As we move into the new year, I’m thinking
of things to leave behind in 2018. Currently on my list is: Kanye West Ketogenic Diets Shitty Dudes Dating Apps And Tide Pods, even though they are forbidden and delicious. Every year, I pick a resolution and most of
them fall through, but I think I’ve finally found one I’m going to stick to. I’m leaving fake outrage and wokeness in 2018. Now, I know this may surprise some people
who, for whatever reason have determined that these are corner stones of my content, but
my hiatus from YouTube has really taught me a lot about where I’m putting my energy and
how being connected to the internet 24/7 makes me feel. One of the hardest things about being a content
creator is that you’re pressured to constantly and consistently pump out content. As someone who focuses on social issues, people
often expect me to be upset and to passionately call out every little moment of real or perceived
racism, sexism or transphobia. People want my angry responses to every little
thing. But to be honest, I’ve found that more times
than not, it’s just not worth it. No, i don’t need to make a video every time
Trump says something silly or someone decides to cosplay as a black person. I get why people have that expectation of
me, because I’ve done it before, but taking a break from the internet has really shown
me just how toxic and unproductive it is to create content reacting to every little thing
that I barely care about because of expectations from my audience or the algorithm. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t call
things out, we should. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t hold
larger creators accountable for their biases and isms, we should. But what I am saying is that when you’re pressured
to constantly pump out new content in order to keep your website afloat, inevitability,
you’re going to start splitting hairs and I don’t think that’s ultimately very productive. But people like conflict and conflict sells. YouTube has become a blood thirsty space where
what people want more than anything is to see other people torn down. “Drama Channels” are some of the most successful
channels on this website and so often, they’re run by people who have done some of the exact
things they’re calling people out for. All while ironically arguing for some sort
of ideological purity. What’s aggravated me more than anything is
that “Wokeness” is now some sort of new social currency where those who are “woke”
absolutely refuse to associate with those who aren’t. But the gag is, most of these people are just
performing wokeness. When cornered, theyre just as problematic,
if not more as the people they call out. At least the people they call out are openly
messed up. Half of ya’ll think that if you think something,
but don’t say it, it’s ok. You don’t really change how you feel, just
what you choose to show to other people. You just edit a paragraph, you don’t rewrite
the entire paper. That would require too much work. But really being “woke” shouldn’t be a competition
and some people are way more invested in how convincing their woke performance is, than
actually doing anything outside of hot takes for retweets and views. On YouTube, I’ve seen the beauty community
devolve into accusations of racism back and forth. But no, not to really… do anything about
racism; not to draw attention to what racism is and the impact of anti-blackness on black
people, but to take out the competition. And shock upon shock, turns out more times
than not, the people calling other people out have also posted messed up tweets years
and years ago. Shocking. Look, Let me level with you, we’re all f****d
up. We are. Each and every single one of us has said or
done something that has been hurtful to another person, even if we didn’t mean to, even if
that wasn’t our intent, we’ve all been there. And I am sick and tired of people pretending
that they’re these perfect, special snowflakes who were born into the world with all the
information they’ve ever needed to be a better person. I think that there are three sorts of people,
people who are determined not to understand, people who just don’t know any better and
people who do know better, just but don’t care. I don’t think most people are the latter. I think most of us were raised in an environment
that, while well meaning, still influenced us in ways where we can easily dismiss the
pain and validity of other people. I think that, despite that, most of us want
to be better people. Most of us want to, if we can, avoid ways
of hurting other people. I think that the internet has created this
feedback loop ,where we can only conclude that the world is this dire and terrible place
where everyone different than us, is potentially out to get us. And I think that there are people on all sides
that are banking on us reaching that conclusion. But I don’t think that’s the way that we should be. I don’t think we need to be a people who inherently
distrust each other. I’m not saying we all need to reach across
the table. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not interested in
the humanizing stories of people who are determined to hate or people who deliberately move themselves
to hurt other people. I am, however, saying that we should not get
to know each other through a series of headlines and click baited titles. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot here,
but I have come to believe that the internet and its need for constantly flowing content
has distorted our view of each other. News organizations bank on the faming of certain
groups of people in a negative light. And every post pushes the message further
and further to get you to conclude that these people aren’t even worth respecting. They depend on your outrage clicks, and you
being pushed into a direction where what you want more than anything is to see more stories
that upset you. We need to log off. We need to reconnect with the people who are
important to us in our lives. We need to start appreciating the people who
exist beyond the internet. I’ll be honest, my hiatus has taught me that
while I know a lot about a lot of things, I have so much more to learn. I have so much more to grow and I have so
many more things about myself to share. So from this point forward, my channel will
focus on learning, sharing and growing. You won’t only be hearing my opinions and
perspectives. You’ll be hearing the opinions and perspectives
of people who are different from me. Expect new videos every Wednesday on my channel
and I hope you’ll continue to learn, share and grow with me.


