Earn your master’s degree in merchandising

My name is Katie Zuger and my hometown
is Bismarck, North Dakota, and I’m in the Great Plains IDEA program for
merchandising. I’ve taken courses through South Dakota State, Oklahoma State
University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and NDSU so far. It’s
all online so you’re working with Blackboard programs or programs like
Blackboard. It’s basically just a lot of discussions every week to make sure that
everyone’s engaged in the course and then you do other projects throughout
the semester. I like that I’m able to work full-time and that I’m able to take
the courses online and not have to worry about what if it’ll work with my work
schedule or not and you can gain experience in the retail industry as
well as course work experience. I can do my coursework from anywhere I just took
a trip to visit a friend in Bozeman and I know I was able to bring my computer
and my textbook with me and I was able to complete my assignments and stuff from
there and it’s just a really flexible program. So it’s a 36-credit program and
I’ve taken an average of six credits a semester including summers so I’ll be
able to finish in about two years with two summer semesters as well. So if this
program is something that you’re interested in I would reach out to Dr.
Linda Manikowske, she’s my advisor for the program and she is also a professor
here at NDSU. She’s a really great contact to have if you’re interested in

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