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– [Narrator] Previously on
Me and my Grandma – You think I should
just move to Hollywood and start acting? – We could do it together. (loud thud)
– No! – I’m Heidi, performance artist. – That was casting. I got the part. I know that acting
is your dream. It just might be my dream too. – I’m Oliver,
assistant director. Come on, Victoria,
this is Janey. – You’re playing me?
– Mm-hm. And you’re dating him? Grand.. grandma. No, grandma, grandma, no! Grandma, no!
(load roar) Grandma, no! – [Video] Grandma,
Grandma, Grandma, Grand, Grand, Grandma, no! – Stop watching. You know how it ends, it’s
not gonna get any worse. – 2,000,020. 2,000,027. I can literally count how
much worse this is getting. – Well, soon some cat will
plank the Ice Bucket Challenge and everyone will move on. Now take off your hoodie and
get your head in the game. – (sighs) Grandma, I don’t
know about this place. How can they sell smoothies
and still take a good photo? – Head shots, ginger shots,
it’s all very Hollywood. Plus, it’s what we can afford. Sunglasses too. – [Man] Hey, it’s Grandma, No! – See? How am I gonna be the Jennifer
Lawrence of my generation if this is all I’m
ever known for? – Well, Brad Pitt
danced in a chicken suit outside of El Pollo Loco. And now he’s been voted
Sexiest Chicken Alive. Twice! – I’ll have, um, two mango smoothies
and two head shots. – 7.99, please. – Total? Grandma, head shots are
an actor’s calling card, if we want to be
real actresses, they need to be professional. – They’re gonna be professional. Or at least better
than the pictures I can take on my phone. – Your phone can’t
take pictures. It still uses T9. And after this, we’re
getting you a new one. (phone dings) – Oliver? – No.
– Stalker. – [Barista] Photos
in the back. – In chapter four of Hollywood
Networking: An Actor’s Guide to Boozing and Schmoozing
it says that social media is a great way to
make connections. I’m networking with him. – You’re a terrible liar. – Okay, well, the
book part is true. And look, he’s feeding
his cat real tuna! That’s how you know
he’s a good person! – That, I don’t like.
(phone dings) – Oh my god. Oh my god, what?
– What, what? – Gigi Gorgeous
just tweeted at me! She loves Grandma, No! And that’s me. She loves me. – What, what’s a Gigi Gorgeous? – She’s this huge social media
star, she’s super famous. – She’s not famous. Marilyn Monroe is famous. You know how many social
media followers she has? None. She’s dead. – Actually Grandma. Marilyn
Monroe has, like, a million followers
on Instagram. – Your world confuses me, Janey. – The math is simple. If Gigi Gorgeous thinks my
video is cool, it’s cool. – Well, if you feel good about
it, I feel good about it. You know what I don’t
feel good about? This. (upbeat pop music) – [Heidi] Why are you
in a field of oats? – It’s wheat. It’s the closest thing
they had to white. Plus, I needed it really fast, I set up six auditions today. – I’m going too, Grandma’s
gonna introduce me to all the casting directors, so it’s a big day
for both of us. – So you two, always
kind of together, it’s, it’s like a thing? – You’re making it sound sad. – Yeah, and Hollywood
Networking says you have to use everybody you know to
meet anyone you can, and I only know my Grandma, so. – I think she’s
making it sad now. – Hey, Heidi, what
are your career goals? – Is that from your
dumb networking book? What, are you gonna
ask if I have LinkedIn? – Yeah, I mean, do
you have LinkedIn? ‘Cause I can add you right now. – Why don’t you practice
networking with that guy? – Hi, I’m Janey. – Hank. Nice to meet you. – So, that traffic today, huh? 405 is a beast, am I right? You should meet everybody! Everybody, this is Hank. – Hank is short for Henry,
right? I always thought that was dumb. – Heidi. She’s a performance artist. Her meanness is a bit. – No, it isn’t. – No, it’s okay, I’ve known
Heidi for a long time. – Since I was four
and he was zero. – So you’re related? – She’s my sister. But she doesn’t like labels, so usually I just
call her weird. – Heidi, you didn’t tell
me you had a brother. – I don’t talk about
it, he’s an accountant, it’s embarrassing. – No way, I have an
accounting degree. But I’m out here to
do something easier, I’m an actress. – Anything I might
have seen you in? – Not on YouTube. – Your large chai barf latte. – I usually stop by
after my morning surf, make sure she isn’t in a cult. Or, uh, starting one. (chuckles) Again. – You surf? God, that’s so cool. I’ve always wanted to be
like Bethany Hamilton. – Done. I know a shark. – Hey, if you want, I
could teach you to surf. – Really? I would love that. – Monday morning?
