Everything is Too PC These Days

(chipper music) – No, it’s just a lot of cocaine. – So when Katie gets here,
I’ll start the intervention. – You’re going to lead it? Not a professional? That’s a little ghetto. (groans) What? – Ghetto? – Oh, I can’t say, “ghetto,” any more? Everything is so P.C. these days. It’s annoying how uptight you are. – I know it’s easy to think
that we’re being uptight but language evolves and
it’s fine to adapt to that. You know, we know you’re not a bad person so just apologize and move on. Stop being such a girl. – Woah.
– [Blonde Woman] Hang on, what? – No, no, no, I mean like
he’s being a little bitch. Like a girl. – Okay, that’s not cool. – Like the way bitches are girls. Oh, okay, fine. Now this is effecting me,
I think I’m with Grant. Things are getting a little out of hand in the P.C. department and
where do you draw the line? – Thank you. – Thank you. – We’re not being too P.C.,
you guys are just being dicks. Take responsibility for the
hurtful things you’re saying. I mean, you’re obviously
using girl as an insult and that’s retarded. – Woah! – [All] Woah! – Hey. – Wow, it’s like no one
can say anything any more. You guys are just trying to find stuff that’s not even there. You’re searching for ghosts, man. It’s like no one can say
anything without offending someone else these days. – Look, culture is just
constantly shifting and it’s our job as socially
responsible human beings to adapt to that. Honestly, I kind of thought that you Orientals would understand. – Hey. – [All] Woah. – What? I mean, okay, well, maybe P.C. culture is getting a little bit too sensitive. Everybody’s always policing
each other’s language. What happened to my
first amendment rights? – It’s not P.C. culture’s fought, Siobhan. It’s just gay to call someone Oriental. – Oh! – What? – I meant gay as in lame,
not gay as in the people. Man up, pussies. – It’s hurtful to use gay like that. – And it’s ableist to say, “lame.” – Yeah, and man up is kind of sexist. – Also, don’t use the p word. It’s gross. – Oh my God! I’m so sick of this P.C.
social justice warrior atmosphere, to live in
a world where every word is a landmine is not the kind
of world I want to live in. – It’s not the world’s fault, okay. You’re being a dick for
clinging to hurtful phrases. You can still use them if you want, just know that everyone’s going
to think you’re an asshole. Don’t blame the world for
being politically correct. – You know, actually, politically correct is not really politically
correct any more. (everyone groaning) It’s a micro-aggression. – That’s crazy. – Crazy?! That has not been okay for awhile now. – Then I guess I won’t
say anything at all. I guess you’re always
right and I’m always wrong. – Oh, come on, just admit
for one goddamn second that we’re all the assholes here. – [Everyone] I’m not an asshole. (yelling, fighting) – This is why I do this. – Hi, I’m Cynthia from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. And now for a wipe breakdown. Star wipe. Diamond wipe. Venetian wipe. Iris.

100 thoughts on “Everything is Too PC These Days

  1. I think that the reason why PC is such a thing is because people cannot find common ground on what is discriminative and what not. Eg. If someone makes a racist joke, it doesn't have to mean that that person is actually racist. If that person still treats people of other races equally can you still call them a racist?
    I know there is a really thin line here. It would open doors to people who really are racist to crack racist jokes. But if you limit people expressing themselves you basically limit the flow of thoughts and creativity. Well even there you can find exceptions. So it's a really tough topic. I think PC can be really damaging. There is a difference between being polite and just adapting to the other sides feelings because you get shamed if you don't do so.

  2. everyone is offensive and everyone gets offended that's part of life. PC culture is a self-consuming concept which is the main problem with it

  3. That the word "Dick" was used multiple times throughout this conversation without objection may be the funniest part of the sketch.

  4. ESH

    Here's the reason: everybody sucks here because they're all angry about the subject till it affects them /s

  5. * ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – Very best true, accurate,& concise definition & explanation of P.C.
    Most peoples Idea of Exactly what PC is, is a little foggy. Please Understand, Cut and Paste and Pass This On, as this clears that up and ALL Americans Need to Understand This. The Progressives would have you believe P.C. Is a noble effort to foment fairness & equality. — Here is the reality:
    Political Correctness is Suppression of the Truth for the Purpose of Advancing the Left Wing Agenda.  P.C. Is, a retreat from reason, clear thinking and plain speaking. P.C. Is, in fact, a war on truth disguised as being polite, considerate and not being offensive. Political Correctness is a form of mind control, meant to limit and control free speech and to undermine public opinion. It intends to weaken the defenses of a free democracy.  A well known and well documented Communist subversion tactic and procedure, P. C. Is Designed to Avoid Debate and Shut Up The Opposition.  It is Cultural Suicide and it is designed to reeducate our children. It is cultural Marxism as it is a of Redefining Reality by a sort of invisible Thought Police.
    The truth must come 1st, last and always. Stand for truth. Don't let them get away with it ! Call it what it is — Trickery — A means of manipulating a population into silencing itself —  A Tactic in the Dismantling of Traditional America and Suppression of the Truth for the Purpose of Advancing the Left Wing Agenda. It's a way to dogmatically VILLIANIZE anyone who goes against the Left's popular crusades.  P. C. Seeks to ENSLAVE others into conforming to it's authoritarian ideals!  It attacks Truth, GOD and the BIBLE under the guise of “helping the oppressed,” “liberating the masses,” and “righting ancient wrongs".  Political Correctness is POLITICS, incorrectly dictating to the masses what is CORRECT. 
    -This tells you a lot about the integrity or lack thereof of the left. What scumbagery to institutionalize deceit like this. What will be the character of a "Leftist Utopia" born out of deceit ? ?? ???

