Forex trading strategies course + Top 5 Robots – Intro

Hello, dear traders. I’m very happy to welcome you to the “Top 5” course, in this course I will teach you how to use my best strategies for trading on the Forex markets. You can use these strategies manually on every platform and you can use them automatically on Meta Trader. When I say “Top 5”, probably you’re thinking that there are other strategies, and you’re right. There are other strategies actually hundreds of them. And that answers my next question- “How I do it?”. During the years I have developed hundreds of strategies, and for this course I have selected the 5 top best strategies. Also, I will teach you how to diversify your risk between the different strategies, between the different currencies and between the different time frames. And of course you will have the choice – manual or automated trading. In the videos I’ll teach you how to use these strategies manually but also, you have the choice to trade automatically. And this will come very easy to you, because my bonus for this course is that actually I will give you the 5 robots, the 5 Expert Advisors for these strategies. You don’t need to have any IT skills, I will give you the 5 robots for free and I will explain you how to place them on the Meta Trader, If you don’t have experience with that. Plus I will show you the best parameters I’m using so far for the strategies. And I have discovered these parameters by a professional software that provides me the ability to test, optimize and generate the best inputs for each strategy. The software provides me a very accurate back test that I can not have on Meta Trader. Also, I have the ability to see on the chart where were the trades executed, why they were executed and that helped me to define the best input. But you don’t need to do it, because I have already done it. If you have any questions please contact me on my e-mail and I will be pretty happy to answer.

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