– Perfect. – Wrap it up, Janey. It’s time to blow
this pop stand. They just gave me
that car commercial, can you imagine how
great today’s gonna go? – I’ll wait here while you
go to the bathroom. Hank and I can keep networking. Talking casually. – I don’t have to go. – You’ve had four coffees. – I’m fine. Come on, I can’t be late. This is the biggest
day of my career. Career? I’m a career gal! Driver, let’s go. – Wish us luck. – No.
– Good luck. – Oh, sometimes even
career gals have to pee. – So, you wanna practice
some more networking? I’ll give you a good lead-in. Man, it sure is hot today. – Yeah, I read
that in the trades. It’s gonna be a real scorcher. I love the trades. Uh, do you trade? My motto’s ABT. Always Be Trading. I don’t know what
the trades are. (upbeat dance music) – [Man] Whenever you’re ready,
begin – Uh. And my dentures
never fell out again. Now in boysenberry. – You’re so great! We should do lunch some time. – I’d love to. I mean, everyone I know is dead. – My life was all
grey before Prozoft. Help! Help! Then you don’t know AARP! – You should meet my agent. He’s always looking for pretty
young things like you to rep. – That’d be great! – Stepping into your
Speedy Dry Adult Diaper is the smartest step
you’ll ever take. (moans) Then you don’t know AARP. – Mr. Steinberg, this nice girl is looking for representation. You, you can help her, right? – Then you don’t know AARP. (moans)
(boots thud) – [Man] Thank you,
you can go. – Oh, Janey. (sighs) – It didn’t go well? – (sighs) I gave it my
all, but these parts. Is this all there is for me? One director even asked me
to do an old person’s accent. Isn’t that racial profiling? – I don’t think so. Hollywood Networking says that– – Enough with that book! Am I being silly? Everyone my age is retired
and I’m starting a new career. I think James Franco was right, there are no good roles for
women over a certain age. – Grandma, all these
are just cattle calls. When the right audition
comes, you’re gonna nail it. – Yeah, but who
knows when the check from that car commercial
is gonna come? I should never have bought
that new cellphone. This is gonna be
harder than I thought. We have to be
financially responsible. Come on, let’s get out of here. – Sweet Dreams, Mrs. Spivey. (upbeat dance music) – Mm. Strawberry. Ugh, buttered popcorn! Jelly beans should not be salty. – [Janey] You’re not biting
them and putting the ones you don’t like back
in the bag, are you? – No! What about you? Where’s your self-respect? You’re under the
sink trying to get cell reception for what? Watch Oliver feed his cat again? – Oh my god! Oh my god!
(thuds) Ow! Oh my god!
– What? – Gigi Gorgeous just
sent me four tickets to her movie premiere! – (gasps) We’re going
to a red carpet? – We’re going to a red carpet!
(screaming) – Oh, Janey, I am
so proud of you for accidentally taking
off all your clothes in front of everyone! (chuckles) – Four invites, huh? You guys can take me and Hank. – You two are the
only people we know! – We’ll meet you there. We have a pet funeral tomorrow. Don’t worry, no one you know. – Grandma, this is everything!
