FREE Day Trading Course – Lesson 1 – Introduction

welcome to train it my name is maverick and in these videos I’m going to teach you the basics of day trading these lessons are hopefully going to provide you reliable and consistent method to join this wonderful world of trading welcome to lesson one introduction to the markets let me tell you a little bit about your journey your journey is not simple it will take you at least ten weeks to understand what day trading is all about and then it will take you anywhere between six to twenty-four months in order to start practicing trading and getting to the point where you are getting a little bit comfortable and maybe making some profits now if you do that and you do have the discipline to learn and to practice then you do have a lifetime profession just before we get started if you would like to trade life with me you are invited to click here and take my 14-day free trading room trial also in order to practice all trade you will need a trading account if you would like to open a comix account comix will pay for my trading room membership fee we are trading the US exchanges the biggest one is a New York Stock Exchange where 4,000 shares are being traded the US stock exchange symbol usually is composed of three letters bhp WMT which stands for Walmart exo-m JPM which stands for JPMorgan the second smaller one is a Nasdaq well approximately 3000 shares are being traded the stock symbol usually is composed by four letters AAPL stands for Apple MSFT for Microsoft and so on we use a stock symbol in order to display the stock that we would like to trade for example if I will click here in stock box AAPL it will show apples chart right over here and I’ll be able to buy sale or shorter stock now if I want for example to click here at the chart M sft that will show the chart of Microsoft so use the symbol in order to display the stock that we would like to see at the chart alter edit let’s talk about the official market trading hours in the u.s. it is 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time until 4:00 p.m. Eastern there is a pre market session and a post market session which we never trade because the volume is relatively low however if you live in the UK then the official markets trading hours at your time will be 2:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. let’s talk about the stocks that we will be trading the first criteria is the price we will usually not be trading stocks that are priced under $10 and the reason for that is that institutional traders are usually not allowed to buy stocks that are under $10 now there are several reasons for that which I will not get into it right now but the fact is when you do not have the volume of the institutional traders then you it will be very hard for you to anticipate the move of the stock the direction of the stock so stocks under $10 tend to be very jumpy very unpredicted and this is why we would usually not trade them the second criteria is the average daily volume we will trade stocks that the average volume of over 750,000 shares that ensures liquidity and that’s very important for us traders the third criteria is spread we will usually trade stocks well the difference between the bid MD asked is no more than five cents thank you for watching my video and again if you want to start trading I highly recommend to join I love training room and trade live with me it is a free trial 14 days and if you don’t already have a trading account and you want to open a Comex account while comics will pay for my trading room again thank you for watching and see you in the next lesson

10 thoughts on “FREE Day Trading Course – Lesson 1 – Introduction

  1. hey Meir, u look like Fantomas from trading world, u know that? ))

  2. hey mr barak i noticed on your other trading videos your using DAS pro on your trading you dont use hot keys for trading do you?

  3. I use VoiceAttack

    If you can setup hotkeys you can set up voice commands.

    "Sell half" -hotkeys pressed while trading platform calculates half my size.
    "Tight short stop loss" -hotkeys pressed with 11 cent stop loss.

    What do you think Mr. Barak?

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