Employees react to Vancity’s latest TV commercial

I’m the concierge at branch 12. East Van represent. My name is Lucas and I’m a Senior Financial Services Rep at the Commercial Drive branch. My first thought when I was approached to be part of the commercial was Really? Like….what? It’s really funny because I told my family members that would be in it and my grandma is anxiously sitting at the couch every day waiting for it to show up. Alright when you’re ready, press play. Oh god.. Oh Lucas! That’s so cute. Okay, Tacofino. I usually eat there like every Saturday. I really like it! Can we get your autograph now before you get too famous? Oh, yeah, I’ll give you a few just you know, so you can sell them on eBay. One of my favourite behind scenes moments was that Cat’s co-star was super tall and she’s not quite the tallest so they kind of throw her on different size boxes to kind of match the height. So I have all these like behind the scene photos of her standing on like a little stool to make her look like a little taller than she actually is. Did you know that everyone featured in that video is a Vancity member? I did! It was so cute I loved it! Caterina, if you were to guess how many times Lucas walked back and forth, how many do you think? It was a lot. I had a really important document in that envelope so like It was urgent! And I just had to stand there and say hi. Oh “Hi how are you?” And you see him filming on Snapchat in the background! It was a big accomplishment. Yea! I think we both stepped out of our comfort zones especially me, like I stepped out Literally – he took lots of steps. I think one of my kind of favorite things like an example is let’s say we give a grant somewhere Or we help someone host a meeting at our branch for the staff to see and then we walk by them on the street like a next morning and they’re like oh thank you so much for having so over I feel like that’s just so meaningful and that makes me really want to come to work. Where you actually spend your money is how you express your values how you express who you are. and what you think. And I really enjoy the positive impact I bring I think that’s super important Yea, like you did it. Exactly, like we did it We all did it!

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