Easy Sales Techniques to Find Warm Sales Leads Everyday: Sales Prospecting Tips and Techniques

But you know the bottom line is, is that
you have to find people. So where do you find people? Because you’re not going to cold call people that you don’t know. Now if it’s a warm lead, or somebody says, “you know there’s that company over there.. ..they probably.. I just was talking to the
owner..”, it’s a little bit different right? Now it becomes somewhat “warm”, you want to do a lot of that. So here are some options for you.. Number one; the first thing you can
do is you can be normal and have a life. Number one, normal and have a life. I have got clients right now that their marketing
plan includes walking of the dog, and that is one of their revenue streams.
Walking dog. So when you make sixty $60,000 a year walking your dog, you put it in your business plan. Now how does that work?
People with like interests actually will talk to you. So you’re walking your dog,
and you’re in the park where the dogs walk in downtown Toronto, and there are
people walking dogs, so you bump into people with common interest, and
automatically you have a natural connection with that individual. Have you
ever noticed that? Have you ever had family members, or kids, or something that are in a sport and you go with the sports playing, you already got the connection
with those folks. If you’re a part of an association where people have certain
beliefs, and values, and structures, you’re already connected, kind of already, and
then it’s about, you know, how you work that out, and then from there, because
people like to work with people that they work with, or like, and naturally
know and you have common interest with, you start having a conversation and it’s
really relaxed. There’s no hunt going on here. It’s like, “Hi! What do you do?.. Oh I do
this for the moment.. what do you do?”, a little of chitter chatter, “Oh really? Well
you know what, we might be needing your services in the future. Give me your card.”
Dog walking. Now, I would have not believed that probably 10 years ago that
you could make $60,000 a year from one revenue stream by walking your dog daily.
How many people would have thought that would have been a first choice? Honestly,
right? But honestly, if you get around people with like interests, they’re going
to have a natural connection to who you are. Now this requires effort.
You will have to have a life. You will have to get out of your house, and you
will have to do something that you normally do. I have another client that
turns around, goes grocery shopping. Oh my goodness what a radical concept, grocery
shopping, and they actually bump into people at the grocery store, all the time,
because they are having fun, they’re just making it light, they’re making it easy,
they’re approachable, and people walk up to them and say the darnedest things. “Nice melons” (audience laughter). Really, right?! I mean it starts a conversation, you have a laugh, and you
get going, and before you know it you’re passing on a card or two, and another 15
or 20 thousand dollars, where the business can come from just random
context, but they’re not random. So think about your last number of weeks. We’ve
just gone through a holiday season, and how many of us have actually gone to the
place where we actually looked at every time we went out, as an opportunity to
bump into some people? Right? Okay. Have you noticed that I’m wearing a suit?
Right? If I go in my sweats to wherever, and I don’t have my hair clean, and you
know, shaven, and all that kind of stuff, and I look like this, what does that tell
people if they bump into me? You have to be prepared for those chance meetings,
because they happen all the time, right? If you’re a fitness instructor, you’re in
sweats! And you will want to “look” your job right? You will want to look.. really
you will.. because they know “yeah of course you are. You must be quite
successful, because you’re just coming from.. yeah okay it makes sense!” So you
want to dress the part. (Audience comment) “But everybody looks like they’re going to the gym these days”. They all are, aren’t they? My kids, I have
my kids home-schooled, so we have to negotiate with them to get them out of
their pajama sweats, so that they will actually put on real life clothes,
because they’re like, “Why do we have to?”, because that’s the way it works, right? We want you to
actually know what it feels like to dress accordingly and have a habit of dressing (chuckle). So you have to have the same kind of habits. You have to
have a habit that gets you ready to go out and wait for opportunity. You have to
know that opportunities will come and you have to take that opportunity and
seize the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity. If you’ve got 30 seconds
to make an impression everything counts, and it could be the biggest deal that
you’ve ever done.

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  1. I don't know why there are no comments yet. This is pretty good training for sales prospecting.

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  3. So what you're saying is, if I move to Canada and walk my dog….just kidding. I appreciate these excellent prospecting tips. Thanks!

  4. blah, blah.  Same old shit. Walk the fucking dog?  Revenue stream.  Fuck this guy.

  5. Every now and then I get vulgar and destructive comments on my video from someone like this "John Doe" who don't have the guts to use their real name. It amazes me how degenerative a person can become when they think they won't be caught. I guess this is simular to the adult form of bullying. Well Mr. John Doe, I feel sad for you as you hide out on the web. I hope that some day you deal with your anger and find some happiness inside. Untill then, I'm sorry to say that if everything you see is shit, then you'll be living a shitty life. It's not life that is the problem its just the way you choose to view it.

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  8. This man seems to know quite a lot about prospecting for new sales.

  9. Rich
    I have over 25yrs of executive sales experience. That being said, I am certainly not an expert. Logic tells me that networking at business type social events might result in obtaining warm leads. I just helped ….., do you know anybody who might?…..Did you know (story)…. or my favorite approach: Can I get your opinion on….. People LOVE to offer their opinion. Don't take this as a petsonal attack. Your intensions are good, and we all can all learn from our experiences.

  10. Best of all for 2018. Nothing is unobtainable if you put your desire into it. Trump is a perfect example.

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