Dynamics 365 for Sales Forecasting demo | Business Applications April 2019 Release

(music) – Forecastings helps user in situations where external checks and adjustments need to be accounted for. It’s also great way to small
and mid-size organization to adopt the forecasting process before stepping up to
predictive forecasting. So, let’s take a look. Here, I’m playing a sales manager, I’m in my Dynamics 365
for Sales Hub experience. As a sales manager, I want
to really create the forecast for my team members, so they
can accurately predict revenue for a given period and make
informed business decision. For example, here, we see my
team, each specific owner, and for each specific owner, I can review what is the forecast:
what is the closed amount, committed, best case,
and so on and so forth. So, I can have the complete
control on the forecast for my entire team. Again, if I’m a sales representative, I really want to create
a forecast for myself to know whether I can reach my quota, I can quickly spot pipeline risk; at the same time, I can prevent
deals from slipping away by identify factors before it’s too late. For example, here, I
can review information about my forecast, for
example, the forecast period, what is the fiscal year,
what is the start month, and so on and so forth. So, what we have seen today is our ability to really work as a sales manager, as well as the sales
representative, with forecasting. Thank you, and if you
want to understand more, take a look at the links provided. (music)

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