Farmers Rip Trump Trade: We Lost Everything Since He Took Over | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Farmers Rip Trump Trade: We Lost Everything Since He Took Over | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. No simpathy from me for kkk farmers. Most bailouts will go to big agro and they will buy these small family farms for pennies.

  2. After trump destroying their farm products. You know what the RED will continues to vote for trump which their party line. Is that stupid.

  3. No sympathy. You reap what you sow. North Dakota is among the worst afflictions on this nation

  4. These farmers were the easiest to be conned. The President has likewise lost some money in the many schemes he has cooked up in his career. No big lost, if a few suffer like the rest of the US consumers have been doing for years. The economy must still be doing great and the highest numbers of citizens are working the lowest earning jobs in history. The President will get the rest of the Americans working after he finishes the other 40 million deportations. Those farmers will have plenty of work for American farm laborers making a living wage.

  5. That's what they get for being dumb , they're the ones to blame for their stupidity ..

  6. Hard to go against Trump when you're a racist…even when he hurts you to your face.

  7. actually,,its not your Land..who sold/gave it to you,and who did you buy it from?how about a little research about the aquasition procedings

  8. To the men and women who put food on my table I know you expected something different…but ya'll git what you got.

  9. We basically have a wannabe hybrid oligarch, mob boss,..fascist bigoted concoction in Trump. A conman that speaks in coded language and is about as morally stable as an oil slick. But the world knew this already as well as these jilted farmers who were just fine with having a good ole boy in the White House,.. as long as he was sticking it to those other people. You know those fake Americans who didn’t buy into the scam but hey, they’re winning so why not ride this sinking ship to the bottom. It gives a whole new meaning to: “ they bought the farm”.

  10. I don't feel sorry for them! The world knew Trump is a clown and America still voted for him! Let the farmers, miners, etc. eat cake!

  11. He is right wat he is say about Trump .we vote for him we r going lose more job or other things to

  12. Really poor wheat on his left and sunflowers on his right. Weather related mostly and if this guy actually works his farm NO TAN ! I'd have to say this guy is a plant paid for by liberal democrats ! !
    Of course anyone not familiar with what farming actually is ( many hours of hard work- not for sissys) then they're easily persuaded that this man is a farmer. He might own the place but he's not doing the work. Trump set aside funding to keep farmers going ! ! Grain has a 3 to 5 year bin life so his harvest profits still have worth in storage.

  13. Here is the terrible thing. The countries that are ordering from somewhere else are going to further develop trade from other countries.

  14. All the comments below definitely apply to the farmers who voted Trump- imbeciles- but I would like to point out that this guy apparently didn't vote for Trump. I'm sure some other farmers didn't, either.

    Let us please see the forest for the trees. If we generalize, we become like the Trumpkins.

  15. We in canada knew trump was and still is a con ,scammer before he was elected, he scammed canadians , Toronto trump tower for example it went bankrupt before being completed and trump and his family took the Canadian investors money,

  16. Mr. Kuylen doesn't deserve what he's getting because of the filthy traitor squatting in the White House, but every farmer who voted for him absolutely does! The best way for them to apologise for their attack on the USA is to evict every last Republican from office. Short of that, I hope they suffer.

  17. The rich in this country want to control all the farm land now so they can control all the food in this country then they can control the people.

  18. This is actually according to plan. Trump is trying to break the framers so his rich buddies can buy up the foreclosures at pennies on the dollar.

  19. I don't feel bad. Most of them voted for Trump. Hopefully, they will vote for someone else next time and sign the petition to impeach Trump as well as get rid of the electoral collage since he did not win the popular vote so therefore the people didn't even vote for him.

  20. I think it's foolish to change what is working!! You can add, improve, enhance, etc. but why change it. What does it say of a president who doesn't care about food, health, equal rights, humanity and other things?

  21. America votes for their best choice based on the candidates. When it was Trump vs Hillary
    Trump was the better choice. Depending upon who becomes the Democrat's choice, we could see a new President. But rest assured, America is behind you!

  22. Trump sold out American farmers with his tariffs to enable South America to burn down the rain forest in order to produce & sell soy beans to China which ultimately will line the pockets of Trump & his greedy corporate cronies.

  23. Unfortunately, most of these farmers will vote for him again. They really don’t care if they lose everything as long as Trump feed their racist soul. These people are ok going broke. Racism is their red meat. Everyone keep waiting for this defection. It will not happen!!! Stop this crazy search!!!

  24. What in the world makes regular people think that Trump is anything like them? Is it because he is crass and vulgar? Is it because he likes trucks? Is it his hate and racism? What is it?

  25. VERY NICE ! Congrats, you IDIOTS, for stabbing yourselves in the back… Not enough yet ? So then vote for BOZO again and DIE STARVED, LOSERS !!!

  26. screw the small inefficient family farmers. let big ag take over and do it the productive way. those small welfare queen farmers need to go away, its just capitalism.

  27. Take look at your self There you well see con people. Spin ,spin . Treating by blood bath is agents low !

  28. Trump already promised to donate $16 billion to the farmers in order to assist them until China bowls down to American demand in trade wars.