– Definitely! Totally! Wait, who’s Gigi Gorgeous again? – That social media star. She’s got millions of followers on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. Tons of money. She knows agents and producers. This is going to be a
networker’s paradise. – How much money we talkin’? – Like 25,000 to take a
laxative tea and post a photo. – Of the poop? – Ew, no. – Okay, new plan. While we wait for
your big break, I make money as a
social media star. I’ll go out for all those
old people roles, but online, I’ll
be whoever I want! – Well, if you want money,
you’ll need followers, so you’re gonna
need a good angle. Something to help
build an audience. – Like what?
– You could do DIY. – Do it YouTube, got it. – Almost. Mm, you could do morning
routines or TMI confessionals. – Well, I have
some mole clusters I’ve been wanting to talk about. – We talk about those enough. – Oh. Oh, perfect. Wow, there are just so
many cyber possibilities. People still cyber, right? – You know, some people just
take pictures of their food. – Those people are idiots. (upbeat pop music)
(camera snaps) (phone dings) (drink splats) – (laughs) You be Trey’d! (laughs) Yes! – Hey, what is all this? – We’re filming something,
Elderboo. (laughs) – I’m sorry, what? Who are you? – I’m digital
influencer, Trey McMoney. – Really? How many followers? – (snaps fingers) Count please. – Oh. 2,245,001. – I can work with that. I am a social media
star in the making. Interested in a collaboration? – You mean collab? (group laughs) – Yeah, a collab. I learned that word today when I was researching
on the tumbler. (group laughs) I don’t think it’s that funny! Are you done? I have a red carpet to get to. (group laughs) ♪ It’s a fire, turn it up ♪ I don’t wanna interrupt ♪ People, put your hands up ♪ It’s a fire, turn it up ♪ I don’t wanna interrupt ♪ People, put your hands up – Oh my god. We’re here! Grandma, this is real. This is happening. This is our life! – I knew it would be red, but I didn’t think it
would be so carpety. (camera snaps) (gasps) Oh, I have to Snap this! – When did you get Snapchat? – Janey, keep up. New phone, new me. I’m coming to you live from Gigi Gorgeous’s
red carpet premiere. I’m no longer plain old Grandma, I’m Glam-ma. (gasps) That could be my angle. Glamorous Grandma, get it? – We get it. – I’m Glam-ma! Uh oh, I think I
deleted that one. Janey, I really liked it. Wait up, I’ll just do it again. I’m Glam-ma! – That’s enough, Glam-ma! Keep it moving. – Tough guy. (upbeat pop rock music) – Oh, hey guys. – Hey, how was the funeral? – It was, uh, weird. It was a funeral for a gerbil. And other gerbils were
there to pay their respects. They even handed
out tiny tissues. – Where’s Heidi? – She went out to the patio bar. Shorter line. Don’t worry, you look great. – Really? Thanks, I’m, I’m
just really nervous. – (gasps) Canapes. Excuse me! Damn. – Don’t worry, I got this. – Act cool. Here comes Gigi. Gigi, over here! – It’s Grandma, No! – It sounds so cool
when she says it. – Hi.
– Hi. Girl, you are looking
fine as fuh, oh. Sorry, grandma present. (group chuckles) Hi, I’m Gi–
– I know who you are. Big fan. I’m trying to get myself out
there on social media too. Got any tips? – I started doing
makeup tutorials and things just kinda
took off from there. I just like to let
my personality shine. – Okay, well, step by step. Really delve into the details of how you went from zero
followers to millions. – Honey, you just
have to be yourself. – That’s all you got? – We can talk later. Tons of press to do. Bye girls, stay gorgeous. – Whooping it up
on the red carpet with my new BFF
at Gigi Gorgeous. Hashtag badass bitches. – Please don’t tweet that. – Alright, I collected them all. We got a feta, a pesto,
and a reddish-brownish one. Looks gross, but I
hear good things. – Thanks, sweetie. – This might sound weird,
but I heard that couples that network together
are 80% more successful. Would you mind if we just
pretended like we were together just for the party? – Oh, I see, you’re
just gonna leave me here with my canapes? Fine, I’m sending that tweet. Hey, Janey! How do you send a tweet? – Actually, we met IRL. – Wow, I’m so glad
that still happens. – So we’ll see you
at the after-party? – For sure, a lot of my
agent friends will be there. I’ll introduce you guys. – There’s an after-party? – There’s always an after-party. Even that weird gerbil
funeral had an after-party. You’re really good
at this, by the way. You know a lot about the 405. – Hey, I just butted
in on a conversation where two affluenza teens
were debating Bitmojis, and I took a very hard line. So, Janey, I have to
ask, what are Bitmojis? (phones ding) – Gift suite!