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  2. this video was so refreshing it cleared my skin and bought all my textbooks for next semester <3
    also, it's so nice to see that list of patreon supporters at the end (I hope to become one in the future). cuz like, what happened to just supporting creators who we actually like? I feel like this year, ESPECIALLY in the beauty community, everyone was making content about people they actively dislike, and everyone was talking about the new problematic person of the week. but like, sis, the unsubscribe button is right there. I mean, there's such an over-saturation of beauty content in particular that if you were really truly upset by something someone said or did, you can just unsub and watch someone else. we don't have to talk about it for 8 million years afterwards. just like you said, everyone has said or done something "problematic" in the past, and the people to check for are the people actively fighting injustice through whatever platform they have, promoting positive change. cuz that shows that whatever things they said or did in the past, they've grown from that. Instead of just calling out people for clout, how about we actively support people who are doing good work in 2019 (like you, kat! can't wait to see your new content this year!)

  3. There's been a power of levelling, of free press in the internet, but truth does not reside in either an extreme authoritarian or extreme capitalist market system, where our fight-flight-freeze-faint survival systems are commodity. (angry posts target adrenal systems, folks). The extremes of how preferential attachment works when only the bottom line of very narrowed parameters are paid attention to and we're not distracted in an ecosystem of interest are some of the things that make capitalism and marketplaces f'd up in a robotic way and like an AI disaster however much technology is or isn't involved. And because money gathers political power and in most cases started with it, and most revolutions just cut the cards rather than change the system, in my highly political mind, that means the bogey-men versions of the left and right, and 'liberal' or authoritarian, royalist or republican, it's all the same thing. Really. At it's extremes, when it by preferential attachment centres the already privileged. Seagulls win in a storm, vultures in a drought. Algorithms etc, the way they've been built, has eventually applied the same forces to the internet. The internet is an intensifier – it's like pub, tabloid and TV combined. Both very immediate and with some of the practically limiting factors taken out, but with others added in which make it great for accessibility – you can have a cuppa or go for a walk or do work or parent after a fashion alongside, or at least be a bit safer from physical assault than you would be having a conversation with strngers in an actual pub. So this does positive things by diversifying the range of people in the conversation. The network science is helped there. But the commodification of adrenal systems works very hard against these benefits, especially with the influence of those who already hold power and deeply engrained unnecessarily competitive and narrowed attitudes. The in-print tabloids and more,or the big news and broadcasting organisations and other marketing and cultural entities behind them have been quite successful at moulding attitudes but maybe the intensity of the internet has been empowering them. Society will hopefully learn – just like we learn to resist advertising and manipulated impulse buys ordinarily already. But it may take a while. The spread of the word to the people, printed words, books, literacy, improvements in tech in general, they are the revolution. That's why we define eras by them, if not by leaders or royals.

  4. I honestly was going to unsub because I legit thought this was going to be what you called yourself out on. You just talking about something that's been done over and over again and ngl I've rolled my eyes at you a few times. But this is what I want to see. Evolution and calling out real bs on people, not just what you think fake woke people want to see and hear to make themselves feel better. I can't wait to see your future videos and growth

  5. I've been so tired of getting defensive every time I'm insulted, because I've realized certain people WANT a RISE out of me! Not only that, some of my friends always wait to mess up, so they're called out, instead of actually doing any basic research. It made me feel like they're not really interested in being learning anything about anybody, they just use me as a tutorial for social issues.

    Through that I've also discovered how I'm caught up in a bubble and not reaching out to people who aren't in my circle. I'm always surrounded by leftist artists, like myself. But they've found a way to use "wokeness" as a narcissistic pat-on-the-back mentor-type call-out speech-giving repetitive device they use in their plays and songs, with no real depth, no self-reflection, no self-critique – only easy ways to get applause and praise from people in our own circle, while a huge chunk of the population doesn't even bother going to the theatre, because they're simply not being educated on how cheap, accessible and fun it can be. It became this performative flex, recycled, boring and so agressively divisive, when art should be challenging for EVERYONE and, at the very least, captivating. My community is conviced that they're doing the HARD WORK, but they're not. I've been called a racist by a WHITE ACTING STUDENT (mind you………. I'm a BLACK ACTRESS), because she said she "doesn't see race" and I said "I certainly do". She proceeded to interrupt me and call me out??????? She's in her damn thirties.