    Liberalism has to muzzle the truth because it operates on lies. It is built on lies, fueled by lies, and creates an empire of lies.

  6. Venetian Wipe remains 3rd rather than first. I see CollegeHumor doesn't care about me or all the other Venetian fans out there at all.

  7. If a man with Bad behavior is a dick, is a woman with bad behavior a vagina?

  8. I really don't see how these people can maintain any sort of coherent moral framework by making fun of PC culture while being one of the most PC and SJW supporting comedy channels on the net. Talk about hypocrisy!

  9. This is a great video! It's humorous but has a lot of truth to it.  Being PC is a bunch of BS.  Let's say what we mean!  It's great to be polite and tactful but one shouldn't be afraid to talk any more and use the words they feel describe what they mean the most.  Not everything has a deep meaning to it.  Sometimes it's just how you express yourself at the moment.

  10. Did you know brainstorm isn’t politically correct because it insults people with mental disorders

  11. What siobhan said was racist, the rest of its fine as far as I give a shit

  12. Isn’t it like kinda ironic that this channel is entirely made up of sjws

  13. This whole sketch seems to be stolen off a thread of YouTube comments 😅

  14. Dick is a bit sexist but it's used twice in this video and not called out

  15. Although I agree with the overall message, I wish this channel could stay apolitical.

  16. The best part about the whole sketch is how concerned they are about making PC insults. If you are going to go to the effort of insulting someone, why would you care if they were PC or not? you are already trying to be rude, why stop there.

  17. The overprotective and politically corect mothers behave like this when you make a politically incorrect joke to her. But hey it's our mother.

  18. I like how he said your just being a dick but that didn’t matter

  19. Don't go out of your way to be a dick, don't go out of your way to be offended. Problem solved.

  20. "Come on, just admit for one goddamn second that we're all the assholes here" – yes yes yes 🙂

  21. Obama Presidency: Everything is racist.
    Everything is sexist.
    I'll drill in your head everything is Offensive.
    You can't say a word without offending everyone.

  22. If we are scared to use words like this it gives power to those words we don't need and if someone gets offended by the words it giving power to the people who want to use those words to hurt people Im not saying we should all say offensive words every chance we get just Get a Life and don't offended by words especially if they don't if someone is actually being a dick then yes you can get offended so Please can the world stop being so God Damn PC

  23. The solution: over insult, use every politically incorrect thing you can think of and push it.  BTW who does that Limey bitch think she is talking to the Chinaman about first amendment rights?

  24. Present: Non blacks can’t say the N-word.
    Future: Words like gay, ghetto, lesbian are labeled as offensive.
    Far in future: 99% of vocabularies in every language are offensive.
    Very far in future: Humans evolved to have sophisticated sign language.

  25. Everyone is talking about the Katie subplot when grant being a pyromaniac is just as entertaining

  26. Might as well have everyone study jive, we finna sound like that in about 10 years anyways

  27. Honestly, what's wrong with crazy? It's not like calling someone psychotic or mentally wrong in the head because I don't think crazy is a an actual medical term.

  28. Can't tell what they are making fun of in this sketch. The PC folks or the people that dislike PC folks.

  29. This is so funny AND sad. What’s worse is that EVERYONE does it! Being Politically correct? Complete and total… bullshit.

  30. they could have gone harder with there examples. after all, air conditioning, and taking a smaller portion are deemed sexist. refuring to someone as there gender (as in even the one they prefer) or not having to clarify your gender since you look it, and using dude as a term to refer to anyone, talking about your own health and exersise, are all deemed offensive now because it can offend someone even if it's something that isn't refering to the at all.

  31. You’re all fucking retarded some of these sketches aren’t funny and unrealatable to anyone outside of America, probably even California.

  32. You had me laughing until you had to say the "R-Word", not funny in the least when your the parent of a child with Down Syndrome. I realize this is from 2016, but still it's no excuse. It's almost 2020 for fuck's sake, enough with the R-Word already!

  33. I think in the final scene where they all are arguing, Siobhan should move her foot just a little more aggressively but anyways, great sketch!

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