Find trade journal online

Okay, so trade journals are actually sometimes
easier to find online than they are in the library databases. Some
fields don’t have many trade journals in the library databases. So I’m going to just do a Google search for
construction trade journals because there’s not a lot
in the databases as far as trade journals for that, and I just click on something that
looks good here, Construction Today, it’s calling it a magazine. Remember trade journal, trade magazine, same
thing. So this opened up to their About Us page,
and on the About Us page it usually tells who their intended audience is. That makes it a little easier for you. At the bottom, it says the readers are CEOs,
presidents, and other high-ranking executives at construction and construction-related firms,
so there we go. That tells us that the intended audience
of this magazine is experts in the field, people who are actually out there, you know,
in the field, not scholars and researchers who might be working at universities
but also not the general public, people who aren’t experts in the
field. So this is exactly the right kind of target
audience. And so then you’ll just want to go to their
home page and make sure that you’re able to actually read
articles for free and that the articles are you know interesting. This
is an article that I clicked on, and you know here it is I can read it for free. So I know that this is a trade journal
because I know that the audience is appropriate and I can see that it’s not a scholarly article
from reading it as well. Thanks very much.

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