Fallout 4 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Hi everyone this is karak from ACG, and today
I am bringing you the review for a game that has me dressed to impress, scavenging lunch
pails, readying my editable ini files, and drinking from stagenent playground water. Yes vault dwellers the game is fallout 4,
the openworld human hamburger helper simulator that has you, the sole surviver ejected from
your fallout vault 200 years after a world war with nothing but a blue suit, a handgun
and the ability to actually speak,in a one man war against those who wronged him while
he slept. The big question is does fallout 4 keep alive
the traditions and excellence of fallout 3 and fallout 3 new vegas, with their classic
do anything at the risk of taking a coaster ride through a monsters bowels gameplay, or
does the series get hemogonized and humdrum, a victim of its own hubris and the typical
bugginess these titles are absolutely known for? Lets check it out and see. As always if you like this video please subscribe. So here is the review for fallout 4, building
your bases without the need for a mod, the return of VATS, any excuse to play dressup,
and the age old battle between bone riddling cancers and going around a 1 inch deep mud
puddle so you can collect a can of spam. Graphics as always
are up first. You know its always good to remember that
graphics are and always will be a careful interaction between the technical aspects
like resolution, textures, model complexity, and framerate, against design and that last
factor is where Fallout 4 is steller. As with prior titles the world is intoxivating
in its points of interest, one moment your in a historical museem fighting off chap wearing
raiders the next your investigating the bowels of a rock quarry, and wondering just what
lies behind that door everyone keeps writing about, the inner workings of the machinary
of man still humming and alive around you. I can’t express easily the eerie feeling of
unease I felt creeping into a line of desicated trees as I followed the sounds of something…munching
the hell out of something else. If there is anything Fallout and Falout 4
in particual seem to nail its absolutely interesting locations with a lived in, or at one time
lived in, feel to them. This is one hell of a map and world to explore. But…those other factors..ya maybe not so
much. Now here comes a sentence you don’t like to
hear sort of like its not a tumour but its also not from this earth, well Sadly graphics
wise even on the pc and all patched up, the game is all over the damned place. Sometimes hitting 60frames per second on the
testing machine and other times dipping as low as the mid teens during explosive moments. Make no mistake when raiders attack you and
decide that your dying is worth burning down entire towns via moltolv cocktail downpour
the framerate can get downright attrocious even on a 980gtx at 1080p. The consoles have their own battle to fight
and thats to stick at 30 frames per second with settings that are somewhere between low
and medium on the PC and they don’t stay solid either especially when multipule light sources
are used. I am not gonna lie Fallout 4 cant perform
VERY very shabby. And I know that will bring out gameplay defenders
in droves, and I get that, thats why I have funfactor as a rating but damn performance
has to be acceptable to allow for gameplay to flourish. Here and there has been some enviromental
lighting additionas, changings to the depth of field, and draw distance has been increased
from previos titles defaults but at first glimps it really doesn’t impress when compared
to other games like say the witcher 3, also ambiant occulsion is either absent in the
consoles versions or down right towned down into nothingness really hampering the image
quality further. Also even with every graphical setting lodged
at ultra, characters faces look like something hobbled off a scary shit manufacturing line
when noone was looking, and the closer a characters face got to realistic the damned scarier they
got. Compared to some of the other games we have
been privy to this year, even at its best, Fallout doesn’t meet the challange, and its
always threating to stutter and stall when the going gets tough. Who knows maybe framerate will be free dlc. Textures continue to be hit and miss with
the fallout titles and 4 is no exception. While some areas look great at any distance,
there is still a overabundance of cottage cheese texturing like some kind of digital
goat was milked all over everything and then everything was left out in the sun. But characters clothes are the most egretious
offenders I think I have ever seen. Much of the texturing is just downright low
resolution, with questionable textures abounding across all the systems and even the PC with
every setting set to high it feels like your watching everything through a damned glaucoma
filter. Luckily nothing will stop my sheer enjoyment
from dressing up like a spaceman and discussing drugs with some old fart who looks like she
is half dead. But I am not sure if I am laughing with or
directly at the game a times. Atmospherically its a knocout but the animations
still suffer from the feeling that they are being interpreted by someone who has never
jumped, walked, fought, shot, stabbed, or discussed haulkcinegetics before. Seperately the jump animation continues to