  29. He didn't vote for the con-man in chief! The orange is crushing farmers, crushing American economy, all of us have to pay more except the 1% riches. Vote him out.

  30. Voter regret, sometime you have to use your head and not emotion to vote, why would you vote for someone with no experience over someone qualified. Hope you use better judgement when you pick a brain surgery

  31. Farmers are levered to the max…….China will need our grain or the factory slaves over there will starve. You idiots will never learn.

  32. Too bad we didn’t know what a horrible businessman trump was then we could’ve foreseen how bad he might be for our economy. But one could just google and discover trump’s many failed businesses and bankruptcies. You can even find out that, according to Rolling Stone magazine, “most Trump-branded projects and products are built and sold by third parties, and Trump only makes a relative sliver of money off them by licensing his name.”

    So why did these people vote for and in some cases still support trump? Maybe because they hate the same people. After trump’s recent spate of racist tweets, support amongst his core supporters increased.

  33. Are you trying to call a con man a "con man?" I thought Trump was sent by God?

  34. Do you mean to tell me the Russian puppet is a saboteur? No way next your gonna say water and air are good , fake news

  35. Oh and another check from the government,  farmers, hold on, but isn't that socialism?

  36. Sorry for not feeling sorry, you had it coming, next time use the organ that is located between your ears…

  37. I hope they don't think it will be over once Trump is gone, buyers will already built relationships with other providers. Trump has screwed you now and in the future!!

  38. This farmer didn't even vote for Drumf and still has to deal with the crippling losses and neighbors who still want to stay loyal even as they are about to lose the farm. I'd be so mad.

  39. Why are you loyal to him he's sticking it to you how foolish a con man perfect subject the kind that keeps on giving. An when you lose your farm you can blame Obama. Sounds like to me you were making money under Obama, then you listen to a list say how bad things where .now there really bad how about that fool by the devil. An who's blood going to be she'd y'all voted for him are you going to mar largo. He'll no cause he will have your farm money an you will accept that an be glad for the scarpes

  40. Trump is a conman – the markets lost for Farmers aren’t coming back. China will find alternative suppliers whom they can trust. Trump’s legacy is that he killed the multi-generational family farmers in a stupid trade war in less than one term of office.

  41. The Farmers can Go build that Wall! Trumps Socialist Programs Bailing out the Farmers And Funding the Wall! Trump is a Socialist pig 🐷!

  42. Paul Krugman? Like the frauding of Americans by slandering Bernie Sanders in 2016 in your NYT hit piece???

  43. I understand Americans wanted change and probably seen Trump as a vote for change. In my humble opinion a lot of people made a lot of rash decisions when voting for him. Everyone needs to vote again this time against Trump. A lot of Farmers will unfortunately lose their businesses because of Trumps policies.

  44. what you lost is gone and voting for him will not bring back your lost so in the end many will loose their land to foreclosure. remember that Trump has seven bankruptcies so loosing is nothing for him.

  45. For Trump to take on China in a trade war is akin to building a Great Mexican Wall and asking Americans to bash their heads against the wall. China's 1.4 billion people are a force in themselves when it comes to consuming and manufacturing food and products respectively. Can Trump really throw down the gauntlet with a poker faced "all or nothing" challenge in the tariff showdown with Xi? With the 2020 Presidential Election looming Trump is desperate enough to the point of resorting to drastic trade moves that may not benefit America.

  46. That's what happen when u scrap agreement,people fine another market ,oh he did spite Obama lol

  47. Again Democrats socialist an communist party
    Try find blame trump
    MSNBC run an paid for bye Democrats socialist

  48. The land will be a lot cheaper to buy now, trump always find a way to fuch sh** up!


  50. I am finding it difficult to feel sorry for people who voted for hallowman trump. If they want to change policy that is harming their survival they will have to change their vote in 2020.

  51. We got to stand firm not cave to China pressure times are rough now they will improve

  52. Don’t here people complain when our manufacturing base was off shored what about all the blue collar unemployed or the drugs comming into our country from China we got to think long term

  53. Look at all those americans taking the jobs that illegal immigrants left for them at the farms. Congratulations!! You got what you voted for. LOL

  54. All the violently stupid people who voted for Trump deserve everything that is going to happen to them. The rest of us don't.

  55. Trump it the BEST President the US has ever got because NOW the whole world can what kind of lying cheating bullying stealing kidnapping THUG country the US is ——see IRAN VENEZUELA HUAWEI CHINA

  56. MSNBC Surprise Surprise! In all of my 63 years on this planet I have NEVER heard a farmer say he has a great year for producing!
    ALWAYS SOMETHING. Too wet, too dry, too cold and too hot, bad market in Europe, Asia, Toledo, what ever. Kind of like the old time mobsters who live in modest homes and wear old cloths, hide the wealth. The problem with farmers is the subsidies the government gives I know they are the bread basket of the world and are a must for human life but come on ! Not one great year ever? Getting tired of the old "cry wolf".

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