Freight Broker Sales Training – The #1 Reason Why Freight Brokers Fail and How to Prevent it

Today’s topic again the number one
reason why freight brokers fail and how to prevent it there’s a lot of
information to go over ok so for those of you that are joining me here live
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share with you and so the #1 thing that one thing I want to share with you
is that in order to become a successful freight broker welcome Melanie welcome
Jose you are going to have to learn how to sell okay you’re just going to have
to get over the fact that as a business owner customers are not going to come to
you it’s not like a coffee shop where you set up a location on the corner of
Main and and young Street and all of a sudden traffic comes through
and people go buy coffee it doesn’t work that way in the freight brokerage
business the way it works is this it’s really simple you set up your freight
brokerage or your freight agency and then you contact shippers manufacturers
producers distributors people that make and produce goods that need to be
shipped and you provide them value by helping them manage that freight from
point A to point Z you help it get picked up and delivered on time in good
condition with no problems that’s what you do and you make money to do it and
you can make a lot of money doing it I did it others have done it you can do it
ok so you are going to have to learn how to sell now you don’t have to be a
professional salesperson but you do need to learn the fundamentals and basics of
selling and so the number… you know I don’t know if you realize it but
the reason why most salespeople fail is it’s not skill and it’s not the lack of
training it really is the fact that they fail to tell their story to enough
people they fail to contact enough potential prospects for them to even
become successful now isn’t that weird why would somebody
spend potentially thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars
starting a business, starting some business in the freight brokerage
business it’s much lower cost but why would somebody spend thousands of
dollars and not go out and make the sales calls
why wouldn’t they go out and talk to more people well it’s pretty simple the
#1 reason is fear okay it’s the fear of failure they’re too afraid to
fail they’d rather fail and lose money okay if they can avoid fear so those
fears are fears that come up from the time we’re young and the fear of failure
is something that can be part of your family structure and how you’ve been
raised it can be part of… corporate in America
where you’ve had experience it can be entrepreneurial experience past
experience, what happens is this most people fail because they
have a fear of failure and so my philosophy on fear is really really
simple alright and this is something I teach
my children this is something I’ve worked with hundreds of people that I’ve
worked with over the years and my fear of my philosophy on the fear of failure
is really simple if you’re afraid of something if you’re afraid of cold
calling if you’re afraid of meeting people face to face if you’re afraid of
selling if you’re afraid of public speaking if you’re afraid of doing
videos whatever you’re afraid of okay the more you do it the easier it gets
but there is no way around it okay you can’t circumvent
sales if you’re going to build a successful freight brokerage just not
going to happen if you think that you’re going to start a freight brokerage and
you’re going to go hire a bunch of salespeople you’re going to start up
with limited capital and you’re going to go out and hire a bunch of salespeople
and they’re going to build the business for you that’s a very small percentage
opportunity you are going to need to be the Sales Leader to start at least and
then from there you can evolve and hire people so I want you to understand it’s
really important that whenever you fear if it’s sales you fear or whatever it is
you have to steer directly into that fear you know I know a lot of people
even myself I used to be afraid of public speaking there was a day when
there was no chance that you would catch me on live video doing this to put
thousands of people are going to see this video over the next week to two
weeks thousands there’s no chance that you would have caught me doing this live
I had a fear of it how did I overcome it I did more public speaking I did more
Facebook live videos and you know and I built a comfort level now does that mean
there’s not a little bit of anxiety or a little bit of fear sure there is of
course there’s something can always go wrong I can always screw up, hey I make
mistakes and you’re going to make mistakes but what I want you to
understand is the best way to overcome fear is to steer directly into it okay
so you’ve got to face your fear I tell the story my daughter is afraid of frogs
okay my 11 year old daughter Maggie is afraid of frogs I don’t know
if you have any fears but she’s been afraid of frog for ever since she was
little and so what I’m trying to do now to get
her over that fear of frogs is really simple I’m just trying to introduce
pictures of frogs so she can see if I can get her to sit and look at a frog in
a picture that’s the first step and then at that point once she’s comfortable
with that then we’ll watch videos of frogs, when they’re moving and
interacting and then from there what we’ll do is we’ll have a live frog but
it’ll be a long ways away and move it closer and closer but the point
is is that I she is never going to get over the fear of frogs until she faces
it it’s just that simple and you will never get over the fear of
sales or any of your fears or any fear of failure unless you steer into it
that’s my biggest piece of advice okay so as we move on here I want to tell you
about a study that was done that I researched and quite a while ago and
it’s called the Pike syndrome I don’t know if you’ve ever