– Gift suite! (screaming)
(laughing) (upbeat dance music) – I always thought if I
saw you in a gift suite, you would be
lighting it on fire. – This is like the
Stanford Prison Experiment. I love it. People see free stuff and
it drives them insane. – Every swap meet
we’ve ever been to has been leading
up to this moment. – Oh, it’s on! – Ooh, look, Grandma,
homeopathic tampons! – Stick to the big ticket items. Like these hideous
statement necklaces. Let’s take all four. I’ll send them to your mother. – She’ll love them. – (gasps) And your
dad needs a new phone. – Oh, actually, that’s mine. (undulating drum music) Hey, Janey, right? – Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. – Sometimes she gets stuck. – Oliver, right? Uh, from the car commercial? – Sorry about all that. We fired the guy who
posted the video online. But I don’t know what
idiot made the remix. – It’s cool. Gigi the video and
invited me here tonight, so I guess it worked out. How do you know Gigi? – I shot one of her
videos a while back. – Oh, that’s right. You’re a director. – Give me your info, and
I’ll put it in my phone. Us, uh, Michiganders gotta
stick together, right? – Right, ’cause we’re
both from Michigan. Not because we’d hang
out all the time. But I am free. Breakfast, lunch. I love brunch. And there’s also fourth meal. – Okay, so I overheard
this producer at the bar and he’s making a sitcom with
Dan Cortese and Lance Bass. They play waiters at
an ice cream shop. It’s called Frosted Tips. It sounds terrible! We gotta network him. – Um, Hank, this is Oliver. Oliver, this is my friend Hank. He’s my neighbor’s brother. – Nice to meet you, Hank. – Hey. – Well, you have my number
now, so feel free to call me, text me, add me on
Instagram, Snapchat, really whatever
platform’s your favorite. – Ollie! Come try these on. They’re gonna look
so cute on you. – Coming. It’s good to see you. How do I look? Good?
– Oh, you look so good. (lips smack) – Guys, I tried to stop her,
but she wouldn’t listen. – Stop who? – Glam-ma. – Don’t mess with me, you entitled jackass!
– Oh, no. – Step back, you sparkly prune! – Oh, yeah. Fight. – You couldn’t possibly need
all of those, you little turd. – Grandma, what are
you doing messing with super famous, tons of
followers, Trey McMoney? – I saw him take all
the perfume samples. You’re only supposed
to take one! – Oh, one! But you just happen to have four identical
statement necklaces? – Yeah, ’cause I wanted
to make a statement. And that statement is:
Go (bleep) yourself! – Ooh, I’m shook! What are you even doing here? Go home and gum a matzah ball. – Hey, I have as much a
right to be here as you, I am an actress. – Oh god, just what
Hollywood needs, another desperate old bag who
thinks she’s gonna be famous! – (gasps) How dare you! (loud rustling)
(slapping) – [Trey] What are you doing? – Let’s just see
how this plays out. (thudding)
(Trey screams) (door clanks) – Goodnight! – We didn’t want any of
your swag anyway! – I wanted it! – Yeah, that’s right, you
don’t wanna mess with this! – Oh, slow your
roll, Shia LaBeef. – Are you okay? Are you hurt? Why were you messing
with Trey McMoney? – You never should
have punched him. We were perfectly in sync,
our plan was working so great. – What? “Our plan?” – Yeah, me and Trey
McMoney’s plan. It was all staged. We were doing a collab. – Did you just say collab? – Yeah, he was going
to promote my brand. Of course, now that
you’ve assaulted him, I don’t see that happening. – How do you have a brand
when earlier this morning you didn’t even know
how to work Instagram? And how do you
