Booow Chh Wawawawawow Ppsh Wawow SHUT UP! Gorger’s babyfood is all natural with right nutrients for your growing baby. Eat your fooooood! *signs of disappointment* Mmmmm… WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS S*IT JOHNSON, YOU’RE FIRED! *moans of pain* We make commercials for a living, people! We need excitement! We neeeed… More boobs! NO, STEREOTYPICAL NERD! We need… Dubstep! That’s right gentlemen! Dubstep! And what exactly is this “dubsteps”? Is this that goddamn robot music that I caught my kid listening to? YES! It is all that and more! For instance. See what happens when I take your boring baby food commercial. And give it some… Dubstep *dubstep remix of the commercial* EAT YOUR FOOD! *more damn dubstep* Wow… That was some really weird s*it Well… Anyway, what can these “dubsteps” do for our line of air freshening products? A dubstep! Introducing new bass drop plugins. Plug it in… and fragrence will fill your entire house! *dubstep plays in the background* SWEET SACAJAWEA! THIS IS HIGHLY IRREGULAR! Well, what about our line of lotions and lubricants? That stuff is really important… To some people. A dubstep! *yet again more dubstep* WHOA WHOA WHOA! WE CAN’T SHOW THAT ON TV! What? He’s using it for the same reason everyone uses it. *squelch* Yeah, get it all in there. Oh, uh heh. Yeah, I “totally” use it the same way. I don’t. I use it to ja- What can your dubsteps do for our line of cleaning products? Dubstep. The new spiffer mop picks up 5% more dust particles than a normal mop. *intense dubstep* It’s… too… much! *thud and dies* OH GREAT! YOUR DUBSTEPS JUST GAVE THAT OLD MAN A HEART ATTACK! YOU KNOW WHAT? We can’t do this. What if the dubsteps kill all our potential customers? NONSENSE! DUBSTEP ON EVERYTHING! *laughing and dubstep* WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? *more laughing and dubstep* WHO ARE YOU?! YOU’LL NEVER KNOW! *laughing fades away* This video was sponsored by Grape Water. It tastes like sh*t, but it’s got dubstep in the commercial… So you will buy it anyway. Too see behind the scenes footage and bloopers…. Click the link in the description below. Oh yeah, download all the dubstep songs from this video… By clicking the other link below. I sh*t my pants. Thanks for subscribing and thanks Mike Diva, you really rock this video’s balls off. And that’s a good thing. Unless… You – you – want – balls…


  1. Did you know the air freshener ad, the girl there at the end, she went from sleeveless to bikini

  2. I get the reference on the mop one it was first of the year scrillex

  3. Well we still have DUBSTEP, but there's thing called RIDDIM now….ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  4. This video was sponsored by grape water

    It tastes like sh*t but it has dubstep in the commercial so you'll buy it anyway

  5. I'm a male between the ages of 18 and 25 and Id just like to know where to send my check. I don't know what happened, I heard dubstep and then all the sudden I'm holding a signed check

  6. are you kidding me this is the most terrifying thing I've eve seen

  7. This is perhaps the wackiest and weirdest video smosh has ever posted
    It's awesome and my favorite

  8. "WHO ARE YOU?!" "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW!" goosebumps.
    I think this dubstep character is one of my favorites, he's dark, has a cool outfit and he's mysterious.

  9. Man this stuff was the bomb back in the day. I wish they stayed with the cheesy sketches

  10. Smoke some crack and watch this shit, believe me it will make your day!

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