defy logic looking both unjumplike and strangely painful,however put within the world characters
continue to look downright hilarious and movements still almost never matching up with the locals,
the physical opbjects or well…anything remotely near them. One place where Fallout 4 shines is the dynamic
weather system, its not only a triumph and looks amazing, it almost magically doesn’t
crator the framerate like one would except Lastly good monster design slightly horrify
and also delight and if there is anything Bethesda knows its how to make something mundane
like a cow look like a damned John Carpentor generator. As a package fallout 4 continues in line with
the titles prior, released in a state of flux. Its not a large jump in its asthetic but its
additional use of various graphical effects, especially on PC go a long way to solidify
the world even if it still contains many of the same problems as its predesesors. Sound music and voice. Sound is excellent with almost all the weapons,
enemies, explosions, firing death, and exploding of barely connected human parts sounding perfect. Sneaking through vast and dark city sewers
only to emerge into misty darkness and hear a gun battle rattling around you is straight
up godmode for the ears and seperation and the audio spectrum were both represented well. I did have to fiddle with the games levels
to get voices to pop above the ambiant soundtrack but thats what the settingis there for. easily my favorite overall package in the
fallout Series. Music
This was a surprising mix of the classic oldies we have expected from the Fallout games and
far bigger band, thematically explosive movie tracks than I never really expected to hear
much in a Fallout game. Its a bit jarring actually. sometimes I would come into an area and this
the orchastra tracks would begin to ring out and I kept feeling like i needed a sword and
a shield to trample my enemies. Not bad, but I wasn’t as much of a fan here
as I was to the more contianed soundtracks of Fallout 3 and new vegas. Voice
Hey guess what your character has voice. A point of contention or not courtney taylor
and brian delaying, the female and mail soul surviver voice actors do their best to protray
a character that has solidified itself into gamers mind as the every man. or everywoman depending on which you choose. here they do an admirable job keeping up with
the likes of ron perlman and a vast array of voice actors handling NPCs, of robatic,
human, half human, and not at all humankind and of course your large stable of sane and
not so sane companions. Collectivly I liked the voices and having
a voiced protagonist did nothing to change my desire to roleplay within the title. And no there is no option to silence them. Gameplay
Where Fallout has succeeded before is taking what was good, nameily the open ended gameplay
that bethesda is known for and combining it with storytelling that moves a character somewhat
naturally through the progression of newcomer, travler, explorer, and then conquier in succesive
steps. Regardless if your a gamer who did or did
not enjoy the main stories, it is side missions, main missions progression tied of course to
everyones freeweeling attempts to own the wasteland, that over time developed the personal
stories that Fallout is known for generating. Fallout four attempts to do the same repeating
the age old script of vault dweller shading eyes against the returning sun as they creep
from their saftey holes to perform some deed or quest that drives them. here our vault dweller suffers a lose profound
and personal and seeks out the transgressors. IN doing so Fallout 4 continues its tradition
off balls to the wall gameplay, explosive flesshy bits, and absolutely mindblowing customization
all encapsulated in a world with rules just lose enough to make eating a can of spamlike
material, thats easily half a century old seem like a perfactly good idea. In 1st or 3rd view you explore the world as
any newcomer would by shooting enemies in the face to see how they react, you can later
gather companions that also shoot people in their faces, or bitw them in the faces if
you include some of the other companions. Now you can go the nice route, increasing
your charisma and sweet talking your way into and out of harms way but in the end, almost
everything devlolves to throwing bullets at one another and seeing who explodes into human
hamburger helper first. Thats where the first improvement is seen. Combat just feels better, VATS is more response,
aiming seems more dialed in and movement, though still hindred at times by poor collision
detections with the enviroment, still sees an improvement. First person feels like a fully viable viewpoint
as well even without vats and the vast repitrote of new, remodled, and old weapons is a collectors
dream. melle combat feels about the same though some
new weapons and armor types brings some new tactics as well. in fallout 4 we have some changes to the status
quo. First of all someone got mods in my fallout. thats right you can build and create bases
and here is where a little bit of trickery was pulled on us and folks its a good kind. You can’t just outfit a small plot or join
caravans like we were told, entire blocks can be remodeled in some of these locations,
old buildings torn down, scrap reused and your own peice by peice or prebuilt locations
