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Think you have what it takes to invest in the forex market? HA! We’re talking about the biggest..market.. ..EVER. It’s a vast financial world, where bulls and bears roam in unpredictable ways. When to buy? When to sell? Who’s got the time?! So many questions! That’s why you need FXTM INVEST’s Strategy Managers! FXTM Invest is our modern, easy-to-use copy trading programme. Sign up as an Investor, choose a suitable trader’s strategy to follow, and have their trades automatically copied to your account! These suitable strategies usually come from experienced traders we call Strategy Managers. And you’re spoiled for choice! No hidden fees, no downloads, and no stress about making big trading decisions yourself. Just let the Managers do all the work and earn a profit whenever they do! Speaking of which… if you’re already using your awesome forex skills as an active trader… ..why not become a Strategy Manager? Our Managers set their own profit share, – so you earn even more without extra effort! Oh, and you’ll be trading under powerful ECN trading conditions. AND get ranked on your own fancy stylish page! PLUS get your successful trades shared with thousands of potential investors. So, why wait? Join FXTM Invest today as an Investor or Strategy Manager. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Trade responsibly.

2 thoughts on “FXTM Invest Explained | Copy Trading

  1. Nice Options, Now we want to know what's are the key points to select a better strategy manager?

  2. The bad thing is that you actually enter giving 50% of your money to the strategy manager without return plus have to share from 30% to 50% or earnings that can kill all your money if he/she has a bad moment. BUUT some traders make incredible numbers which is risky but good. Just think you will lose all your money, everything else is earnings.

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