Generations React to Super Bowl Commercials 2019

– Now, this is gonna have
the moms and the daughters dancing together.
– Super Bowl commercials are getting worse
and worse every year. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, it’s that time
of year again. – What does that mean? – (FBE) The anticipated
Super Bowl commercials have arrived. – Oh, I love these, ’cause I don’t
give a [bleep] about football. I love the commercials.
– Dude, I haven’t watched the Super Bowl in a couple years,
which is weird, ’cause I play football. I watch it
only for the commercials now. – (FBE) We have a few of
this year’s commercials to show you, and we’ll see how you think
they stack up. – Okay.
– I definitely do have strong opinions about
which Super Bowl commercials are better than others,
so I’m excited to see how my list compares
to everybody else’s. – (FBE) So, after each video,
we’re actually gonna have you rate them on a scale
of one to five based on how creative you thought
the commercials were. – Okay. Last year,
they were not so creative, so, let’s see if they
upped their game this year. – (woman) I’ll take a Coke.
– (waiter) Is Pepsi okay? – (Steve) Is Pepsi okay?
Is Pepsi okay?! – (laughs)
– There’s always that guy in the restaurant. (chuckles)
– (Steve) Let’s roleplay. (snaps) Now…
– (waiter) Uh… Okay, I’m Steve.
I’m an actor and– – (Steve) No, no, no.
Just order something. – (laughs)
– (Steve) …order something. – (waiter) Uh, I’ll have–
– (Steve) And you’ll have a nice, cold glass of the best thing
you ever tasted, okay? – (waiter) Okay.
– I will say, I love Pepsi commercials,
but I’m still pro Coke. – (Steve) You gotta
say it with pride, okay? – (man) Okay.
– (Steve) Oh, yeah! – This commercial needs
some more snap. (snapping) It’s too slow.
I’m getting bored. – (Steve) It’s… – (Lil Jon) OKAYYYY!
– There it is. There it is! – Ooh, Cardi B.
– Pepsi got so many people for this commercial.
– (Steve) Okay, what have we learned today?
– (waiter) You want a Pepsi? – (woman) I want a Pepsi.
– (Steve) She wants a Pepsi. – Cardi B’s nails.
I love it. – (Steve) Oh-kurrrr.
– (laughs) – (Steve) I’ve gotta come up
with my own catchphrase. – (Lil Jon) OKAY!
– I’m a Coca-Cola girl. I don’t care if Steve Carrell
is in my face. I want a Coke.
– (FBE) So, on a scale of one to five, how creative was that commercial?
– Eh, I’ll give it about a good three. – I’ll say four.
– A three. – I would put it at a four.
– Three. – Big stars, so I’ll give it a far.
– Two? It wasn’t bad,
but it wasn’t creative. – Three right now, just because
it was not super creative. It took a while to get goin’.
– That’s a solid five for me. – Three. Personally, I think
I like Coke better, but maybe I’m starting
to rethink it. – (man) Hello. Good to see you again.
– (Sarah) Likewise. – Who’s that? – (gasps) Ah,
I love Sarah Jessica Parker. – (Sarah) Tonight,
I’ll have a Stella Artois. ♪ (violin squeals) ♪
– I love a Stella. I love that beer.
♪ (playful music) ♪ – Wha– ♪ (mellow music) ♪ – Who’s that?
– (Jeff) What a night, huh? – The Dude! The Dude!
– (Jeff) Give me a Stella Artois. (loud crash)
– What is happening? (giggles) – (Sarah) Excuse me.
Good choice. – (Jeff) Well,
changing can do a little good. Dude abides.
– (Sarah chuckles) – Dude abides. – I’m sure there’s a little joke
going on here that I’m unaware of, which makes this commercial
lower on the list for me. – I didn’t get it
just other than the fact that their beer was good.
I’ma go with one! – I’m giving that a one,
’cause I didn’t understand it at all. – One!
– A two. – A high two.
– It wasn’t that good. A one. – I would say a three.
– I love that. That’s a five. – That’s a five,
just because I love a Stella. – Two. I love Sarah Jessica Parker.
Jeff Bridges is great. But as a commercial,
it’s really just subpar. (chuckles) – (woman) Alexa, reheat pasta.
– (Alexa) Reheating pasta. – Amazon commercial.
– (woman 2) It’s cool, right? – (man) Yeah, I didn’t know you guys
put Alexa in a microwave. – Oh, wow.
