Footage of Korean women sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers in WWII revealed for the first time

Japan’s sexual enslavement of Korean women
during World War Two is one unresolved issue that continues to strain relations between
the two countries. However, all these decades later,…. the
Japanese government still tries to whitewash its wartime atrocities. At long last evidence has been found that
should aid Seoul’s efforts to corner Tokyo into facing reality. Lee Ji-won tells us more. Women,… with faces full of fear,… are
lined up against a wall. A man, presumed to be a Chinese officer, talks
to them. This short 18 second video is of seven Korean
women sexually enslaved by the Japanese soldiers in Yunnan province, southwest China, around
the end of World War II. It is the first-ever video footage of Korean
victims that has been found. On Wednesday, Seoul city and Professor Chung
Chin-sung of Seoul National University unveiled the video from 1944,… which had been stored
in the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States for over 70 years. Previously,… footage of Chinese comfort
women had been found,… but there were only pictures and documents on the Korean comfort
women. But after the professor and his research team
were certain that a video on the Korean victims existed, they spent two years searching for
the footage,… and they finally found what they were looking for amongst hundreds of
film reels last month. The footage was taken by an American combat
photographer just after the region was reclaimed from Japan by the Chinese. During World War II, an estimated 200-thousand
women, mostly Koreans, were kidnapped and forced to become sex slaves for Japanese troops. While an agreement between Korea and Japan
was made by the previous Park Geun-hye administration in 2015,… where Japan financially compensated
the victims with one billion yen, or about 8-point-9 million U.S. dollars, thousands
of citizens and the surviving victims criticized and refused the deal as Tokyo claimed there
was no evidence of the Japanese military forcing the enslavement of women. But with Korea’s newly elected President Moon
Jae-in calling for renegotiation of the deal,… the research team says that they hope the
footage will work as a tool to open up such talks. “We hope the new findings will bring the public’s
attention and interest on the matter,… so that when President Moon has his first bilateral
talk with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, at the G20 summit later this week, an
atmosphere for renegotiation can be made.” With only 38 Korean victims still alive,…
the research team stressed their determination to uncover this video evidence of Japan’s
sexual slavery so that there’s a chance for the issue to be resolved within their lifetimes. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

39 thoughts on “Footage of Korean women sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers in WWII revealed for the first time

  1. Kekejaman mereka tempo dulu, dibayar tuntas dengan Bom Atom Hiroshima dan Nagasaki.

  2. Vietnamese women were raped and slaughtered after rape by South Korean demon soldiers during the Vietnam War. Very cunning South Koreans never metion it.

  3. As a japanese, I’ve never be informed about this in my school’s history textbook. Nobody talked about it. I agree of what most people say in the comments, Japan should not be denying this controversy. Very ashamed. Sorry if my English is bad.

  4. During 2nd world war japanese army did the war crimes but i doesn't understand why korean government taking money from the japanese government. This is not good

  5. Well.. people got to understand when there is a WAR there is no Guarantee Law for civilians. you can be eaten.. rape.. ect ect..

  6. When wathing this video
    And I think
    American army did good for droping the atomic bomb on japan

  7. Stop hating Japan bruh that’s a part of world history mistakes learned there’re tons of disgracing race by race in the past.
    Us Drop 2 atomic bombs 💣 and thousands of innocent lives were gone including children.
    Uk invaded entire India just for a fvcking seasonings.
    Poland served as a battle field of war almost 1/3 of their population wiped out and no one fucking help them during wwI and ww2
    Genocide, million of lives starved to death by now turkish country.
    Some citizens of Defeated country used in laboratories to experiments surgeries and transplanting body party which is present benefitting now. Yes their body sliced and cutted without pain killer try and error. Imagine?
    And there’s more unwritten dark phenomenons happened in the past.
    The most important is present people of the world will not allow war again. Let’s live peacefully and help mother earth.

  8. Just saying, Make sure you've read everything. Don't you dare try to read just one part of it and dislike it. Read everything

    I bought a book that talks about the Pacific Theatre and one of the chapters talk about the horrors of Unit 731. The book is called "World War 2 Soldier Stories Part VIII The True Bloody Stories from the Pacific Theatre" If you don't know what that book is, just type this in and google it up. Should have a picture of US soldiers leaving a landing craft.
    "Other activities included: the release of plague infested fleas into the population of Chinese cities even up to the end of the war. An outbreak of plague in Harbin in 1945-46 is attributed to the unit. Cholera was also released into the water supply of Chinese population centers. Experiments on prisoners include:
    1. Infection with plague
    2. Exposure to anthrax, cholera and other diseases
    3. The use of high and low pressure chambers until death
    4. Studies of frostbite that included the deliberate exposure of prisoners to sub-zero temperatures. Sometimes limbs were amputated and the victims warmed to monitor gangrene – until death (Have no idea what that means but still a bad thing)
    5. Blood loss rates from amputation of various organs
    6. Prisoners were tied to posts and subjected to bomb and grenade explosions to check for lethal radius and effect
    7. Prisoners were forced to have sexual intercourse and were infected with syphilis while conjoined – ostensibly to measure the rate of the disease' progress
    8. Prisoners were given direct transfusions of animal blood, all which resulted in death. One of these was reportedly an American POW.
    9. Infants and mothers were killed and dissected during and after child-birth.
    10. Anesthesia was hardly ever used.
    Oh I'm not done yet. According to the book again,
    "Now that you have an understanding of what horror truly means. It does not have to be made up in a movie theater . It has already existed. What happened to Unit 731 when the war was over? Firstly, the Japanese under Ishii and others in Tokyo tried to destroy as much evidence as possible. At the end of the the war, the United States was already wary of the Soviet Union. As was mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, several infamous Nazi's were given free passage to South America for intelligence information on the Soviets. German scientists who had worked on the V-1 and V-2 missile projects during the war – which involved the use of slave labor – where taken to the United States, where many of them worked on the space program for the USA.

