Export to the USA duty-free with the US-Bahrain free trade agreement (FTA)

The first free trade agreement that any
GCC country has had with the United States. The free trade agreement has been
going now for more than ten years, it was established in 2006. A major benefit, both to Bahrain and to the United States. We have a large number of Fortune 50
companies that are based in Bahrain, very diverse group of manufacturers. WestPoint Home is a 205-year-old company that set up operation in Bahrain and has been benefiting since then from the Bahrain free-trade agreement. Bell Racing Helmet is headquartered in
Bahrain to be relocated from various locations, mainly Hong Kong, China, Macau,
Belgium and Italy. So we decided to move everything under one roof in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mondelez is a US company. The US FTA grants the Bahraini business a competitive edge of having a tariff-free
access to the giant economy of the US. Most of our competitors are in
places like China, Pakistan and India. We at WestPoint Home export over 90% of our production to the United States duty-free. Bahrain does have the infrastructure to help entrepreneurs to set up the business and to develop the
business. Mondelez is producing around 16 million cookies a year which is around 72 thousand metric tons of Oreo. It’s generating around 70 million dollars of
revenue every year. One of the reasons why we came to Bahrain is precisely the well-being and the respect that the locals have towards the expatriates are
respected and have rights in Bahrain. Lots of human interaction in
the manufacturing of products which are very high-end. Also, all the employees have a
good quality of life in Bahrain. At WestPoint Home we employ over 160 Bahrainis. Easy country to do business in, easy access to the Economic Development Board, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Labour. An interactive dynamic relationship or partnership, the #TeamBahrain and the government associations in Bahrain gives you 100% ownership of the facility.

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