put up in their place. It is intoxicating. No lie I spent 8 hours remodeling a small
section of a location and not only was I not bored, I wasn’t even close to finish nor did
I feel contained by the system in any way. its not perfect you go to a workbench alert
the game you want to modifty and then run around building things and yes sometimes you
look at a bed and yell why the hell cant I build this hear, but build your first generator,
through down some floor lamps, park your body armor in the chassis, and then turn on your
auto turrents to keep away enemies and I gurendamn te you its impressive. It was shocking how in depth it was and the
abity to plant food, power up items, assign survirs and just basically run everythig is
profound and offers a powerful feeling that was never in prior titles. reparing has somewhat changed in Fallout 4
and for the better though its conviencne is slightly impacted it feels tangible. Modifyingy weapons and armor is intrinsicly
connected to performing at your best and the number of modifications and unique things
you can do to almost all the weapons is going to keep tech heads and future mythbusters
busy. Tahts going to beg the question, do the items
you get and the ability to control more of the enviroment change the feel of Fallout
4. No. In fact the difficulty seemed slightly higher
than I was accustomed to and just because you have a base doesn’t mean that folks can’t
raid it, or that you wont get caught while investigating an old folks home by bloodthirsty
massive mesquitoes., It all balances out. In fact they are really nothing more than
towns like any other however these towns you just happened to put together on your own. While mission structure and gameplay remain
relatively the same, there are some noticable changeups here, first the overall mechanicmn
for discussion has been reworked offering a far more personal feeling to the game and
I loved that aspect, something i felt was missing from prior titles but others may find
jarring. Addtioinally many missions and their content
were multi teired, in many ways more complex and sprawling than either fallout3 or fallout
new vegas resulting in quests that felt tied to locations and people and not just check
lists. Sometimes requiring many visits to someone
for updates, this could have become a lot of retreading the same path but Bethesda handles
it experetly and that only occurs in very specific situations when it, shockingly makes
sense, and not just if it will artificually amplify game length. I will also say this, hands down the companions
in Fallout 4 are my favorite, an absolutely menagerie of normal, crazy, and surprising
they are not over the top for the most part like HK47 from Knights of the Old Republic
but instead are far more smooth in their introduction and unlike past fallout games most of them
offered to join up so surprisingly naturally that I had no clue they were a companion character
until we discussed teaming up for some adventuring. Now lets talk about the game world. Lets be honest it wouldn’t be fallout if there
wastn’t something interesting every 30 feet and bethesda continues to impress there, with
hidden locations, secret entrances, special weapons,and lootable treasures stuck just
about everywhere of course begging the question why the hell hasn’t someone else taking this
gun off this desk, thats like 10 feet from where raiders camp. ya thats Fallouts mentality and if you take
it to serious it will burn you. Instead its about instant gratificatoin leading
to complex situations both enviromentally and personally. I am not going to spoil it but there is a
great deal more here than meets the eye, and though graphics are always the first iomprssion,
beneath those exists an incredible amount of core gameplay. sadly if there are a couple of places where
Fallout 4 sees no improvement its first in thegeneral UI. Half way through the first hour I felt like
I was programming a damned computer with trigger flicks, bumper presses, and button smashes
just to fast travel. its insanely complicated and though the favoriting
system helps out in combat its the actual pause in action and trying to work with your
inventory that shreds patience so damn easily. Secondaly the game does have its odditiest,
I didn’t run into many bugs but sometimes my dog would sit half on and half off a couch,
or the entire world would shiver like it got a cold, resulting in that moment where you
quick save worrying that the game will come crashing down around you. And yet despite this. I had no crashes. I had fps issues, I had some patching bugs,
and just downright oddness and its obvsiou Fallout 4 needs optomization but 0 crashes
to desktop in over 50 hours of gameplay is like some kind of magical bethesda dream for
me as a day one owner of all their past title.s. Funfactor
Fallout and games of its kind are a delicate dance between open world gameplay and keeping
some kind of rails inbounds otherwise the players movements and motivations will crash
the entire thing. Fallout 4 does this well>sure its story isn’t
riviting, sure, the UI is something from an APPLE 2e, but the gameplay, the additions
and changes contained within and the enjoyment of exploring makes the title worth it. Fallout 4 isn’t perfect. far from it. But you know what it is? Its fallout 4. And damn if thats not awesome.

