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all right so this is the current trade
I’m in this is the Aussie Franc I’m trading on the h1 timeframe and this is
a setup which I took over here you can see this was the trigger candle it’s a
bullish pin bar so the moment it appear I put my buy order right just above the
high of the candle all right two pips above the high of the candle plus the slight spread so it’s about three pips above the high of the candle and stop loss usually
three pips below the low of the candle but I put the stop-loss a bit lower so
I’ve got at least roughly about 1.5 ATR okay so this is my one R distance in
this case and I’m targeting for this particular trade about 1.4 R and you can
see that it actually almost hit my profit target miss by a fraction of a
pip and now it’s coming back down again so you know tradings like that you
can’t get frustrated you can’t say I’m done right no worries I just leave it
and usually when I’m trading I adopt fire-and-forget approach I just leave
it and let it hit the profit target or let it go back and hit the stop-loss right
so I take each trade as a random outcome I don’t get emotional affected
the only reason I’m looking at it is because I’m showing an example in
this tutorial but usually my trading I don’t look at it so I don’t get upset
when I see that it you know it touched my profit target and it did not trigger
because it missed by just one pip and it’s going back down it’s fine right
that’s that’s life right so why did I take this trade well again it all started
with the currency strength meter over here you can see I was looking at the H4
time frame and the Australian dollar is green and the franc is red right which
means I I want to sell the franc and buy the Australian dollar so I go long the
Aussie Franc and then I look at the lower time frame which is H1 in order to
take the trade to look for the setup so over here you can see the setups over
here right first of all on H4 you can see that the moving averages are all
aligned very nicely all right so the 6 is above the 18
18 about the 50 and the candles are nicely in an uptrend then I scroll down
to the H1 and see that same moving average sequence 6 18 50 all align in
sequence and I’m waiting for that trigger candle so like I mentioned that
was a trigger candle which is the bullish pin bar so once I saw that I
place a buy stop order just above stop-loss below and profit target there
and wait for it to hit the profit target or the stop-loss
right so right now this is an ongoing trade you can see over here right so
this is the current P&L I’ve got another trade going which is another short
trade that’s a bit negative right now but it can turn positive any time I’ve
got another trade waiting right here so you can see that this has been a pretty
profitable strategy you can see these are the recent close trades I took
so these are the recent profits and this actually started in the month
of September okay this was a trade which I just hit the TP
just took profit on New Zealand Franc this was also a buy order let me just show it
to you right there it was so I just took profit on this one as well okay so you
can see this was I bought it at 6361 there about 6361
roughly about there stop loss was 6345 roughly about 6345 yeah
and my profit target was 6383 roughly 6383 almost there
so this this one I was lucky right it hit my profit target just
nicely and then I took profit over here and just came down right so for this
particular trade you can see that my entry let me see if I can recall where
my entry was yeah this was the one right so this is a bullish pin bar over here
okay so I saw oh sorry I didn’t enter there I remembered where I enter right
now give me a sec let me just make it bigger okay yeah
now remember I entered over here right this was the trigger candle
because this is a bullish engulfing candle right can you see the bullish engulfing
right so once I saw the bullish engulfing I place my buy order
above the high of the candle three pips above well two pips plus the spread I put my stop-loss right below there roughly
about 1.5 ATR okay and this was my 1R distance and I targeted 1.4R
as well for this one I was not that greedy okay so initially you can see
when I first got in right it triggered my order here it went down initially it
almost hit my stop-loss and then boom it hit my profit target right so it ain’t
over till it’s over it ain’t over till the fat lady sings sometimes you can get a trade
almost hits the stop loss and hits the TP you’re in sometimes you get in the
trade almost it’s the TP hits your stop loss and that’s life so don’t worry
about how it gets there don’t worry about the journey just it either TP or
SL alright so this was a nice winning trade which I took just today just a
couple of hours ago right so again this was on New Zealand
Franc and again how did I find this again the currency strength meter you can see New Zealand was green and
Franc was red right and I saw it on the H4 time frame so buy New Zealand
sell Franc long New Zealand Franc I went to the lower timeframe on H1 to
look for a set up and there was a setup over here the nice bullish engulfing
pattern buy order stop-loss and hit my profit target so there we go so that’s how
you place a long trade for the trend Rider strategy alright so you can see
that the trade just hit the profit target it was going down
initially and now it has hit the TP so another winning trade for the day alright so with this take profit over
here can see Aussie Franc was the TP we hit that TP over here and I just had a
losing trade as well so again we’re gonna have winning trades and losing
trades as long as our winning trades exceed our losing trades will be
profitable in the long run right and for today I – two winning trades and a losing
trade over here alright and for the this is just let me see this is the nine of
September just beginning the month and you can see that for the month of
September so you can see for the month of September roughly up about 8R
for the first nine days so let’s hopefully we can end the month positive
for this month as well so if you want to be the first to get my next video on
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40 thoughts on “Forex Trading Live With Adam Khoo

  1. Adam's trading course is legit for those who are still on their journey to become a profitable trader.

  2. Adam khoo you are some time not so clear?? But I found you are explaining something important

  3. Adam, isn't supposed the MA are in sync on higher time frames? on your trades the 18 and 50 are bellow the 200… Can you give me some disclosure pls?

  4. Thanks Adam ! Very encouraging video. When will you show us another one? How often do you trade forex?

  5. Hi Adam,

    The profit column is metered in USD or is in Pips? If its the latter, how much approx. does that mean in USD for the trade/day profit?

  6. Khoo tell us how Brexit affects the pound or how negative interest rates affect the euro, not beginner's candlesticks garbage.

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  8. This looks like a new strategy not yet taught in any of his online forex courses. My guess is he's working on compiling the tutorial videos for the new strategy. Look forward to seeing them

  9. how can you trade with a stop loss 1.5 pips away? wont the spread take you out? i go threw that… its frustrating wish i could find a platform that has no spread. spread be like 3-5 pip spread always

  10. okay thats good, "treat each trade as if its a random outcome" which is good advice. I have this problem of covering too early when in profit and not holding to my intended target. 20 months in as a trader and last year I lost alot and since the middle of summer Ive been better than average and consistently making small amount. However I know that I need to hold to my intended target and move stop loss to break even when in the money

  11. sir adam, can you do a video regarding on whats the difference between heiken ashi and candlestick

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