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With a murderer every one and half hours El Salvador is amount the world’s most violent societies A wash with weapons and torn apart by rival gangs. But as the states struggles to respond, are others now taking matters into their own hands? 16 homicides per day. El Salvador is the most violent peace time nations on earth. Government forces struggle to contain armed and ruthless gangs. The most notorious of which are the mara salvatrucha. Also known as MS 13 No place is free from the blood shed Local journalists Brian Avelar has spent the last two years trying to understand what is ripping his country apart. He believes that local business men have been taking the law into their own hands and hiring hit-men to clean up the street. We joined Brian in San Miguel, the countries 2ed biggest city to investigate a death squad, known locally as los extermino Sunday morning a tactical crime scene for journalist Brian Avelar. An exchange of gun fire with common forces is said to have caused the death of a possible gang member. This man is a relative to the murdered victim. They are not gang members YET. The unspoken rule in El Salvador is to stay quiet what ever you see or hear. Hours can go past waiting behind the yellow police tape. Until forensics appear. It is unlikely this family will ever receive answers. Only one out of 10 homicide cases in El Salvador is ever solved. This is the state of affairs were murderer is normalized. An impunity rains, Other the last view years a number of vigilante deaths squads have emerged One known as los extermino, style themselves as savoir. They say they have fought back against the gang’s choke hold. And have been accredited with at least 40 murders in the San Miguel area. Very often with public support. The first came to light last summer. When seven bodies were found on a country road. All excluded with a bullet to the head. This man, in the yellow t-shirt, came across the body when they were being taken away. He has asked for his identity to not to be shown The people realize the situation of their location where they live But there is a great fear to talk about it A source has leakedc Brian this classified document. An account of a former investigation into the groups activities It describes a group of heavenly armed men operating from several 4×4 vesicles hunting down suspected gang members. Allegedly in coordination with police. It says a number of local business men are also under investigation for supplying weapons and vehicles The exterminators in verity has grown. Making waves on social media. Local journalist Juan Carlos Dias has been looking for patterns from past murders contributed to the group That same night, we met a man who was thankful to be alive. After a terrifying run in with los exterminos In that book the witness believed were the names of those set to be exterminated. There’s an estimated 60,000 gang members in El Salvador With over half a million affiliates ranging from look outs to family members. A modern day tribe or a shadow society that protects it’s own and claims to represent the disenfranchise. The maras rule by terror and violence. At the San Miguel police department men accused of being MS13 gang members are arrested and paraded in front of the media Some bear the distinctive symbolic tattoos they are famous for As usual the event takes place without the police showing their faces for fear of gang reprisals In here suspects are being dealt with according to the law. Outside, that’s not always the case. Ver, oie y cayar. See, hear and stay quiet. The gangs motto is entrained on society. MS-13 operates in all the suburbs , santi-towns and city santa One gang crime the police struggle to control. Is extortion of local businesses. Payments can range from $5 thur $1500 a month This business man says he is forced to pay a monthly fee to the maras In order to understand this reality better We’ve come to meet Will Sangado A former Mayor of San Miguel. Who now owns a furniture business. Sangado spent two years in prison. Convicted of being a founder of the death squad. Known as la sombra negra. Or black shadow that operated in the 90’s It is an accusation he still denies. Brian spent weeks attempting to meet the mara’s from San Miguel. Finally we received confirmation. The local chief sent one of this foot solders to talk to us. They enforced strict rules about what we could reveal on camera. This was the only angle they allowed us to film. Local journalist Juan Carlos Dias joins us to compare notes. We are getting closer to los exterminos Do they represent the desperation of ordinary people or are they simply a band of hit men? Killing for cash. After weeks of negotiations, Los Exterminos agree to send a spokes men Again, the interview had to be done under strict terms of anonymity. They refused point blank to answer any awkward questions. Everything about their image was considered from their balaclava and weaponry to their head gear There is now an investigation by state prosecutors into police involvement with Los Exterminos. 20 police men have been placed under investigation. 15 of these are from the same anti-extortion department and have all taken indefinite leave We arranged to meet the highest ranking officer under investigation. He had been moved to a different police district closer to the capital San Salvador. Unaware of the nature of our investigation He invited us to take a look at disturbing material he recently sieved from MS-13 hide outs. The images on this cell phone are too shocking to show on screen. We spoke to the head of police in San Miguel he said that police are involved in Los Extreminos and they are not acting officially. . But police insist they will investigate their own. Anyone found to be involved would face charges Local people told us, that the murder rate had gone down since Los Exterminos began dealing with the gangsters. But there are no official figures

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  1. Shoot em dead. Problem solved. No more trouble from them after they get a bullet to the head.

