Final 5 minutes: 911 Call in World Trade Center, while tower collapses

DP: Alright sir, what’s
the telephone number

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  1. This breaks my heart everytime I hear it.😢 I can't imagine what all of the many people trapped there felt like. It was terrifying for me as a high school student watching it that day live on tv many miles away.
    God bless their families. #NeverForget

  2. that last minute i should have been praying to God instead of waiting for help and when the building broke down inmediately I will be in God's presence

  3. No matter how many videos I have watched about 9/11 over the years, this one still makes me cry every time. We all know he didn’t have a chance yet he was still holding out hope. That’s all he could do. God rest his soul and everyone else that died that day because of those monsters!

  4. It breaks my heart knowing they’re trapped and nobody could of rescued them knowing they were 5 mins from death

  5. It’s sad because the firefighters were on there way up and they lost there lives in there 😪😭

  6. It also sucks because you can literally hear the building crushing in on him and he had children why 🥺

  7. And in this day we have a Congressperson from MN that jokingly says some people did some things. WTFF?

  8. I just got the realization that the 911 lady was taking names because she probably knew they were going to die.

  9. I dont know whats worst: collapsing to death, burning to death or jumping to death

  10. May Everybody In The World Trade Centre At That Time Rest In Piece… This Really Hit Me Hard, He Seemed Like A Really Good Guy

  11. The floor must have gave out from under them then the roof on top of them. Hopefully they didn’t suffer 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  12. He’s upset because the lady is asking his last name and to spell it out when he’s about to die. If she was honest with him he could of accepted his fate and went out hugging his co workers instead of agony.

  13. Planes should have something like a proximity where if they get to close to something that’s not the landing area than the plane will steer away automatically

  14. You know, after watching this video a while back, I went to New York to visit the 911 Memorial and felt I needed to pay my respects to this man somehow, so I went over to the computer kiosk to look him up.Mr Cosgrove Was just going to work that day just like the rest of us ,I mean what more can you say, it was just very gut wrenching. I don’t think I’ll ever forget him, he could’ve very well just have been me and I’m glad I went to pay my respects.

  15. This was the audio I listened to . This was played during the court victims statements . Until today since 9/11 I’ll never forget his cries for help . It’s not just every September but it’s everyday . I always pray that he finds peace and I pray that his wife is coming to terms . It’s sad for all the victims . I’ll never forget this tragedy .

  16. So heartbreaking & unnecessary. Godspeed to all families & friends who lost loved ones. May all lost souls eternally Rest In Peace.

  17. Those last words are sheer horror. I can't even begin to imagine what the man was going through at that moment.

    May he rest in eternal peace.

  18. Celebrate the life of A genuine 100% all American corporate whore and coward: take a dump on this loser's grave as a protest against globalist white collar crime, and all insurance companies like AON who routinely defraud ordinary Americans, deny their claims, shatter their dreams,
    betray their countrymen.

  19. I was only 2 months old and a Brit in the uk when 9/11 happened and while I was always aware of it through my childhood I’ve never had such an emotional and powerful experience as visiting New York and the 9/11 memorial and tribute museums. There’s a lot of comments here about young people forgetting this day but, despite not remembering it and not being an American, i swear this will never be forgotten. My future children will know of this day and mourn the lives lost each year, as will their children in turn.

  20. I remember seeing the second tower get hit, There was this guy on the ground with a camera panned up so you could see the tower above. The plane hit the tower and the guy jerked himself back. I now know the guy in the video is Evan Fairbanks. It's sad that Kevin endured that predicument shortly before his death. The man Rick Rescorla who served in the British military during the Cypres emergency and the US Army during Vietnam. Predicted 9/11 and was on the tenth floor when it collapsed, he died along with the others. I have sympathy for the victums of that day. I was getting ready for Kindergarten that day. During my service on Seante at a community college I no longer got depressed about the events when the anniversary came around like I had for the remainder of my childhood. The September 11th attacks really had a major impact on my country.

  21. When he asked “what the hell happened?” He meant why did the building catch fire? It comforts me very little at least knowing that he did not know what actually happened. This makes me want to treat my fellow Americans with more love and respect regardless of political attitudes, regardless of any differences we are all family. Poor baby. I hate this.

  22. Hearing his last words is chilling. I'm sorry for families who had to grow through this tragedy.

  23. It is always something that boggles my mind if you think about it. Voice recording are actually history. His voice waves still exist as they travel out our phones speakers. transferred from that building to us. At least part of him still lives on. Here. The vibrations his voice makes throughout the air. 18 years. R.I.P.

  24. Imagine being Kevin Cosgrove.
    Going to work everyday at the World Trade Center.
    Having 3 children with the one you love most in the world.
    Taking care of those children.
    Taking care of significant other.
    Working hard to take care of them.
    Taking care of yourself.
    Working in a fricken tall building.
    Most importantly working in the most important building to exist.
    Doing your job and then suddenly there’s smoke coming out of your work place.
    2 other people loosing oxygen with you.
    You calling 911 and the dispatcher is trying to calm you down while you’re struggling for air
    with two of your coworkers.
    You loosing your shit and getting more panicked.
    Then suddenly the building collapses with you underneath it.
    You screaming at the top of your lungs while being dragged down your own office.
    You remember that you promised your wife and kids that you will be home safe and sound.
    You die.

