WE DID AMAZING AT THIS TYSM Baby I want you to do a fortnight dance video with us, but seriously look at how many views the last video guys You guys loved the last fortnight dance video, so we’re pretty gonna take you again But this time because you guys wonder if we got monkey in the house, oh mama boom are you ready I’m ready Oh, we’re ready. Oh everybody already. Oh, oh You you got to see mama, baby the wiggle what is it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Just like last time we have the Battle Royale hats we have a bunch of fun net dances and emotes here We’re gonna pick out of the Hat. Oh stepping up is one of the dances You know where you treat out to do that dance and your nice house in the comments down below? Who did this guess the best all right? Who wants to go first me the youngest young to shows first so I should go first It’s all in the legs of this one Go mama be Amazing who’s up next to pick me no cheating no cheating Jubilee Keeping all the happiness Jubilation baby, I’m so happy. I’m so happy here Jubilation Because you kind of had your knees in one place whereas you’re turning your hips bam bam bam, okay? I got this I can see your do jubilation all day They need a lot of epic games, that’s the next All right, sorry we’re competing here right this is for like it could finish all it is a complete this seems easy, but it’s not it takes a lot of focus Baby wait wait Wait okay my muscle zero whatever most on my lap in step There’s a lot of like roulette stuff on this thing. Oh, yeah, there’s definitely a lot of rules Wow oh my oh oh You know what to do oh you know what to do oh oh Wow That is not easy at all Good stuff. Oh, my goodness. It’s amazing It takes a lot of cardio All right mr.. Boombastic oh Yes with stature Commercial guys First official a TV family injuries No, are you kidding? I’m a warrior man, can we just see that replay? That was the greatest most epic fall I’ve ever seen on camera, okay You guys ready for the Wiggles yes gotta tell your inner notorious b.i.g That’s not, let me show you the guy’s mouth again This is nice Demetrius Motor Company clocks on Mondays. I walk in and I go oh Oh Yeah, wow she got it not right You know what dancing you could do it for tonight for the mask off oh Wow that’s a wiggle in half oh And you’ve got sushi socks oh Wait for this one this is Mama meantime She’s got a shake and bake oh Snap I Can watch you wiggle all day Thank you so much for watching everybody let us know in the comments down below Who do you think would this challenge guys we should do one more dance? Yeah? Okay you guys clean. Oh No Thanks for watching. Everybody. Please like subscribing Lee to comment down below if you’ve haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice Bye

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