E.T. – A Holiday Reunion (2019) Full Length Version [Xfinity Commercial]

Hey, come on! Elliott? Oh! Haa! Elliott! You came back! My son… …my family! A lot’s changed since you were here. It’s called the Internet… Go ahead…do it. Eat it. I’m gonna hit start now, okay? Ahh wahh. Woooaaaaahhhh! Holiday Movies! Family…? Hooome… I’ll be right here.

75 thoughts on “E.T. – A Holiday Reunion (2019) Full Length Version [Xfinity Commercial]

  1. 4 minutes and it's done what so many reboots and sequels tried so hard to do. Capture the magic again.

  2. Please enable the closed captioning for deaf/hard-of-hearing accessibility to the content. Thank you!

  3. This made me an emotional mess. Theyd make so much if theyd just do a sequel ..😕

  4. Can't wait till HISHE makes their parody of this…
    *taps boy's chest and leaves
    *Alien from the movie Alien pops out of boy's chest

  5. They really did do a great job. Watched a video on the easter egss they hid in this short. They put a lot of love in this. Watch the scene with him getting the bike. You can see the Speak N spell device they used to call home in the background. Plus a lot more. Wish this was a full length movie!

  6. The addition of that title intro was seamless and made an already amazing commercial even better!

  7. I loved this, it made me really nostalgic. The love that went into this was awesome, I just wish that it was a full length film 😎👍

  8. I have the biggest smile in the dark! While the glow from my cell phone glows on my face. Shining it on…..BEST SHORT EVER!!!! No remakes on these kinda of movies. Leave them as is. This was perfect!!!🙌🏽❤️😍❤️🙌🏽

  9. Best commercial ever! The amount of love and detail in this is amazing, and that they brought back the original actor to play Elliot is wonderful. I was 30 years old when ET originally came out, and it made me feel like a kid again. Now I am almost 67, and this new version still has the magic to make me feel like a kid once more. I thank you through my tears.

  10. This short movie confirms that ET is a Force-sensitive, just like baby Yoda

  11. That’s the best thing I’ve watched in 7 years! Arigotō!

  12. Thankfully they used a real puppet ET and not a CG one! Along with that masterful score from John Williams. That music is magic in it self.

  13. People: They can't make a truly heartwarming commercial anymore.
    ET: Hold my Reeses'.

  14. This should have been made into an actual sequal. But I’m impressed how much emotion they’ve captured in a few minutes, great job. Now go make that sequal please!

  15. Mind blown amazing visuals and a welcome return of the best Sci fi alien ever to grace the big screen and about time

  16. Like for instance this eric butts guy, the guy popularly known as the guy who cries at every Star Wars trailer under the sun, eyes misting when there’s nothing to cry over. He makes reactions not only to Star Wars but to other trailers & some movie as well. But when something like this comes up that is worthy of actually shedding a tear over, Not a word. So now I’m beginning to think he’s full of shit. He and others like him just react to “popular” trailers and plaster their faces all over for dingbat celebrities to notice like now they’ve reacted to shitty black widow trailer and the new James Bond trailer. But, oh well. As mentioned it doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s just interesting that these you tubers I’ve subscribed to have never said a single thing on this, but who otherwise would say lots of things on other crap. It’s interesting.

  17. If you enjoyed this wonderful piece of nostalgia, don't forget to check out our other video, "E.T. and Friends – Magical Movie Visitors", the Holiday Season TV Special from 1982, hosted by the late Robin Williams. https://youtu.be/7mny0V065jQ

  18. How long till we're given a feature length sequel that we don't need, I wonder?

  19. I love this! We want a sequel, this makes a good to start for a premise. But focus more on ET and Elliots relation, dont rehash scenes.

  20. When you become a adult the holidays don't mean quite the same thing. But seeing ET again made me remember that holiday season so long ago. This is once again a holiday I will remember. Thanks for the memories ❤️

  21. WOW!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    If my grandma was still alive, she would of LOVED IT!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Everyone LOVES this movie, am I right? Brings back good memories. I'm 55 and this movie still gets me all emotional.
    [[[[[ Ellll….eeee… ott!!! ]]]]]]

  23. I have never been so much invested in a commercial. This was just perfection. I think we need more shorts from some of our favorite characters, then full on movies that taint the legacy.

  24. I bumped into Henry Thomas last week… I kinda fanboy-ed out a little…. ET was a huge part of my childhood

  25. ET looks slightly off and weird…and of course the lil girl is tagging along now.

  26. I was dying for him to pull the original Kuwaraha ET BMX out ..
    Couldn't quiet make out if it was . Made me feel 12 all over again 🤣😂😊💖

  27. What's really cool is that they used a puppet instead of CGI for ET. Makes it more real.

  28. Commercials are never this long. This was movie quality filming, CGI and surround sound. I hope this was a trial balloon to see if there's any public interest.

  29. This short commercial did the original more justice than a full on reboot ever would. People fail to realize that instead of disappointing us with a movie that we would all end up complaining about they gave us this little glimpse that will leave us with good memories.

  30. It’s Christmas time, all you sheep!!… BUY NOW!! Don’t think about it!! BUY NOW!! BUY BUY BUY….

  31. True story**

    When Elliot ran to see ET. It perfectly imaged of my childhood friend/Ex girlfriend when she saw me at a Christmas party last year at my buddy’s front yard when I was helping him bringing the food inside the house from the grocery store. We been very close friends since the start of our high school years. She was a cheerleader and I was a football player. We experienced a state championship, we went skiing together, we went to many trips as close friends, and we dated for a few years until we decided to stick on the close friends things at the beginning of our senior year. She would text me if she need anything like someone to cheer her up like when she got into a bad breakup, and I was always there for her. Back to Christmas week of 2018, She got out of the car quickly when she pulled up and ran towards me and hugging me tightly. She started crying too while hugging me tightly because we haven’t seen each other in person since our high school graduation back in 2015. We’ve been mostly texting all the time before she saw me on that night last Christmas. I remembered her exact words. “Oh my god it’s you!! You look all grown up! I missed you so much!”

    During the night, we talked about our college misadventures all night long (She went to USC and I went to San Jose State), and we I gave her my cross necklace ✝️ to know that me and Jesus have your back everywhere you go. I gave her a ride to the airport on her flight back to LA. And we had one last giant hug before the gateway doors close. I watched her plane takeoff. Hoping I can see her again soon. Maybe in LA

    Most beautiful few days last Christmas

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