heard that or not but you could look you could look it up on YouTube you could
look it up on Google it’s not a study that I did but it’s called the Pike
syndrome and what it did is this they did a study and they took a northern
pike now a northern pike is a fish it’s like a predator right they eat minnows
and eat other fish okay so what happens is they did this study they put
this pipe into a fish tank alright and then what they did is they put a whole
bunch of natural prey for that Pike into the fish tank which is typically minnows
and other fish smaller minnows and other fish and I don’t have a visual here for
you but try to imagine what I’m talking about imagine a big fish in a tank with
a bunch of little fish that he would normally eat okay
so they did this study and what they did that was interesting is they put a piece
of glass between the big pike and the small minnows so that the pike couldn’t
get to it but he could see through it and he didn’t know there was a piece of
glass there okay so just imagine so you can imagine what happened the pike who
sees these minnows all of a sudden reaction boom bangs his head right into
the glass and every time he goes after a minnow boom he bangs his head into the
glass and he continues to bang his head into the glass boom boom boom one after
another one after another and after a little while guess what happened I’ll
bet you can’t imagine what happened the pike he stopped going after the minnows
now I’m not… you’re probably not surprised because it’s not just human
nature, that’s just nature in itself teaching you
what to do and what not to do it’s a survival skill and so what’s happened is
you know the activity that he was doing which was negatively rewarded right by
banging his head in the glass and hitting his nose and feeling pain after
doing that for a while what happened he eventually stopped so I’m going to make
sure one thing I forgot to do guys I’m sorry I wanted to make sure the stream
was live but more importantly I wanted to make sure that I pinned it to the top
of the stream here so that you guys could access it without having any
problems, so any of that that’s how the study worked so after a little while
the pikes settled to the bottom of the bottom of the cage and didn’t move he
didn’t go after any more minnows okay and then what the scientists did is they
took the glass out and they took the separation out between the minnows and
the pike so now they were all in one tank together and there was no barriers
between him and the minnows and guess what he did I’ll bet you’ll be surprised,
he did not go after the minnows the minnows were literally almost swimming
in his mouth and he would not go after him he sat there and sat there and sat
there and would not go after the minnows and eventually I mean because he lost
his will to live and to survive his survival instincts, the pike died. Isn’t that
crazy now what’s the moral of that story right you’re probably
wondering why in the heck is this guy telling me a story about a pike in the
bunch of minnows well if you think about it we’ve all known Pike and some of you
were probably Pike now you haven’t died yet but maybe you quit maybe you haven’t
given your all maybe you haven’t done everything you could maybe you’ve
seen some failure and you’ve settled to the bottom of the fish tank
and so the lesson is this you know the past does not equal the future just
because you may have failed at selling or freight brokerage
or at anything you’ve ever tried before being an entrepreneur starting a
business in the past doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed going forward ok very
important the past does not equal the future ok? The pike
he got stuck on the past and he let his limiting beliefs be his demise and
eventually he died ok now I’m not saying you’re gonna die
but my point is, is that your business could die right your passion could die
right your drive could die if you think about the past of what’s happened in the
past alright so he gave up and eventually he lost his will to survive
and so what I want you to take from that is that the past does not equal the
future can anybody relate to that if you can relate to that give me some thumbs
up share the stream I’d love to get some feedback from you guys if this
makes sense to you because again I’ve taught this to literally hundreds and
hundreds of sales people over the years and some people just don’t get it
it doesn’t make sense of them others you know they get it because they understand
that they have a fear they fear failure they fear some some sort of fear is
holding them back and that they recognize and that they’re vulnerable
enough to recognize the fact that that is part of what’s holding them back and
that’s part of what will cause them to eventually fail if they don’t address it
if they don’t make some minor changes and so I’m going to talk to you about
some things that you can do going forward but more importantly I want you
to recognize it this is what I really want you to recognize ok alright so
the fear of sales is usually the fear of getting the word no you don’t want to
get rejection ok so you don’t want to get rejected from your prospect nobody
likes rejection it hurts right just like the pike every time he hit his nose
that was rejection it was pain it was pain it was pain and eventually he just
stopped trying to get the minnows and that’s what salespeople do
so let me share some statistics with you that I think you’re going to be really
surprised at I don’t know if you realized it or
not but 44% of salespeople quit after the first “no”, isn’t that crazy? 40 is
statistically speaking 44% of salespeople quit after they get the
first “no” they quit pursuing a prospect after getting the first no 22%
another 22%, the 44% of the first another 22% quit after the second
no, another 14% quit after the third no and another 12% quit
after the fourth no now if you add those up I’m not very good at math but if you
