protection"

  6. Just start ramming all the shit in there. LOL

    Smells like a spring breeze, looks like the devil's butt lint.

  7. Man, I wonder how he auditioned for this role. He's that inner devil that most of us try hard to control.

  8. @Allstate whatever ur paying that actor… TRIPLE IT!! That man is the best thing that ever happened to you 👏🏻

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