Dubai’s Abandoned Sports Cars | Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

100 thoughts on “Dubai’s Abandoned Sports Cars | Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

  1. Some of you guys have it got it all wrong, most of these abandoned cars are not because they just decided to leave the cars there. It's because alot of people come to Dubai, take up loans or mortgages and what not and then flee the country because they cannot pay back these loans and end up in debt. So they leave everything behind. So technically, they aren't the proper rich and sensible folks.

  2. dubai is a shit hole. America is coming for you and your oil..

  3. Well what do you expect from a nation of woman hating, homophobic, overly rich, pork avoiding, alcohol refusing, Burka wearing, aggressive, infiel behadders? Dumping a nice car is just another unfortunate thing they do we don't like…

  4. You guys know that that 1968 Shelby gt500 is from "gone in 60 seconds" and that's not an original car that car right there is a custom Shelby that was made for that movie there are only a few that where made like that for the movie but that is not a original 1968 Shelby gt500.

  5. Btw guys just for the people that know this Ik u know but it seams like the people that made this video didn't

  6. I would like cry. And find out where the keys are at and plan some type of plan to take one of them man. Fuck.

  7. Um, that's not a 69 and "Eleanor" was a 67. This dude said he was a car enthusiast… maybe get the years correct before doing a story and before you call yourself a car enthusiast… I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but that's just my opinion.

  8. perfect example why people with rare cars should sell them to people down there

  9. fucking sickens me rich people suck dick behind closed doors and underneath desks there are millions of abandoned cars not just in Dubai they're all over the United States Asia and Europe hundreds of thousands millions cars that are just rotting away

  10. Ill give u 2 reasons ur a jackass tht knows nothing about cars n a load of shit. 1. thats a muscle not a sports car n 2. Thts a 67' shelby mustang gt500 AKA Eleanor. Get ur facts straight dude

  11. Yunno why all those Arabs do that to such nice cars ??? Cause they literally know nothing about what they have and are to stupid to know any better

  12. rich people think that they are awesome but they get homeschooled by their parents and they also think that they can fight usbqnd win but they are wrong and plus they think that they have swag in their suits but we got swag and they got stupidness

  13. i didn't see jack! just a man with an accent talking about nice cars being junked…

  14. ppl just think dubai full of rich ppl and its them leaving the cars in dust and dirt NO its not the real reason and i am shocked at how stupied ppl are that they dont know this . its the ppl who buy expensiv cars and cannot pay for them so they leave it in the dust and run. get your facts right mate

  15. cant somebody tell me what kind of bmw was that that with one please i will really love to buy it

  16. rich idiots , they don t deserve to have cars like this , for me this cars are dream maybie one day i will have one of them

  17. This is a disgrace. I wish America could collect all our American muscle from other countries and bring them back to the states just like a soldier never left behind. They will be loved in America.

  18. Stupid inbred oil pigs classic mustangs should only be allowed to be sold to Americans and maybe Canadians because we know the value of them

  19. I fucking hate these people. Makes me sick. The slave labor alone makes me hate Dubai, but this helps top it off. Those poor cars will never sing again.

  20. Same thing happened here in the states, about 65 years ago. Several Indian tribes were given a lot of money for oil drilling rights on their lands. And a lot of cars were purchased by Indians during this era. But the Indians didn't maintain them, never changed the oil or tune them up, and once these cars broke down they were simply abandoned.

  21. Yepp… Why America and europe should have colonized all arab countries.

  22. i would like to go to dubai and buy an abandoned cool car and and repair it. it would save a lot of money

  23. they have money…so they can buy any thing…its their choice to do what ever they want….