know Trey McMoney? – I met him when I went
to pick up our lunch. At first he laughed at me, but when I mentioned
Gigi’s red carpet, he said the McMoney
Honeys would love it if he and some old bag
threw swag at each other. – So this was all just a setup? – Yeah, at first I
thought he was bad news, but then I remembered, “All
publicity is good publicity, “especially bad publicity.” – So you did read the book. – Everyone reads on
the toilet, Janey. – Why didn’t you
tell me any of this? – Because you’re an awful liar and you’re terrible
with secrets. And I love that about you, but you would have given
us up in 10 seconds. – No, I wouldn’t have. Yeah, you’re right. – (gasps) Oh, all right, jeez. – Man, I was gonna meet so
many agents at that party. – Yeah, I don’t think Trey’s
posting that video now. Damn, I would’ve gotten
so many new followers. – I’m sorry, it’s
just, it’s just, when he threw that
tampon at you, I, I finally knew what
it felt like to go HAM. – We go ham every Easter, Janey. – Grandma, no, HAM means
to get all hyped up. – Oh, I’m definitely hyped! Nobody messes with
the Skalecki Sisters! – You’re not my sister. – Okay. – You’re my best friend. – Aw. Yeah, I was pretty good
in there, wasn’t I? Huh? I even fooled my own sister. Sorry, best friend. I just might be a great actress! – Yeah, you are pretty good. See, you don’t need all
these old lady roles. – Yeah! You know, this whole
internet thing, I think it’s taking off. This could work, Janey. I’m HAM! – Janey. – I’m so sorry about
all the drama we caused. – Oh, please, don’t apologize. Trey is the worst and you
guys were both hilarious. Grandma, we should be
taking lessons from you. – Oh, that’s good. Grandma lessons. – Janey, I wanted to
introduce you to my agent. She loved your video,
especially the Trey beat-down. – Nudity, fighting,
racial ambiguity. You’re everything
the people want. Call me. We should talk. – All right, girls, we gotta go. My movie’s about to start. – That’s right.
– Bye. (laughing) – Heidi wants to stick around. She’s got something going
on with the canape lady. But I grabbed your swag bag! – Bless you, child! – Oh, and Heidi
wanted me to tell you she took out all
the Kylie Lip Kits because she thinks
you’re better than that. – Aw, she’s so wrong. – Sorry, I tried to
get you both back in, but you know.
– It’s okay. I’m sorry I bit you,
I meant to bite Trey. – Oh, it’s my fault, Heidi
told me to stay out of it. – Oh, you think they’d
let me back in to pee? I wish I had one of those
Speedy Dry diapers right now. – That was quite a fight you had in the middle of that party. Who wrote that networking
book, Ronda Rousey? – I can’t believe I made
such an idiot out of myself. Do you think Oliver saw? – You know, I don’t
think Oliver saw. He went into the screening room
before everything went down. – So, are we still on
for surfing tomorrow? – Right, got some, some
work stuff came up. Sorry, I can’t. Another time. – Oh, okay. – You know, I’m
feeling pretty tired. I’m just gonna take off. – Are you sure? – Yeah, yeah. I’ll catch you later. – Yeah, that’s
right, keep walkin’! – Hi guys, it’s me Grandma! And this is Grandma
Goes Hollywood! And I’m gonna give
you all the lessons you need to make
it in Hollywood! – [Janey] What are you
doing with your arms? – What?
– And why are you shouting like that? – Well, that’s how
the YouTubers do it. – It’s weird, just stop it. Stop all of it. – [Grandma] Where did I go? – [Janey] You can
edit that part out. – [Grandma] You can edit these?

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