add those up that’s 92% quit before they get the fifth no okay
those are statistics those aren’t my statistics those are statistics that
have been compiled over many many years and these are numbers that hold true
over time is that sales people 92% of sales people quit before they
get the fifth no from a prospect how many times have you quit before you got
the fifth no, well I’m going to tell you why that’s a mistake here’s why did you
know on the other hand that only 2% of sales are ever made in the first phone
call yeah 2%, 3% an additional 3% are made on the second
call. Wow pretty small numbers right? Two phone calls and we’ve only made about 5%
of our sales, another 5% are made on the third phone call another 10% are made on
the fourth phone call but here’s the cool part 80% of all sales
take place between the fifth and the twelfth phone call or the fifth in the
twelfth contact right, 80% happen between the fifth and the twelfth
contact, now I’m not a rocket scientist guys I’m not
usually I’m not the smartest guy in the room and that’s okay I’m alright with
that but let me give you a nugget it’s pretty simple the secret to winning in
sales is this if 80% of sales are made between the 5th and the 12th contact and
we know that 92% of salespeople quit before the fifth no well if we want to
outperform our competition and we want to succeed at sales, as a freight broker as
a freight agent as any part of a salesperson the fortune is in the
follow-up so all we need to do is follow up follow up follow up and continue to
follow up with those prospects just because you get one no doesn’t mean… it
means no today not no forever now I don’t mean you’re going to call the same
prospect every day and get a no after no after no every day but you do have to
follow up you call somebody once and they say no I’m not interested doesn’t
mean that you cross them off the list and you never call them again right you
do want to follow up with them a few weeks later a few months later you want
to have a follow-up series so the secret to success in sales as a freight broker
or freight agent salesperson in general is follow up follow up follow up and do
not fear the no you cannot be afraid of getting no you cannot be afraid of
getting rejection you have to get comfortable with getting no’s alright
and so you know I’m going to share with you a few stories here of people that
had massive failure massive failure and you’re probably going to recognize some
of these people they’re great stories and so everybody has probably heard of
the most prolific basketball player of all times Michael Jordan well I don’t
know if you realize or not, but Michael Jordan was cut from his high school
basketball team, the best basketball player of all time was cut from his
high school basketball team he missed over
9000 shots in his career he lost over 300 games and he missed 26
shots 26 game-winning shots where they entrusted the ball to him he shot it and
missed and they lost the game now how many times did he fail? Thousands of
times he missed shots he lost games and he
became one of the most prolific basketball player of all time in my
opinion the best basketball player of all time I don’t even like basketball, I’ll be
honest with you but I used to watch basketball just because of Michael
Jordan that simple okay another one you may have heard of
Abraham Lincoln failed at business was a business failure had a nervous breakdown
and lost multiple elections went on to be voted nominated the president of
United States and literally changed the history the face of American history
with some of the things he was able to do while in office can you imagine if he
had quit after he had a little bit of failure after he heard his first no
after he got his first bit of rejection another one Colonel Sanders this is one
of my favorite you know was rejected over a 1000 times before finally
selling his famous 11 herbs and spice recipe if the guy was over 60 65 years
old when he realized his restaurant was failing and he decided to go out and
sell his recipe to other people and I think he got rejected for two years it
took him two years to get his first customer and then before he
before he passed away he was a multimillionaire because of Kentucky
Fried Chicken that we all know KFC another one Babe Ruth here’s a great one this is
this is a perfect one Babe Ruth was awarded in 1923, won
single-season record for home runs in 1923 he hit more home runs than anybody
in all of Major League Baseball and that’s why you know Babe Ruth but what
you may not know is at the exact same time at the exact same time he was he
was given another award and the other award was the fact that he struck out
more than anybody else in the entire league but he didn’t care because he
realized that every time he was at bat his philosophy was swing away he
wasn’t worried about how many times he struck out he wasn’t worried about any
of that, all he did was he got out there he put his best foot forward and
he swung away and he wasn’t worried about failing and because he wasn’t
worried about failing he hit more home runs in 1923 than anybody in the game
and he is now a legend in baseball there’s not one person that I’ve ever
met that’s played baseball that doesn’t know who Babe Ruth is and he transcends
baseball he’s an international hero when it comes to sports, if you go to Japan
people know who Babe Ruth is okay so I definitely I mean I could go on the
stories could go on and on and on and on okay but the fact is, is that I have
never met anybody who’s ever had any success in life and business or
otherwise who has not had to endure significant failure and hardship it just
doesn’t happen you don’t go from here to success overnight it’s not a direct line
what you have to understand is if this is you starting out today and this is
success between you and success there’s going to be a lot of failure and you
have to go through that failure to get on the other side where success lies and