  24. Let's all go there and do a gone in sixty seconds two. Dubai heist 👍

  25. Nobody even noticed the 1st gen one series in the far right of the screen 😍 that car is worth a lot of money in the states

  26. how dare that arab abandon such a great Carol Shelby[edition] Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 ima samsh my head on the keyboarfjjdosnfdh983t55555g0fhrf73wtig2r9734hq,,,,,,u6yaewsmkja w5te7s

  27. Well most likely these cars are All boosted so you bring them back to the United States in there most likely reported stolen

  28. L'être humain … Décidément la pire espèce sur cette planète ! Pendant que d'autres meurent à cause de famines, guerres et autres certains se prélassent de l'exploitation et l'esclavagisme de ces derniers et se permettent de telles excentricités …
    J'ai honte du passé, du présent et du futur qui s'annonce ! Car ne vous leurrez pas, le futur ne sera que la résultante de tous ces problèmes créés par nous !

  29. Did anyone else notice that he called it a 1969? Definitely not a 1969.

  30. I live in dubai a friend of mind has dodge charger 1969 he got it for 2000d that's like 600 $ 😂😂😂😂

  31. It's the UAE. You're not allowed to default on debt in the Arab world. If you do, very very serious consequences are incurred – up to and including the death penalty. Most of these people abandon their cars right where they lie to avoid the financial/legal ramifications of bad finances. This was a huge problem after the 2008 global crisis. Leave it and start over.

  32. Dubai the UAE has the worst human rights laws and their Jew Haters !!!! I wouldn’t give you 2 cents from those bastards. Your credibility has sunk too low.

  33. Abandoned cars in Dubai are for one reason, financial problems of the owner. In Dubai and the UAE being in debt is a criminal offence and will land you in prison, there are no bankruptcy provisions and so if you buy a supercar on finance or lease hire and can't make the payments then the popular course of action is to leave the country and abandon the car, that is why there are so many abandoned cars in Dubai, they were bought by both local people who were living beyond their means or by foreign nationals who have lost their jobs, so to avoid prison, people just skip the country and leave their debts and cars behind, often the cars just sit there for years or they are impounded and sold at auction, so yes there are Buggati Veyrons and Ferrari Enzos that have been abandoned but it"s not because the owners don't care, they have fled the country because they are unable to make the loan repayments and do not want to be put in prison for it, that is the harsh reality of abandoned cars in Dubai, it is not rich people who don't care, it is the opposite.During the financial crisis of 2008/9 Dubai airport car park was full of abandoned exotic cars as foreign nationals who had lost their jobs scrambled to to get out of the country, leaving their cars and debts behind. Avoiding prison in the middle east is quite an incentive to leave behind a nice car right? The situation makes perfect sense when you know the real reasons.

  34. I am a car guy and this was my expression when he said he saw that mustang 😱😱😱

  35. The reason why those super cars are abandon is because the owners financial despair gets into the negative they fall into BIG TIME Debt then they run to the nearest airport and jettison faraway

  36. 1967 Mustang fastback dressed up to look like a 1967 GT500. 1969 was totally different.

    Also the VIN (#7F02C229830) decodes to a 1967 Ford Mustang.

  37. What a shame these damn oil sheiks have to much bloody money ! What a waste of American Muscle.

  38. Rich brats they do the same in London with beautiful houses. Wtf’s the wrong people have money in this world. My dad used to say do you want to know what god thinks of money then look at the people he gives it to. Shame many people would really appreciate these things from the heart not just to tell your friends. Fake place

  39. There fucking the economy and now our cars rich dirty slime sheikhs.

  40. I have classic cars in uae… i mean its hard to find the right mechanics. But i take care of my cars and i dont leave them in the sun

  41. Mike it will be miles off abandoned super cars when their oil dries up! them tarpniggers

  42. Dude, you obviously don’t know your cars bro!! That’s a 1967-68 Elenor mustang !!! Lol 😂

  43. They don't appreciate anyting they only buy it because they have the money and the itch

  44. You made a video to tell us you can't make a video? What kind of ahole idot would do such a thing? Answer: An Englishman!

  45. Dude, your an idiot!!! That’s Not a 1969 Mustang !!!! Apparently you don’t know your cars much less mustangs…… lol 😂

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