– (woman 2) Yeah. We’re putting her in a lot of stuff now. But trust me,
there are a lot of fails. – These are good. I know Amazon
had a good commercial last year. – (man 2) Alexa,
play my podcast. – (woman on podcast) When heard that,
did that (muffled) surprise you? (muffled speech)
– (laughs) – (woman 2) We made an Alexa
dog collar for dogs. – (dog barks)
– (Alexa) Ordering dog food. – (dog barks)
– (Alexa) Ordering… – (Harrison) You can bark…
– (gasps) Harrison Ford! Okay, this is great.
– (Harrison) …bark all you want, I’m not paying for any more dog food.
– (dog barks) – (Alexa) Ordering gravy.
– Okay. This is a pretty good
Amazon commercial. – (woman 2) Alexa hot tub… sucked.
– That low-key feels like it could be a good idea.
– (woman 3) Play music. – (woman 4) Okay! ♪ (dramatic cinematic music) ♪
– That is SO cool! – That’s actually cool.
Why are they mad about that? I would love that. (laughs)
Like– Oh, okay. Okay. I see why.
– (woman 2) And then there was… “the incident.”
– (man) Wait. That– that was you guys?
– (woman 2) I don’t know. Was it? – (chuckles) – Queen, Queen, Queen.
– (Alexa) Powering down. Powering up.
Powering down. – (astronaut) She says she’s doing it,
but I don’t see anything. Do you? – Ohhh. No.
– (laughs) – (astronaut) Holy–
– “Not everything makes the cut.” – (Harrison) I’m not talking to you.
– (laughs) – ♪ Having a good time ♪
– That was definitely a top tier commercial.
Expect nothing less from Amazon. – I’m confused by this commercial.
That is a two. – I mostly like that one
the best, so I’d put that a five. – This is definitely a five.
– Five. – Three.
– A generous four. – That one’s a solid five.
That one was really good. – That, I love.
That’s a five. I mean, Harrison Ford.
– Five. – Five. I think it’s definitely
just most creative overall. – ♪ You are… ♪
– (Chance) Flaming hot nacho? – Oh, Doritos.
– They’re famous every year. – ♪ Ooh, hot stuff all over my… ♪
– That’s Chance, right? – ♪ Walking like a taco ♪
♪ Driving over potholes ♪ – Chance is great.
God, he got paid so much money for this. (laughs)
– ♪ Quietly leave the house ♪ ♪ And I’ma need another outfit ♪
♪ Flyer than a maggot on the wall inside a cockpit ♪
♪ Speaking of desire, man ♪ ♪ You’re preaching to the choir, man ♪
– They literally made him make a whole song– (gasps)
Oh my gosh! – ♪ …why ♪
– Is that Backstreet Boys? – (chuckles) Wow.
– ♪ Tell me why ♪ – Now, this is gonna have the moms
and the daughters dancing together, you know?
This is so cute. – (sings along) ♪ I never
wanna hear you say ♪ – ♪ I… ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Want it that way ♪ – (Chance) Now it’s hot.
– (chuckles) Ayy, that’s kinda dank. Not gonna lie, that makes me
wanna go out and buy a bag of Flaming Hot Doritos
just to see what it tastes like. – I do wanna mention it.
I am in the Backstreet Boys, so I’m a little bit biased.
– (Tori) If y’all need a sixth member, I’m here.
– (AJ) You know… – (Tori) I could bring a lot
to the table, you know? – (AJ) All about girl power.
Let’s do it. – (Tori) Right?!
– I’ma give this one a five. – It was a four.
– I’ma put that one at number four. – Five. I gotta give
Chance some props on that. That was pretty good.
– Five. – Three.
– I only give ’em a three on this one. – Two. I wanna give them fives,
you know? But they’re just– none of them are hitting with me.
– Four, because it had really good music.
– Four. I wanna go buy Flaming Hot Doritos! – (boy) Ow!
– (woman) All right, guys. Come on. – (boy) Get your foot out!
– (boy 2) Cut it out! – (woman) Get your foot–
get your foot off of him. – Who’s she talking to? The kids?
– (boys squabbling) – I’m trying to think who they are.
– (woman) Okay, do I have to break you guys apart?
– Growing up with siblings, you know, this is definitely
a car ride that I’ve been in before.
(wheels screech) – (woman) Okay, that’s it!
If you don’t stop, I will eat all of you
alive right now! – Jesus! Whaat? – (woman) I will eat
all of you alive right now! – (gasps) Oh, the M&M’s!
– Oh, the M&M guys. (chuckles) – (Red M&M) Uh, I prefer
the break us apart option. – (chuckles)
– (voice-over) Introducing the M&M’s chocolate bar. – Whaaat?! There’s an M&M
chocolate bar now too? That just gives it
a five by itself. – I’ll give that one a two.
– I give it about a three. – Four.
– I give it a five. – That’s very cute.