  2. El Gobierno no hace nada, es mas son los que trafican la droga por El Salvador y mantienen a las maras para que la gente no ponga atencion en lo que hacen ellos. Las Maras son una lacra no merecen piedad ni vivir. Matenlos a todos. Ellos no tienen lastima de matar gente inocente pues asi se merecen morir o de peor manera.

  3. Those groups of exterminio are the Real Saviors and Heroes. They are getting rid of coward killers In El Salvador. Good for them. The people love them.

  4. Thumbs up to the exterminators good job get all those gang members and those who are collaborating with them!!!😂😂😂

  5. The only problem is when “The Exterminators” becomes corrupt!!!! This has happened time and time again in these Central American countries!!!!

  6. Killing these Evil-doers isn't wrong…
    What is wrong is for the Media's talking heads to judge people's self-preservation…….
    Media wants to profit $$$$ they lie deceive and destory innocent lives, just to make a profit…….
    If you actually are a reporter, then you belong to the most immoral group of professionals in the world…..
    Think not ??? When and where did you call or protest against your profession for their immorality….
    It's all for the profits…….

  7. esta es la unica manera de como tratar a estos maricas que se creen bandoleros, extorcionando jente que apenas tienen para ellos mismos, es una injusticia. Que se mueran todos asta los "afiliados" o los "ninos" caul es el titulo que les ponen a menores chekeadores keles llaman, si les ayudas es porque eres uno de ellos. Si, yo entiendo ke unos dicen que son eforsados hacer miembros! pero por igaul ese porcentaje ni se compara a los que se hacen miembros solo por que ellos mismos los buscan para meterce en sus maricas gangas. pueda sonar algo rudo pero solo hay que pensar enque ellos no pensaran dos veces en darte un tiro en la frente.

  8. I hope these journalists get killed so that they know how it feels to be a victim of syndicates and all other forms of violent organizations.the rest of peace-loving citizens are in support of these vigilantes,or whatever it is you call them…these gangs only know one thing, violence….and these vigilantes can give it to them 1000x..😂…Al Jazeera should be banned from the rest of the world… Philippines here supporting our president DUTERTE in eradicating drug syndicates in our country….GO EL SALVADOR!!!DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOUR COUNTRY!I REITERATE,I HOPE THIS AL JAZEERA JOURNO GETS KILLED🤣

  9. I lived in ES. Im from europe. This is the only way… the people have had enough… el pueblo se revolte…

  10. this kid is going to be kill soon is not surprice This one is going to continue doing investigations until that group got tired of him and put it in the river with a bullet in the head.

  11. Estos 2 jóvenes solo buscan su futuro conocidos como reporteros lo que nesesitan es callar dejen que limpien esa delincuencia mierda stubidos

  12. These so called gangster didnt even want to be gangster in the first place.They're force into it !!! It's the police failure to protect them that forced them to join gang.And now they're being punished by the police who initially failed them……

  13. Once Again Its About MONEY & POWER & CONTROL, Who Has Got that?! BIG BANKS (the CAUSE)

  14. When your own government is incompetent & corrupt, do you blame these people for securing their lives? Everyone deserves to live in dignity..especially civilians who just want to make a living. What a shame..

  15. America has to protect our own communities. These gangs have been around for decades, why just now thru President Trump’s Administration is something being done? Where was Obama? Where was Bush? 🇺🇸

  16. who cares if the police are involved??? their hands are tied and they are fighting a losing battle!

