Florida Politicians Go Bilingual for the Hispanic Vote | The Daily Show

Everything in this city
is so much fun. Like, I love the weather. I love the beach,
I love the people, the culture. Everything is bilingual.
You know what I mean? -Everything.
-(applause and cheering) Do you know
how much fun that is? The other day, a cop pulled me
over, a cop pulled me over, and he was, like,
“Get out of the car!” (speaking Spanish) I was like, “Yeah!” (applause and cheering) Like, it’s so bilingual
down here that even your politicians have
to speak Spanish, which is the greatest comedy
ever. I mean, this is actual footage
from the Florida Senate debate. (cheering, applause) Yo. I did not know it was possible
to make Spanish sound un-sexy. I… I mean,
don’t get me wrong, I’m still turned on, but
I’m doing most of the work now. -(laughter)
-That’s all I’m saying. And it’s not just the Democrats,
it’s not just the Democrats that are jumping
on the Spanish bandwagon. Here’s an actual ad,
an actual ad from Republican Senate
condidate Rick Scott. (announcer speaking Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (others whooping) -(audience jeering, booing)
-Yo. Uh, uh, don’t boo. Vote. -(cheering)
-Uh… I love it. Because this is… this is next-level,
this is next-level for me. In every other state,
in every other state, the Republicans are like,
“This is America! You speak American
in this country!” But, then, here in Florida,
Latina voters are so important that Republicans are like,
“Gooooaaal…! “Repeal Obamacare! Gooooaaal…!”

100 thoughts on “Florida Politicians Go Bilingual for the Hispanic Vote | The Daily Show

  1. I love how Trevor makes me feel so unwelcome in my own country I was born in…he needs to go back to south Africa and fix the white genocide happening in his country…..

  2. I guess since they can't kick out the Hispanics that are already here, they still want their votes. Remember how they're treating the incoming asylum seekers when you vote.

  3. Haha joke's on them!! people that can actually vote already speak English..duhh! Advertising for Maria and Juan isn't gonna work hahaha que pendejos!

  4. He should explain in Spanish how he got a 5550,000,000 single payout sad voters pride will keep crooks like him in office so they can continue to steal from the taxpayers without consequences

  5. Poder hablar los dos idiomas es bueno.. To be able to speak both has its perks…😃

  6. so now all these racist idiots now start speaking spanish as if they are speaking English.spanish.French.Latin and Portuguese sound more sexiest.yet the hate Mexicans.so they will be speaking all the Africans language nonsense.ibibio.efik.Yoruba.igbo.Swahili.and all and all nonsense.

  7. I find it kinda racist how in his ad they put Soccer/football in it like it's going to increase his votes because most Spanish people and Mexicans love Soccer. While most Americans don't really care about it.

  8. Trevor! You got that Obama "don't boo, VOTE!" Down. You sound just like him! 😉

  9. What the fuck did he say. I am Dominican the fastest Spanish speaking people in the world. I still didn't understand what FUCK he said.

  10. Thanks Trevor, yet another great example of Republicans
    telling you something they speak FOR…. Yet vote AGAINST!
    NEWS FLASH!!! These same GOP politicians would follow the rest of the GOP and vote Spanish out of education, if Trump told them to!
    Do you want Representatives that vote out of conscience, duty, and beliefs…Or the ones voting for strictly party alliance???
    Don't Boo…VOTE BLUE!

  11. Melania Trump speaks five languages, pretty sure the hate she got shows lefts true attitude towards immigrants.

  12. Er, actually, here in New Mexico (that's a State, btw) we have two official languages… English & Spanish.

  13. Everything must come down to race, to black, to white in every f*cking single show.

  14. To native Spanish speakers or to people who are proficient in Spanish as either a second, third, or fourth language… How was Senator Nelson and Rick Scott's pronunciation? Do you find that annoying or embarrassing?

  15. It won't be long before the majority of Americans are Latinos. I havs heard those projections for years based on census data. Latinos reproduce at a much higher rate than whites do. I bet in my lifetime the majority of Americans will be fluent in English and Spanish. So, I don't really think this is a funny or unique observation by Trevor.

  16. Florida Man is now going by Florida Hombre to win over the spanish speaking voters.

  17. Spanish is never sexy coming from a man, Latinas are 🔥 though.
    Don't @ me bro..

  18. Trump: "Thanks man for making me President"

    Putin: "CYKA BLYAT"

    Trump: "what does that mean ?"

    Putin: "Your Welcome" 😉

  19. Los dos commerciales la pronunciación en castellano fue horrible, pero el de el segundo commercial fue peor y lleno de esteriotipos. This is really frustrating that’s why in addition of Spanish I’m also fluent in nihongo , because people will assume knowing a few words is the mastery of a language which is bog. The beauty of any language including programming languages is able to enjoy the ups and downs of the process

  20. I'm A Vietnam VETERAN 75 years old, and I am in so much fucking pain today. Republicans sent me to war when I was 19, all I wanted to do was serve my country Vote Democrat.VOTE BLUE VOTE BLUE

  21. Spanish is a white mans language Just saying. Also hispanic is not a race and even though alot of hispanics vote democrat even these days most hispanics are conservative.

  22. Glad to finally see someone talk about the good stuff in my state instead of just the bad and weird stuff like Rick Scott’s creepy grin. There’s more to Florida than just alligators roaming around in Disney World.

  23. Just like Trump the Republicunts will say and do ANYTHING to get you to vote for them!!

  24. I like repubs trying to get Latino votes, the more you think about it the more hilarious it becomes: "Vote for Me, so me and my party can kick you and your family out of this country! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE…but as long as you're here: vote for me!"

  25. I don't understand. Why is it funny? Are the politicians clumsy with their Spanish? Sure, but they are trying to communicate with actual voters, and not insisting that they learn to "speak American." I don't understand why that is funny. I think you are being a bit racist, Trevor.

  26. Ladies and gentlemen, the first African president of the United state: Trevor Noah

  27. Politicians butcher the Spanish language in NY, too! But, hey, at least we ain't crazy ass Florida.

  28. I may be the only person on the planet who doesn't find Spanish sexy. It's maybe because I hear it everyday.

  29. I guess he said "if you're allowed to vote, vote for me.
    If you're not, get out of our country before I shoot you!"?

  30. More propaganda. If you come to a 'melting pot' you need to learn English and the customs and mannerisms of the USA, so you can integrate.

  31. Also don't forget certain parts of Texas, and Beto O'Rourke and Rafael Cruz I'm sure we'll battle very well eloquently in Espanol

  32. It’s funny that it’s Florida that’s so bilingual instead of, you know, one of the states that share a boarder with Mexico.

  33. spanish one of the easiest languages to learn! I mean Spanish, no latino Spanish Bu anyway don't boo vote! Lol hahaha

  34. These wicked criminals will stop at nothing, it would be really sad if people call for this shit

  35. I see a few Russian bots in here spewing hate, they want us to argue and fight. Please ignore them. Don't even say a single word in response folks.

  36. it’s like when the senator from the office started speaking spanish during that one party at his house and embarrassed oscar, but it’s real life and worse

  37. Rick Scott is a violator of human rights! The Florida justice system is fuck up

  38. They want you to speak english only in this country……….till they want your vote.😂😂😂😂

  39. if you try to find rick scott ad, please give me the link. I can't when I tried to find it in linked to a good version one, not this one showed by trevor

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  41. Funny when Florida has a law that English is the language of that state

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