  9. Its been years you already have a treaty why are you showing it again korea… both country have benefit to each other why now your showing it….?

  10. War crimes of the Korean officers name hong sa-ik in Japanese army of ww2 and he the Korean are guilty not Japan in ww2 on the Philippines. And kim suk -won said he will die for the emperor you Korea did help Japan and now you are expose.

  11. Koreans are pathological liars. They tell lies 24/7/365.
    False Accusations of Comfort Women

  12. Don't blame anyone, soldiers or a country. In times of war you have no freedom if your country invaded by powerful soldiers. The best way to escape from hell is you have to fight for your own and save yourself, family and country men for freedom!

  13. Not only koreans, but also other women from China, Taiwan, Philippine, Dutch, Australia and more….Japan never confess and apologized.
    Instead, they deny and try to this history from their schools…… this is so wrong….

  14. On September 18 that year, Japan killed more than 35 million of my compatriots.
    ​They held a killing game, using their compatriots to do living experiments, buried alive, rape, bad things done.
    ​This is a mistake made by Japan against China.

  15. Justice for the woman of the Philippines who abused but our government in the Philippines is blind trash administration

  16. ★★★ Bloody atrocities by South Korean soldiers are deeply related to the reasons for economic development in South Korea. South Korea's leader at the time of the Vietnam War was President Park Chung-hee, who raised a coup d'etat and established a military dictatorship. He is a father of the former President Park Geun-hye (President Park). He begged the US, and he sent a total of 325,517 South Korean mercenaries to the battlefield Vietnam for 9 years. From January 23 to February 26, 1966, the most intense South Korean soldiers' atrocity was comitted in "Godai village" of middle Southern Vietnam. Guyen Tan Lan who has miraculously survived though receiving 15 bullets, testified as follows. More than 100 Korean soldiers (Tigers Unit) suddenly attacked the village around 9 o'clock in the morning. With angry roar, they kicked the door and caught our hair, and pulled us out of the house. They gathered all 65 villagers in one place. They slaughtered every 4 or 5 people at a time with cross fire of machine gun. My parents and relatives were killed in front of me. When they found young women, they violently kicked and rolled them on the ground, and they all began to gang rape in front of us. After unlimited long violence, rape and gangbangs, Korean soldiers shot and killed the fainted daughters at the end. ★★★ Are South Koreans eligible to blame others ?? Surprisingly, ignorant South Koreans do not know their own cruel history, because they have usually grown up in brain wash education. Based on American huge reward money for rape and slaughter by Koreans in the Vietnam War, a lot of financial clique such as Samsung or Hyundai were produced in South Korea. ★★★ That is, all South Koreans have grown up by eating meat of Vietnamese dead people.

  17. There's no difference between that times Japan,britain or germany..they killed ,enslaved ,raped netizens …..

  18. Whenever I remember about Japanese armed force atrocities in WW2, i will say the A-bomb is worth it. My granpa was one of the victims of slavery labor (romusha). He was considered lucky, many of his friends (larger part of them) didn't make to come home alive, many of them buried in the middle of nowhere. They who just could live were severely malnourished, because Japanese army took all of their food supply for their war effort.
    But today, as the wind changed, I know Japanese is good people. We just have to looking forward for better future, and make our best efforts to support peace.
    War is hell, I hope it will never happen again in our country.

  19. In world war there were many war crimes done by countries who were involved in that shit….but showing crimes done by axis powers is always been propoganda of western media.
    Allies also done lot of war crimes in Japan and Germany but we never get to see them in such a descriptive way. Also we never know what happening in middle East and Afghanistan and who is the real culprit behind that. So, we need fair in this matter of condemning atrocities done by every country.

  20. The Philippines experienced worse than that. But Korea is the one who really hates Japan until now.

  21. Everybody!!! Some idiot named Lai Dai Han is going around saying that Japan's war crimes should be excused and Korea should be blamed for the entire thing! What ever he says, Do not listen to him

  22. Germany regrets history.
    So they reflect on themself
    Japan regrets history.
    so they distorting  history

  23. what do you want, money? our pm shinzo has apologized more than eight times. how many more times do you want?

  24. Chinese show abnormal zeal on money-laundering.Koreans show abnormal zeal on history-laundering.

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