  17. The money for the guns come from selling of drugs….legalize them and dry out their main income source….

  18. I was in Honduras I had a lot fun my boyfriend is from there he hates it but I had fun I loved it .i didn't see any gangbangers in the street.

  19. If the gangsters dont want their kids to be hurt by the cops then why are they hurting innocent people kids then gangs dont even know what they are talking about

  20. estás pendejo pinchi Chavo menso Los exterminadores andan asiendo un bien para el Salvador pinchi reportero pendejo asta que no te violen oh maten a Uno's de Tus familiares es cuando le vas a dar credito a los ex tr exterminadores pa que resgiar que esos ratas culeros de MS13 te controlen la Vida que se vayan a chingar sus putas madres los culeros me la pelan pinchi vatos culos pendejos montoneros. lo más en Tre muchos se qren muy hombres culeros pero uno por uno se Les abre el culo pinchi gargajos culeros

  21. Felizidades a la militaria que exterminen esa peste no importa todavia era de los ms. Ese puto escuincle.

  22. 5 policias mate en el salvador aki la mara y nunka ba cambiar el slavador aki bamos a kedar y aki siempre bamos a vivir y oy me incuentro en houston ala berga los juras y los chavalas ms13 clcs de una

  23. The exterminators are a natural consequence of the cruelty of these vile criminals.

  24. One day they will all be gone, ppl with tattoos of gangs will be dead, and the only ones left will be the ones being released from jails/prisons in El Salvador, which they will be waiting for them to be exterminated as soon as they leave. Looks like it's already happening. Good job, guess the people have had enough of the gangs.

  25. MS13 is like ISIS. A death cult with nothing to offer . The government and international community should deal with them as a terrorist group and help the people of El Salvador, and Honduras.
    But it also seems that the elected governments are ineffective or are also afraid and accommodate MS13 and they also need to be challenged and where possible or appropriate, helped. Groups like MS13 are held together by fear and people should be assisted in getting out of MS13 and allowing them to return to society where that is possible.

  26. It must great fun being an Exterminator. You probably even get paid for it. Whats the big deal?

  27. Same thing happened in the Philippines. Death Squad cleaning all the druglord, addicts, criminals which it works and It makes their people happy.

  28. Need to execute all ms and 18th st members in prisons to send the message. Fight fire with fire

  29. Guatemala is a very dangerous place. I would say, more dangerous than El Salvador. This journalist has some serious balls to film and interview these guys.

  30. I absolutely understand why people support the exterminators but when you see what bad people are compelling good people to do, it is sad. Is this a victory for Satan? Its easy for me to judge when I am not in that situation.

  31. Interpol police should investigate if Salvadorian police is getting bribed by ms13

  32. Kill them all. There might not be many people left in el salvador after it all but at least it will be safe eventually.
    This is just over-population in a small economy. Either they have more industry or you reduce the population if gang activity is the only way some of them can make a living.

  33. JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW, i have a feeling that the highest ranking officer is not being honest enough, his gestures as well not convincing. DO NOT TRUST HIM? like people in el salvador says , you leak , your family gets exterminated as well, cant blame him as well. trust issues here

  34. Sounds like The Exterminators are disaffected police officers who are fed up with the situation and who, knowing gang hideouts, members addresses etc…and other useful intelligence, have begun the killing themselves or have been feeding information and weapons to groups who will.

    When gang members have such prominent tattoos it makes it pretty easy to find them, never mind the inside information any police can offer to track these people down.

    Of course, the next step will be to tell new members not to get tattoos, thus avoiding the death squads, police, military etc…

    Other gangs in different parts of the world, including the U S based/raised Latino gang members, have introduced a similiar policy to avoid detection and keep a lower profile; both from the police and rivals.

  35. This is what liberal politicians and media let cross the borders into the USA.

  36. This is a 3 year old 2016 video so I guess it does not work because MS-13 and !8th-Street are still doing well there today.

  37. Death squads are the only way to deal with the idiot gangsters because it works and the goverment and police are not capable to deal with the problem. people in tge caravans give them arms and then they can take their country back and exterminate the varmin.