100 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. ACG your reviews are the best. Thanks for what you do. I watch your videos before i check out any game no adays

  2. never played fallout 4! this review was so on point ACG I need to give this game a chance in my lifespans👻

  3. God I made the mistake of playing this game after beating The Witcher 3 and was absolutely and utterly disappointed. This game is pure garbage compared to that.

  4. Anyone who has played fallout 3 or new vegas knows this game is extremely disappointing. Shame on them for gutting a great title

  5. Didn't finish the game.
    The damn forced building settlements killed the game, well for me anyway.
    Should i ever wish to build things in a game i'll get minecraft.
    And that is as likely as trump and Clinton becoming bff's.

  6. Idk if I want this game, Far Cry 4, or Far Cry Primal. I never played none of the games from the Falllout nor Far Cry series.

  7. Going back and watching this Review, thank you Karak. For bringing up that this game is inferior to The Witcher 3 and that the pip boy is overrated and not everybody is big fan of it as a UI element for my inventory and such. You gave credit where credit is due, roasted them where they needed roasted. Overall great game. But Bethesda needs to to step it up to meet the challenges of other RPGs.

  8. This game looks so bad imo. PS3's The Last of Us shits on this game graphically and that was last gen tech.

  9. Too much focus on the building and stuff, the voiced player (while well voiced) unfortunately hurts role play and replay value for me. My first 2 playthough were great, one male and one female. Both doing everything differently and providing a unique experience. However any playthrough I started after I couldn't get into, because he/she sounds like my other character, there are also far fewer dialogue choices than previous installments . In F3 and FNV I had probably 10 different characters, they all spoke and acted differently in my head, the large amount of dialogue choices also helped with RP. Also the old vats and level progression were better, no skill points was a shock. All in all this is good fun game, but not a good fallout game.

  10. He didn't experience that many bugs? What the hell copy did you get then, because mine was riddled with them and made it one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I've ever had. The game feels like it has no soul. Same thing will probably happen to The Elder Scrolls. They already made an unnecessary MMO for the cash, they will more than likely do the same with the main flagship title. Call of Duty syndrome.

  11. Really like your narration pacing and voice quality, reminds me of NPR radio reporters, telling the news and the worlds story's, good work, appreciate it. I could totally see you as a radio reporter, lol.

  12. it's a wait for sale. That is being nice. for me I'd say never touch again. I really didn't like it.

  13. I just bought this game as an impulse purchase for $30 (Canadian). Just a day before Horizon Zero Dawn. I only played 2 hours so far and I'm already loving it. I will have no life for the next 3 months 🙂

  14. that game to me just did not feel like a Fallout game at all to me, even less like a RPG. It's a problem i have with Bethesda game in general, with the focus on exploration and not about role playing and choices and consequence. But that's damn settlement built mode was really annoying me particularly when they made me play with it to build a teleport…. If Bethesda can give it to Obsidian i will thanks the god. But don't plan to buy a Fallout game made by Bethesda ever again, Fallout 3 was a disappointment, Fallout 4 was just no longer Fallout

  15. when has fallout ever tried to look ultra realistic? it's always had a comic book/50's nostalgia feel and look.

  16. i fucking love this game! absolute diamond soo fun gun and armor modding and combat👍

  17. Had to come watch this review again after watching the Mass Effect Andromeda one. FO4 turned out to be one of my favorite games on PS4, was hoping MA:E was going to be a similar scenario where the good outweighed the bad.

  18. I hate that people only include the radio music in the music compartment. The actual base game music is absolutely amazing.

  19. The best part about your reviews in my opinion is how thorough each segment is. It's also great going back to reviews like this that are a little older and checking out your analysis. You've passed all the bigger websites ( ign, GameSpot ect) keep up the great work!!

  20. I will never understand the extreme graphics hate. yea it looks like poop, did that ruin the gameplay? no? move on. yes? get off that high horse boi

  21. I would have preferred they had taken all the time and resources spent on the base-building bullshit and instead made a real Fallout game.

    New Vegas is still the best.

  22. Yay.. Build shit… But, for what?? I can flick my nuts for 8 hrs, but does that mean I want too? Hell no!

    Not sure how you can call this a buy for Fallout/rpg fans.. Its neither fallout, nor rpg.. Its a straight up shooter/survival builder crap, of which there are hundreds releasing on Steam every week… I think its being given a pass, because its name… Ive only disagreed with you on two of your reviews, and this is one..

