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Some news stories help us
understand the world we live in, and some news stories
are just stupid. For those,
we turn to Ronny Chieng. (cheers and applause) ♪ ♪ Thanks, Trevor. Everyone always says they want
to be rich, but be careful what
you wish for, because sometimes
you can get so rich you start doing dumb shit
like this. Silicon Valley is famous for
its eccentric homes and outlandish property values, but the newest status symbol
in the neighborhood is the chicken coop. TV REPORTER:
Scott Vanderlip’s chickens make themselves right at home. VANDERLIP:
Are you gonna come in the house? TV REPORTER: The software
engineer believes he’s found the perfect anecdote
to computers and code, and has the big data
to prove he’s not alone. VANDERLIP:
There are thousands, maybe 10,000 chicken coops
in Silicon Valley. -I mean, there are…
-TV REPORTER: 10,000? VANDERLIP: There-there-there
are a lot of coops. That’s right.
Silicon Valley millionaires are adopting chickens as pets, because what do you get the
person who has everything? Mm, how about bird flu? It’s like they’re so rich
and comfortable, the only thing left to do
is pretend to be poor. And if that’s true, why stop at
poultry farmer cosplay? Why not try donating your plasma
for a can of soup, or, I don’t know, cleaning
windshields at traffic lights, or being
a public school teacher? You know, poor people stuff. -And…
-(cheering and applause) You’re probably wondering what do you even do
with a pet chicken? Turns out, nothing. TV REPORTER:
The birds sometimes get a break from eating bugs with treats
like melons and salmon. Caring for the chickens
is a family affair. AMINA AZHAR-GRAHAM: Justin
and I, like, we will come home in the evening, after a
stressful day at work, and pull up our chairs,
and just, like, sit here and watch
the chickens go crazy. (laughter) Yeah, I don’t think the chickens
are the ones going crazy. All right? You’re the ones drinking wine and watching birds poop
on your lawn like it’s Shakespeare
in the Park. You’re Silicon Valley.
What are you doing? You gave the world YouTube
and Netflix, remember? You can’t invite people over
to chicken and chill. (laughter) And it turns out, these people don’t even care
about the animals. They’re just showing off. TV REPORTER: For the Valley’s
growing community of backyard farmers, the
investment in heritage birds pays off in a status symbol
of sorts: Colorful eggs that can be given
as gifts to friends. Yeah, what a great gift. I love when I’m having
a Super Bowl party and my rich friend brings over
raw pale green eggs. Even the chickens must be, like,
“What are you doing? “Those came out
of my chicken pussy and now you’re handing them out
like Cuban cigars?” (laughter) Listen, if rich people want
to own chickens like third world farmers,
whatever, right? The problem is, when rich people
pretend to be poor, they’re still spending
way too much money doing it. TV REPORTER: Online, companies
are hatching plans for do-it-yourselfers to build
stylish backyard coops. I built this, this coop
especially for them. TV REPORTER: Laura Menard’s
custom-built chicken coops have antique stained glass
windows, and detailing added
by a master carpenter. Do you think your chickens
are happier in there -than they might be in
some simpler coop? -Well… No, I don’t think they care. (laughter) You don’t think they care? I know they don’t care,
all right? They’re chickens. Oh, and, by the way, if you’re thinking about getting
into this new chicken craze, I’ve got some bad news,
you’re already too late. I always tell people chickens
are actually just -the gateway drug to beekeeping.
-(bees buzzing) Beekeeping is the new thing,
you know. TV REPORTER: Are you suggesting
that sometime soon somebody’s gonna say to me, -“Ah, backyard chickens,
that’s so 2018”? -Exactly. That’s Silicon Valley for you. Hey, you just bought
that new thing? Boom! It’s obsolete. You like chickens?
Well, (bleep) you. It’s bees now. But you know what, Trevor? I see what’s happening here,
okay? We’re just going further down
the evolutionary chain. That’s why I’ve already invested in the next, next trendy pet,
all right? -I’m talking about leeches!
-(audience reacts) That’s right, Silicon Valley! Make like one of these guys
and suck it! Ronny Chieng, everyone.

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  1. I'm African. Tanzanian to be exact. And let me tell you this, we Do Not Keep Chicken for pets. Ours are for meals and a source of income

  2. Everyone at the Daily Show is just awesome!! Trevor, Ronny, Micheal and Desi!! 🤘

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