I give that a five. – I like M&Ms. It’s a four.
– Two. – Five.
– Two. Not my favorite, but still good. (elevator dings)
– (Jason) Hello, folks. What floor? – Jason Bateman?
– (woman) Oh, we’re car shopping. – (Jason) Ah, you’re going down.
– Oh, boy. – (Jason mutters) Way down. This floor, root canal.
– Root canal? Ah! – (Jason) This stop, jury duty.
– Jury duty. (laughs) – (Jason) Innocent until proven–
– (people gasp) – (Jason) Well, he did it, right? We all agree with that?
– That’s funny. – (Jason) This floor, the talk.
– (dad) Your body’s changing. My body…
– Ahhhh! – (dad) My body changed.
Even grandma’s body! – (laughs) I beg your pardon!
– (Jason) Car shopping. Off you go.
– (laughs) – (man) No, sorry.
We’re getting a Hyundai. – (woman) Yeah.
We used Shopper Assurance. It was really easy.
– (Jason) Hyundai. Going up. – Ayy. (chuckles)
That was nice. – (voice-over) Hyundai
Shopper Assurance. – Oh.
– (voice-over) Transparent pricing, streamlined purchase…
– I was wondering what they’re trying to sell after all that.
– (Jason) Not so fast, Captain Colon. Back it up.
– (giggles) – (Jason) Thank you.
– Oh, yikes. I can’t afford to buy a car, so I don’t know
how sold I am on getting a Hyundai, but I’d still give it a five!
– I give that a five. – Three.
– I’ll give it a four. – It’s a five.
– I would put that with a four. – Four.
– Two. – A one! You gotta get younger people
that are new in the industry to make commercials.
– Terrible. Two. Go direct to the point faster.
I can skip this and go get some chips. (thunder crashing)
– Oh my god. No. What was that?
– (woman screams) – This Halloween? Oh.
– (man) What’s going on? Call someone.
– What is this? – (Sarah) I can’t unlock my phone!
– (man) What do you mean you can’t unlock your phone?
– Oh my god. Is the Samsung commercial? – (Sarah) I’ve been using Olay.
It has… – (laughs) Oh my god.
– This is a lotion commercial?! That’s great.
– (man) That’s bananas! That’s you–
(loud crash) – (killer) Your skin’s glowing.
You could be a movie star. – (Sarah) Really? You think–
– (killer) I mean that. – (Sarah, modestly) No!
– Ah, hell nah. Nah. Nah, man. – I’ll give it a two.
– Two. – Two.
– Three. I Would never remember it’s for Olay.
– One. This is definitely bottom of the bottom.
– I’ll give that a three. – I’ll give that one a four.
We’ve seen bigger and better before. – Five, I really like this one.
I like the game of trying to guess Super Bowl commercials,
so if you can keep me playing that game, I like it.
– One. Super Bowl commercials are getting worse
and worse every year. – I was kinda like,
“Is this an Apple commercial with the face ID and stuff??
I’m gonna give it a solid four. – (FBE) So, a lot of brands,
obviously, air their Super Bowl commercials
during the lead-up to the actual game.
Sometimes, they can be released weeks before the game even starts.
And some brands prefer that, whereas other brands wanna
preserve the element of surprise and wait for the Super Bowl.
– I have noticed that before, actually. – (FBE) So finally, do you think
it makes sense for these commercials to come out so long
before the Super Bowl, or is it better to wait?
– Well… that’s a good question. I think it’s better to wait,
just the element of surprise. I think that really,
you know, plays into it. – I don’t even understand
how brands think, like, “Oh my gosh, should we do it
before the Super Bowl?” It’s like, it’s not
a Super Bowl commercial then. It’s just a commercial.
– Once you have it out there, people seen that
and there’s no more surprises. And people are like, okay,
you know, during the break time, they just go wherever
to get stuff, you know, talk. They’re not focused
on what you’re trying to show. – There’s two types of
transitioning generations right now, so we have the one that are
gonna be online and the one that are
gonna be on their phones, and then you’re gonna have the people
that are gonna be watching the game on TV, old-school style.
So, if you wanna target the other audience, you might
have to do it before. – It should be the game.
I always liked that, ’cause it made it more festive.
It’s like Christmas. I wanna wait and see ’em
when I should– when I feel I should see ’em,
and that’s during the game. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Generations React. – Subscribe if you like this episode.
And shoutout to the SuperMarioLord and Allie M.
– Which commercial was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
– Buh-bye. – Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE.
Hey, if you liked this episode and wanna check out everything
from FBE, you gotta follow us on Twitter, ’cause we post
tons of things about what’s going on with the company. So, be sure
to follow us, @fbe. Bye, guys.

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