  38. gangs destroy and abuse the people , death squads protect the people for they are of the same people they protect. Gangs profiliate by death and violence and numbers, Death squads can elimnate many numbers and gangs numbers shrink and become powerless.

  39. "Police operations ending in the death of gang members." I see nothing wrong here.

  40. What people dont understand is that we salvadoreños are violent. That's what society has tought us in our country. So no matter if you're a gang member or not, we will always take justice into our own hands. That being said, violence will never stop!

  41. I disagree with the reporters last comments about the Exterminators becoming like the ones they are getting rid of. For community members to go out and kill gang members only is not the same as the gangs who kill, extort, rape, steal, sell drugs, cause people to live in fear and more. When you lay out what the two groups do it becomes clear that there is a huge difference. One does not vilify the rat catcher only the rats!!!


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    critical thinking

    -Vet your own news sources

    accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual

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  43. of course the grup of extermination was the police everyone know since the moment they came out

  44. What’s the problem if the cops are in on it ? Good job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  45. Hearing him say its boring not hunting criminals is the same exact mindset he has as a criminal he just feel better about his perverted thought by justify himself of killing a criminal and referring the as too people the point pf hunting them down is to bring them to justice having them serve time not by avenging death into matter of their own hands

  46. Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers. I agree 100%. Build that wall, kill all gang members.

  47. I don’t see the point of covering their faces. You can spot a snitch by their voice and body language.

  48. There is a great respect for people that are taking care of their community. Thanks for the report, and sharing what the El Salvadorian people are doing to clean up gang violence. Great people live in a beautiful country, and no one should fear being there..

  49. This is the typical liberal journalist who are more worried about the welfare of the criminals than the victims, estos son los tipicos reporteros izquierdista que estan mas preocupados por el bienestar de los criminales que de las victimas

  50. The Salvadoran government goes after Los Exterminios and not the gangs because the CIA wants to keep the drugs flowing for money for their black ops.

  51. There is a big difference this 'reporter' forgets. If these death squads stop MS13 and other gangs will still go on. When the gangs like MS13 are stopped the death squads stop.

    It seems to me that every person that can hold a pencil and notebook at the same time qualifies as a reporter nowadays. At least for some 'news' stations.

  52. Este que reporta ase mas por el delincuente que por el honrado como se le ocurre q es la Policía q mata delincuentes y que tanto te importa la vida de un delincuente para q lo defiendas .tienes q cuidar tus palabras

  53. There the police fight the gangs. In Europe police work for the gangs extorting people and small businesses.

  54. good men willing to do bad things to protect the innocent from bad men doing bad things that is all i see here nothing wrong with that

  55. Who gets them they complain about the gangs but also the ones that kill them

  56. Hey saludame te conosco la ves que veniste a el salvador soy amigo de douglas el doctor yo fui hacer un documental contigo

  57. Yeah n that how it start take out one gang n another well come in to the light

  58. Aren’t we all humans why one in pain other getting happy bad time can come too anyone my friends.
    Ask forgiveness do right things.
    Before doing stupid comments think what you saying

  59. Marasalvatrucha es mi verga droga arlette los angelezmetro pinche nadapuragorda unica friaaaafkkmn flaka

  60. Everybody is in favor of expeditious justice and extrajudicial executions of criminals until they or a member of their family is unjustly killed

  61. Me gusta lo que hace este grupo, pero así es como comienzan los cárteles, ¿qué crees que van a hacer cuando eliminen las pandillas?

  62. What's the deal with such countries? The law of the jungle brought to perfection. Murder normalized; impunity reigns. Sounds like massive corruption, gang mentality ubiquitous, triggering the most base antisocial impulses………….traits that rule this country, while the ruling elite turn blind eyes, stuff overstuffed pockets, and victimize their populations, holding them hostage out of a sick pleasure to maintain their hegemonic life-styles. Disgusting.

  63. The Salvadorian people are suffering. Stop and bring the death penalty please

  64. i was born in el salvador my uncle is a ms 13 gang member my father was almost joining when my mom sent him someplace safe now we live in america where life is safer thats all he will say if i ask

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