[Eng sub&中字] Norton Japan TV Commercial of Antivirus USB

Subs by evasivemaneuver, (Twitter: @wine_pimp) People have always been praying for safety people have always struggled to safeguard their privacy Today the Gods have answered thy prayers The Gods will give blessings to thee Shinto Monk: “Norton USB Memory… Shinto Monk: “…will thus be blessed to vindicate all viruses” “Guarding data seamlessly forever” Behold! the Blessed Data Backup USB Guardian Amulet is born! Should your most valuable data be under any threat Norton Security Technology … … plus the Divine Power of 8 million Japanese Deity Those two Forces now gives you double protection! Moreover, There are six different versions to choose from! Guarding your cute Anime pic collection! Nyan! Cute graphics Guardian amulet Several Gigs of private vids Private Videos Encryption amulet! Those seducing memories of extramarital affairs Private email encryption amulet! All those dirty adult secrets… Guarded by Private Files Encryption amulet! I’m an Youtube diva (utau-hime) Anime song secured! Insider Trading and illegal bidding that’ll get you in trouble Those files are now TOP SECRET! No matter what data you have Your data will never be compromised Norton Prestige Guardian amulet (Omamori) In stores on 04/28/2012!!!

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  1. "8 million God" is ways of thinking of "the Japanese Shinto".
    The basic way of thinking of the Shinto "is polytheism".
    "Shinto" (way of thinking from Japanese ancient times) thought, "God dwelled" in "all things".
    Foreign God (Hinduism) joins it as Japanese God (by the name to be called 七福神(Shichi-fuku-Jin) of ~~天(–ten)).

  2. Therefore there is God without "a natural object" (including a mountain, the river), the distinction such as "the artifact" (including a rice field, the cultivated land).
    A great man could be worshiped as God. In other words "a human being" was able to become "God".
    An animal can be enshrined like God as "an errand of God".

  3. in japan 😛

    I've been searching and all I get is …underwear? wait, I'm sorry, let me try japanese google…"Charms"

  4. 1つに6種類の機能があるってことでしょ?疎くて申し訳ないが。逆じゃないよね…てか外国人すごい多いな…

  5. 日本のPCはこのようにして守られていま…………せんよw

  6. Very creative. Japan people have a lot of imagination.
    The best part is when it is said "Norton Security Technology plus the Divine Power of 8 million Japanese Deity" . Hahaha.
    I can't imagine all programs being blessing by a ritual. XD

  7. keep all of your dirty secret, lol
    reading subtitle make me think this cm as black comedy, lol

  8. Found the song, it's called Omamori Uta by Tone Rion but can't seem to find anywhere to download it.

  9. これか神社庁の勉強会で話題になったやつ。


  10. Ninja Virus… xD

    By the way, 8 thousand japanese deities… not bad japan xD

  11. i kinda don't like the voice over but
    that background music tho
    i find it catchy x)) it starts at 1:06
    and the short haired blondie <3

  12. Who have now this AD ost name? i have poisoning on this music all time listen over and over…
    Some bady Please give me this OST name O_Q

  13. This commercial is kinda weird.
    Can't really understand what are Japanese thinking.They are weird too

  14. I just love this kind of shit… the way how japanese praice their own culture to make it fix in the moder world is just uniqe

  15. 現代廣告與傳統文化結合:




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