    We've been doing too little and the most at the same time. And I've been riding this wave, being permissive, being too quiet or sometimes being too loud and mean and it's my fault as well. I just can't give these people the time of day anymore. They have wi-fi, they have a degree, they have history books. I need to do better and that, for me, means letting go of fake outrage, letting go of stress, letting go of anonymous trolls online and communicating in real life with people who WANT dialogue.

  6. Wow, good for you! Thank you for inviting us to join you in learning, sharing, and growing next year.

  7. Where have you been all my 2018!!! Lol I want to take this journey with you. I need to take this journey with you. I want more from 2019, more from me. I expect it. I deserve it! Thank you for helping me articulate what part of my goal looks like. I promise to check in with you on this new journey!!

  8. been a fan of this channel for a while now and am REALLY excited to see where you're taking it!

  9. I literally made a fb post about this because of the baby its cold outside and every older person is losing their shit.

  10. My $0.02: I like the term "Social capital" since it sheds light on how reputation can be commodified, even if the "market" involved never uses money. Just as capitalist creation of money is by a process independent of production (one of the major problems with capitalism), talking about social capital can highlight how one might gain in reputation without doing any of the work.

    In any case, thanks for this video, and I look forward to seeing what you do in 2019.

  11. I don't get money for it, but as a notable social media user I'm expected to be super woke and I'm tired. Like, so tired. Like, there is no forgiveness, no ability for growth, just More Woke Than You competitive bullshit and being forced to use minority labels as shields or even weapons..

    Tired of it all.

  12. for my 2019, im leaving bad behind. bad habits, bad people, bad actions, bad thoughts.

  13. What you should take care of is YOU. That’s what I learned this year and that’s what I wish everyone to learn. I have so much respect for you for making this video. Thank you thank you. What you do is so important 💕

  14. I'm so so happy to see you back, especially if you're feeling in a better mindset and able to create the content you really want

  15. I have been on both sides of this (I've been a call-out culture queen and the called-out performatively.) This is a good reminder to check ourselves and remember where we come from and where we were at throughout our lives and to check our intentions when engaging. Thank you.

  16. Hey Kat! A positive YouTuber you might enjoy watching is Riley. She’s trans too, and her channel is so uplifting and wholesome! It is really soothing to watch!

  17. So glad you’re back! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we missed you are are very proud of the growth we can see you’ve gained from this break from YouTube.

  18. TROOF

    Also, let’s start educating those who are willing to learn. It’s gonna be hard but it really can’t be worse than what’s going on now.

  19. Keto diet is just how I normally eat. I was so surprised to find out it’s a fad diet lol

  20. Thank you. Criticism helps our community grow, including criticism of leftist critics.

  21. This is hands down the most honest and, to me, impactful video I think I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

    Ive watched a few of your videos in the past, the anarchy and fascism videos come to mind. but this one really got me. Lately I’ve been feeling like the word “problematic” is just so intellectually lazy because the accuser never has to outright callout the bigotted ideas behind the problematic views. The conversation just ends there.

  22. Alright Kat!! Been a fan for last few years, it’s great to watch you fearlessly grow and evolve. I’m excited for 2019 content. 😁😁

  23. I use to strongly dislike you and even had a lengthy tumblr reblog between you and me. And I’m excited about this and seeing growth and change. I’m ready for this series and see a calm sit down discussion, not bashing and being negative towards each other. I kinda hope to see people on your channel like Blair white and Jeffrey star and again have a sit down discussion no drama, not a doc, no bashing, and no “im a changed person because of x and x” a sit down discussion between civilized adults. I want to see people coming together more and being at peace. Anyways I subscribed even though we have opposing opinions.

  24. Brilliant commentary. We have to grow and be empathetic. Thank you for your continued work and compassion! Our org would love to work with you in the future, Kat.

  25. Yes, I am so tired of fake enlightenment (wokeness) and people pretending that they are angels that haven't done anything. Plenty of people I know are also sick of callout/outrage culture that has gone on recently. I refuse to be part of it. And I do plan to delete my FB account soon, so I've been getting friends' numbers. Remember when we used to have them memorized?!