  23. I love Fallout, been playing since 1 launched, and they just get better with each one (except new vegas, uhg shoulda been DLC) best fallout game yet! my only gripe is that the brotherhood story is lame, been a fan of the brotherhood for a long time

  24. I know the combat in f4 isn't the best, but you have to admit punching someone in the face with a power fist and watching their head pop.

  25. Fallout 4 is a nice shooter with RPG-elements, but not so much of a RPG. Aaand oddly enough, the UI feels way smoother on console than it does on PC and so does the settlement-system. Its still a nice game with its seeling-point being more the world and the side-stories then the main story alone.

  26. Regular people review: It's got its faults, but Fallout 4 is pretty fun.
    Sociopath review: This game sucks. You can't drown babies or rape people.
    Fanboy review: This game is nothing like New Vegas, which is the best game. Maybe if it were more like New Vegas, I'd like it, but it's just not New Vegas enough for me. New Vegas.

  27. can someone give me some feedback? thinking of getting this game…i had fallout 3 on playstation 3 and loved it..now i have ps4 and i want a new fallout game..i'm not a very hardcore gamer, so i dont really care too much if the graphics aren't WAY better… i just wanna know is it at least as good as fallout 3?

  28. I'm 24. I have a problem. I buy games that I end up not finishing or playing enough time. Reason: Lack of time or just get bored.
    I need help, any advice? I still love playing and checking games out. But sometimes i don't even know what to start playing.

  29. don't buy this game it's a pile of garbage. Buy the classic Fallouts the're cheaper and better.

  30. I like the games where you get a post apocalyptic worlds like Mad max, fallout. And no one talks about one game that is almost forgotten "RAGE". That game has some amazing graphics and very satisfying gunplay. Sadly it has many issues and bugs. I would like if ID software/Bethesda revives that.

  31. Without being able to build and control the settlements, Fallout 4 would basically suck.

  32. When the settlers or companions stand in the center of the doorway, or blocking you from placing a bed etc somewhere, I just want to jump through the screen and bash their fucking brains in. ohhhhh it pisses me off!

  33. Huge problem I had with New Vegas was companions.


  34. This is the hallowist and most dumbed down non rpg Fallout ever.. not sure what koolaid you were drinking.. first review of yours i think is biased and just wrong..

    is it fun for pointless nothing fun sure but it really is hardly an axtual Fallout game it is a sandbox fps pretending to be an rpg and with a Fallout paintjob on it.. thank god for modders they will make this much better.. this is the most linear "open world" game i have ever played

  35. It annoys me how often people bitch about the base building stuff…

    There's literally like two times in the whole game where you have to do it and it's not even slightly difficult.

    Why would you not take advantage of it to begin with? Having like 30 settlements on the go at once can be annoying and I get that but what benefit is there to not having at least a couple and outfitting them with good areas to store stuff? Not to mention all the crafting options that become available to you…which are all optional.

    If you want to be hardcore and use only what you pick up lying around the world…you do you, you can do that.

    People moan like you're forced at every turn to do it but that's false.

    The only viable complaint at all in regards to this is how a fair bit of the DLC, Automaton and Vault 88, are almost entirely Workshop related DLC and if you for whatever reason hate that then that's DLC you can't enjoy and may have already paid for.

    Otherwise…just don't fucking use the Workshop if it pains you so much.

  36. Not going to lie, the cartoony graphics agitate me. The pipe weapons I thought not only sounded like crap, but were just bad in general. The misleading workbenches, the beginning of the game, crappy dlcs, and unlore friendly content annoyed me. I was severely disappointed with fallout 4.

  37. I have played this game far longer than ANY other. With the mods and DLC I personally feel like this game offers more than any other. At least for consoles.

  38. Im replaying new Vegas right now and its amazing how much better written every single goddamn character you come across is.

  39. here because of Steam Autumn Sale, is the in-game performance still that bad? I will play this title on a laptop with 1070 + i7 7700 HQ, and I'm worried that I will still get bad frame rate.