  25. Ugh this is soooo heartbreaking the rescue responders probably feel so helpless,cause they wish they could help this man out soo bad..Did you hear when the man says what the hell happened? That’s just soo heartbreaking hasn’t have the silentest clue what’s going on…#NeverForget We will always stand with the 9/11 families! 😢🙏

  26. we watched this in my reading class for 7th grade and his “oh god” at the end made my heart stop.

  27. As bad as I feel for the dispatch and guy on the phone…. that Fireman who took over the call? Yeah either him or his guys were on the stairs marching to their deaths to come save em. That’s just devastating to me. That folks were on their way up to help and it was death waiting for them.

  28. this man it was about to die he had that bad feelling, when the dispatcher lady said the fire department is trying to get for you he said, it doesn't seems it come on man, the entire call its so sad and painfull to hear ,you was a brave man Mr Kevin cosgrove RIP
    We never forget …

  29. The lady taking her sweet time like wtf they needed help she keep asking questions like u see the guy is begging for help

  30. I don’t think any of the 911 dispatchers knew exactly how hopeless the situation was because they didn’t have a visual. They knew it was very bad. Am going wrong?

  31. He's in the northwest corner of the South Tower (the corner nearest the North Tower). You can't even see that corner through the thick smoke! How bad would it have been up there. Dark, hot and barely breathable air. And then the whole building starts giving away underneath you, roof caving in. Can't imagine ho terrific that would have been, even for a few seconds.

  32. The firefighter he spoke to at around 1:30, one of many trying to climb the stairs to save people, would have died in the collapse also.

  33. 4:36
    The 911 lady proably sees nightmares about these calls from the towers…. R.I.P all the victims of 9/11, i wish all the terrorist would burn….

  34. Hearing the screams of this man and the tower collapsing in the background is absolutely *terrifying and harrowing*. Not only that, but seeing the tower collapse right there. I didn’t live through it, so I don’t know well how people felt or what people went through. I’ll never understand the fear these people felt unless another attack like this occurs in my lifetime, which I hope it never does.
    Hearing a person’s final moments in chaos is heatbreaking, because you know they’re scared and they’re not ready to die most of the time. Even if they’re not crying, screaming, or trembling, you know at least a part of them scared and not ready to die.
    People can say all they want about how rude this man was before his death, but let’s be honest, how would you act if you knew you were gonna die but you didn’t want to? Some people might cry or scream, but others are angry.
    Angry that they won’t be able to live.
    Angry that they won’t be able to see their children live.
    Angry that they’ll leave their whole family behind.
    Angry that they have to die so terribly.

  35. Why weren’t helicopters spraying water on the towers is it because they weren’t allowed to fly at that point?

  36. If this poor doomed man's tragic end does one thing, it's to COMPLETELY DISPROVE Dr. Judy Wood's cockamamie DEW weapon theory of the collapse. Here we have a human life speaking until the moment of the collapse, if DEW weapons were being used this man would have been incinerated long before the building collapsed, as the temperature and duration for "human failure" (death) would be far shorter/less than it would be for the building to fail.

  37. He was near the top of the building. His remains were found and he was buried not too long after. This really affected 2 of his 3 kids. His oldest son started causing trouble in school and even got in trouble with the law. His daughter started self mutilating herself. They needed to get serious help. Something like this can traumatize young kids and make them act out in strange ways.

  38. The people should went to the very top and there may be a chance the helicopters would come.

  39. I really hope there is some place for all the victims, of all backgrounds nobody deserves this. Even though he probably knew he wasn’t going to make it out he wanted to care for his family first. 😭

  40. That poor dispatch lady, she did her best. I’d have broken protocol and told him I was so sorry this was happening. She will have been watching it on tv while talking to him, she knew he wouldn’t get out. Just so sad all round. Her heart must have been breaking

  41. Addressing the rude people on here, I’m a really nice person. Not a lot of things get me mad and make me snap on people. But a few years ago I was trapped in a movie theater in South America that got caught on fire and that fear I felt plus the adrenaline… I turned into person I had never been before, to this day I’m surprised I even had that in me. I was angry and panicking and I can tell you first hand that my nice calm demeanor changed so fast as the fire got worse and it got hotter and harder to breathe. He wasn’t being rude. He was just fearful for his life. So many thoughts are flashing through your mind. Realizing you might not make it out and thinking about all the people you love… Seriously, have some compassion. Keep your rude comments to yourself.

  42. Rip Kevin Cosgrove and Doug Cherry. And everyone who sadly died in this heinous attack on America. The composure of Mr Cosgrove here whilst on the phone is amazing. Yes he must have been so scared but his strength not to show it was unbelieveable. My sincerest condoleneces to his wife and children. Kevin may you rest in peace eternally.

  43. ‘My wife thinks im alright’

    ‘I just called my wife told her im leaving the building then BANG!!!’

    Wow man so sad. May You all rest in Peace InshAllah 😞

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