so you have to be willing to make some mistakes you have to be willing to take
some rejection you have to be willing to acknowledge the fact that your past
failures do not equate your future destiny and so you know I want you to
understand that is the secret the secret is not
some script that I can give you on how to become this super freight agent or
rockstar freight broker because that script doesn’t exist the script is in
your mind you have to be mentally prepared and you have to mentally
understand that in order to get from here to success you’re going to go
through failure you are going to endure failure you are going to get rejections
you are going to get no’s you are going to fall down you are going to get
frustrated but if you continue to endure and you get to the other side to the
victor goes the spoils I remember when I first started my freight brokerage back
in 2003 it took me hundreds hundreds of phone
calls to get my first customer can you imagine can you imagine if I had quit on
the 50th or 100th phone call? I would have never went on to build that
company to over 80 million in sales and eventually sell it for millions of
dollars right so the fact is is that there’s no script that I can give you
there’s no magic words I can transcend on you other than the fact that you have
to understand that you cannot… you have to get over the fear of failure so I’m
going to give you a nugget right now okay
there’s a book and you can find it online I want you to go go to Google and
search for a book it’s not my book it’s a well-known book for salespeople it’s
called “Go For No!” okay it’s called “Go For No!” and the author you see who’s
the author again I can’t remember the name oh the authors are Richard Fenton
and Andrea Waltz that’s right so it’s called “Go For No!” search for it
it’s a book you can buy it on Amazon it’s cheap you can probably buy a
digital or a physical copy and it’s a great book it talks about some of this
stuff but it also talks about the philosophy of going for no and not being
afraid of hearing no it’s a great book okay and I would highly recommend it
I can’t dig in a little deeper today I know we spent quite a bit of time here
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are there any questions if you guys have some questions about anything here or
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while we’re waiting for those of you that are curious about becoming a
freight, what it means to become a freight broker or freight agent or how to
become a freight broker afraid agent check out
again it’s a shameless plug the fact is I have the most cost effective and
comprehensive online freight broker training program without a doubt okay
it’s $98 one-time fee no recurring fees you get full access to the training for
six months and we have a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee okay how can you go
wrong right been in business 10 years have trained
thousands and thousands of freight brokers alright thank you Michael thank
you very much Marly, let’s see what else we got here
so I got a bunch of people who said they’re going to get the books great
Thank You Michael thanks for the presentation guys most people do
struggle with this most entrepreneurs not just freight brokers most people,
entrepreneurs do struggle with this they are so afraid of failure they’ll avoid
making sales calls and the alternative find some busywork, like for example it’s
it’s very stereotypical right? You have a brand new entrepreneur he’s more worried
about creating a website he’s more worried about creating business cards
he’s more worried about creating letterhead he’s more worried about
creating signs he’s more worried about doing social media marketing than he is
doing sales calls and the reason why he’s more worried about and he doesn’t
do the sales calls is because he’s finding all these other things to do
that do not have rejection you don’t get rejection from business cards and
websites and all these things, those are all great things to do don’t get me
wrong but the only thing that’s going to get customers and is going to pay the
bills is if you pick up the phone you gotta pick up the phone you got to be
willing to hear no and so once you guys get past that fear of failure the fear
of hearing no the skies will open I promise you that if you endure that pain
in the early stages of your business in the early stages of your career once you
break through it’ll be like a skyrocket you will, you can absolutely
explode your business you can do things that you’ve never ever thought were
possible okay so let’s see, are there
any questions in here I’m not seeing any of those see sorry I have to jump on
here after the training Hollin where do I go for the license how and where do
you go for the license it’ll go my online training will teach you and show
you the steps everywhere you need to go to get licensed okay so to get your
freight broker Authority your bond all that Marley says work hard to succeed in
the world absolutely it takes hard work nothing’s going to be given to you
nobody’s just going to walk up and say “hey you know I want you to move my
freight!” you’re going to have to reach out you’re going to have to take the
initiative you’re going to have to look fear in the eye and you’re going to have
to face that fear it’s really that simple
so listen I want to thank you guys for joining me I hope you guys have a
fantastic Memorial Day make sure thank a veteran if you see any or
know any and if you guys have questions great put them in the chat box later
I’ll respond to them if you would share the stream that would be great greatly
appreciated if you’re interested in looking at my online course go to and I look forward to seeing you guys next Monday
at noon every Monday at noon Eastern Time
for more free freight broker training have a great weekend we’ll talk to you
soon thanks!

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