  40. Do heads still explode every damn time? I got very, very tired of that with FO3. I'm a grown-up, you see.

  41. LOL… maybe framerate will be DLC. I was slowly thinking about playing this. I think ill wait til there is a deal meaning psn

  42. My first games console was a Master System. To this day I enjoy going back to play my old favourites and have no problem with the dated graphics, as they were the limitions of the day…. however, I have a real problem with sloppy graphics this day and age. I have been flirting with the idea of playing this for a while, but the graphics really put me off. The Evil Within 1 and 2 were fine, so I'm not sure what went wrong here.

  43. i never knew people played Fallout in 3rd person. like more than just to laugh at the ice skating. maybe ill have to try it.

  44. I got it today for ps4 for $8 on a eBay auction, never played a fallout game before. Any tips? Thanks

  45. I'm still confused on why you didn't bring up the lack of the karma system or the ability to be evil at all… the role playing is so dry in this fallout

  46. I like Fallouts 4 graphics, i dont get why you are disliking it. I think its amazing.
    Im not a "judge a game by their graphics guy" but if i can make a list of how to make a game, i would put good graphics as one of the most important. I dont get why people just judge a game with their graphics. Look at FC3,graphics are horrible but I loved that game.

  47. THIS game is perfect in the way it is, the graphic yes they ain't like they should be in this era but it goes with the story and come on not everyone can effort a decent quality pc to manage plays the game without lakin'

  48. One thing I want to say, Now look with this current generation of consoles I would think that issues no matter the type of game whether a f.p.s and or open world sandbox, that issues with game crashes frame rate drops muddy textures screen tearing and texture pop in and glitches and other bugs would be gone. Well from gta to fallout and more bugs do still AT TIMES appear in these titles but it seem's that people really take a hard line on fallout or at least n.v 3 and 4. I have yet to play an open world game were these issues were not there!!! Bugs glitches and so on for at least this generation will continue to be apparent in this style of games!!!! but it shouldn't detract from the beauty and down right fun to play this game fallout especially! Red dead 2 is right around the corner!!! Maybe the perfect open world game will grace us with no technical issues???? What do you guys think??!!

  49. fallout 4 was a flop i played 29% of the game & never went back. i hated how they made building so complicated. even after watching hours of you tube vids i still couldnt figure it out. & building was made in such away its forced on you in order to progress the games story. thats when i deleted it. & talk about bugs this guy said there was few …hes full ouf it i had major ones that kept the game from progressing. & look at nexus mods theres shit for any decent or story driven or character custom builds . even after 3 years. the mods are not that great . nothing thats gonna make me ever reload this game. major let down.

  50. The one thing I don't quite agree with is the quest complexion – in terms of dialogue tied to quests, the choices offered in New Vegas are unparalleled. You had so many ways to respond and complete quests – not always but as far as I remember from FNV this was the norm. To recall a few – resolving the Sheriff situation in Primm, dealing with the Great Khans, dealing with the Brotherhood of Steel, dealing with the Van Graffs. There were also a bunch of other small quests that offered different outcomes, not as important but gave the sensation that you were choosing and not the game forcing you down certain paths.

    Or maybe my wonderful memories about New Vegas have been twisted and turned upside-down by the passing of time and the game was complete crap. Dunno.

  51. I have over 2000 hours into this game and many of those were spent building settlements (and arming and outfitting my settlers) I had no idea I would enjoy doing that like I have.

  52. Tho fallout has been and will always be my favorite franchise, this was BY FAR the weakest game of all of them, and to me it felt like most of the RPG and true end choices were gutted. I had a great time, and there were a few stand out moments. However I hope this is a bridge to what Fallout 5 can do in 8 to 10 years after Bethesda is done chasing fortnight and rust with Fallout 76. Thank you as always Karak for the in depth quality reviews, and thank you to your patrons which allow you your Independence.

  53. I just couldnt get into this game, looked like crap, plays like crap, just feels like a clunky game coded with legos

  54. HEYNOW ~ Cool Review : I’ve watched this Review Several times Since April 27, 2016 when I got FallOut 4 Pc Goty with HigH Resolution Texture Pack and just wanted too say how You nailed this game with what I’m guessing was about 30 hours of GamePlay ? Bethesda is Jealous 🎮 As always Thanx 4 Posting & much Love from Portugal 🇵🇹

  55. I know it's already been reviewed to death but I'd just love to see you pretend to review Fallout 76 and go over all the issues with a fine comb and see your reaction to it.