  26. I really liked this video overall. One of the biggest problems with the internet left is constantly trying to out woke each other and ostracizing anyone that makes one small mistake. Often times, it's legitimately debatable whether it was even a mistake, some people just interpreted as such. This also breeds a culture as to where solving problems is of far less importance than just calling out problematic things. Like, most white people are definitely a little racist. However, we should ask ourselves why this is the case and how can we change it? This might allow a better strategy to actually cause change.

  27. Yooooooo Kat's coming through with the realness per usual! Luv ya, cya in 2019!

  28. I actually really like this video and I actually decided to stop watching so much “tea” from YouTube stars and paying attention to so much of the media

  29. This really speaks to my experiences in leftbook and what dumpster fire it is(including the groups calling out the rest of leftbook for being a dumpster fire). I used to defend call out culture a lot but the form of it practised by some of these social justice circles are ultra performative and there's this creepy wicker man element to them ritualistically burning people alive every so often.

  30. Hi Kat. I love this video.
    Just one thought: I think you kind of dodge some accountability here, in a way that is antithetical to the message of the video.
    You seem to place the blame for your past content, which you're now deeming unconstructive, on the pressures and expectations of your audience/"the algorithm".
    In all honesty, that feels like a bit of a cop out: surely the attention/ego thing has been a major factor for you as well. You go on to (fairly) criticise how people engage with these things less for the sake of actual progress and more for for the success, praise, influence they entail. We are all prone to that shit. As a creator in the thick of it, it would've been nice to see you, honestly and reflectively turn that lens on yourself, how that has influenced your content, been damaging to you personally etc.

  31. Good to see you back. This was really what I needed to see right now. I've been combative in a non-constructive way with the right. You continue to open my eyes to new perspectives. Keep it up.

  32. Gonna be honest I stopped watching your channel a long while ago because it was outrage content. I'm glad I clicked the link this time this year, for me, is about action you're about to make some moves with this positive direction you're going into

  33. Gonna be honest I stopped watching your channel a long while ago because it was outrage content. I'm glad I clicked the link this time this year, for me, is about action you're about to make some moves with this positive direction you're going into

  34. You know what brought me here? Frustration with Black Twitter (from what it looks like on my feed) tearing each other apart over the whole 'Liam Neeson' interview (everyone probably knows what i'm talking about). It's a fight for clout at the moment and i want nothing to do with it.

  35. its low energy thinking. add more truth to either side of the argument and it will be seen for what it is

  36. I can't stand people who bitch about illuminati. makes me sick. for all their Bitchin. and yet it changes nothing.

  37. For the first time ever, I just watched a Kat Blaque video and agreed with every point made in it.

  38. Living is learning your talk on this subject is wonderful to see. We all get it wrong sometimes. But that attitude you have is a blessing to see. I hope more of us begin to listen.

  39. One thing you obviously haven’t left behind is shoveling food in your mouth. That’s easy to realize that considering you’re a fat pig

  40. Dear Kat,
    I’m so glad I don’t have to hate you anymore. I saw one of your earlier videos just a couple hours ago and I wrote a very angry response. It wasn’t what you said, but I think it was what you didn’t realize you were saying. I felt all confused because your face looked really kind and not easily angered in a stupid way, so I was wondering why you were saying the things you were. Seeing this video kind of cleared things up for me a bit. The idea that makes the most sense here is that you are a good person who made a mistake. Because how could you not be a good person when you made such a specifically kind and easygoing expression? It wouldn’t make sense. I also think you might be an ENFP (like me) since you seem very empathetic, good at psychoanalysis (whether of the self or otherwise), and also very free spirited. I’m glad you’ve come to this realization. It makes me very very happy.

  41. i used to think you were just another libdem virtue signalling white hating simpleton, this video completely changes my perspective as long as you stick to your guns on this, having an opinion is one thing but like you said the needless bloodlust and cancel culture permeating the net these days is so toxic and damaging to our society, good on ya girl

  42. Bit late to the party, but I'll drink a toast to that…Here's to, Light not Heat..Empathy not Ego..Reflection not Reflex 🍻

  43. I think it's important to recenter yourself once in a while, so I'm glad you've been doing that! I have enjoyed all the new content you've made 🙂

  44. It's a great point & Advice for the World, "WE'RE ALL FUCKED UP" so climb down off your High Horses!, You know who you are!…

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