  56. Never played a Fallout game. I got a PS3, but also at a time where I had got married, did my residency, and had a kid. I missed a lot of the last gen. I still have a PS3, so should I play FO3 and FONV first?

    Based on reviews, I think I will enjoy NV the most, but thats honestly just a guess.

    I wish there was a VR version of FO3 & NV for PSVR. I know PC has this ability. No VR on my PC though.

  57. watching this in 2019, wondering if I should buy the game. Its on sale for 10 bucks.

  58. I tried 3 times playing this game and I had fun for like an hour but I quickly realized how there is no survivor sense in it, and the game gives you everything from the start. Also, the difficulty levels are stupid as fuck, they just make you do less damage and make enemies do more damage. That is not true difficulty in this day and age, I expect some more tweaks.

  59. This is my review. (How I am rating it. 0. Unplayable 1 Horrific. 2. Terrible. 3. Very Bad. 4. Bad. 5. Average. 6. Okay. 7. Good. 8. Very Good. 9. Awesome. 10. Outstanding.) As a fallout fan I am disappointed in this game. This game is great but it falls short compared to older games. First off the dialogue is disappointing with 3 options Yes, No and Sarcastic. In fallout 1-2 if you said something wrong you fail a quest and fallout 3 and new vegas you had optional dialogue options based off of your perks. Why they didn't add these in the game is beyond me. I also hate how there are houses you cannot explore with wooden doors that cannot open preventing you from going inside. This also limits some settlements as I find a couple of places like Jamica Plain having this house you cannot open (Which is lazy. I get how you cannot do this to every house. However not doing this to settlements that players build in is really lazy and annoying.) Story wise its solid not a lot of complaints. However I liked how you could destroy the BOS and Institute and I wish that there was a whole storyline based off of a war on them. Like imagine you first join the BOS and this makes it so you cant join the railroad so you start a war with the railroad conquering multiple settlements under there control. Then eventually you destroy there main head quarters. I also hate how they deal with factions in this game. I could be a railroad agent, BOS paladin, General of the Minuteman and mercenary of the Institute and no one gives a shit (despite the fact 3 of the factions are in war with each other.) It also doesn't seem like your faction is growing in anyway except when you finish the game. I wish there was more factions in the game honestly. Quest wise its VERY hard to fail except waiting to long to do minutemen quests which is a shame since in fallout 1 and 2 if you say one wrong thing you fail a quest. The addition to building was great since it adds a new layer to the game however I was disappointed. Its very hard to build something ideal. Building Size is also very small and you cant build a ideal settlement (You can use the building glitch but I'm going for this review since a infinite building size wasn't intended for the game.) I felt they could of done so much with this! DLC was great and I have no real complaints (One of the best DLC in fallout.) I like the whole companion like and dislike system. Companions pretty solid but there should be more. Overall I give this game a 8/10.

  60. Doesn't it end with protaganist being his own grandma because when he gets frozen his dick is stuck up his ass and when he awakes it is as his own grandfag?

  61. I booted this up a week ago. I hate to say it, but it's a very lifeless game. They pretty much improved the gun play, and made everything else worse. There are no interesting quests, where you're given much choice. No matter how intricate they seem, they boil down to clearing out mobs, and I think this was done to show off it's FPS gameplay. I never gave a damn about how wonky the real time gun play was in the past games. They were RPG's, where you had to invest in skills in order to be accurate and deadly with your weapons. The COD fanboys whined about it, and it looks like those were the only complaints Bethesda listened to, so now it's a 100 hour long FPS, with light RPG elements. It's just boring and monotonous.

  62. Glad someone liked the quests. To me they are all the same. Talk to someone, accept mission, go someplace, kill enemies get object and return. There's very few missions where you can avoid killing people. Hell its hard to be a bad guy in F4.

  63. The whole building and exploring stuff, doesn't make sense, because why would anyone do that stuff, when they have a missing child! lolz

  64. That "cha-ching"whenever I kill something is kind of immersion breaking.

  65. Bethesda is always been OVERRATED,these graphics are awful,these games are nothing really amazing,people are starting to realize now after the even shittier fallout 76,just a bunch of talentless worthless people trying to make a cash grab game

  66. Is this worth a buy in 2019? Just looking for something that never played before while waiting for other games to come out.

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