Neutrogena fairness cream hmm like I’ve
been using this for quite a while I think now I look a little white, I usually
used to look like this and now I look like this if in case any German watching my video
right now then I thank you first of all for watching my video second for
making Germany Such a nice and welcoming place for any international
person as a student or expat thanks for making your country worth living and yeah
don’t forget to say hi or leave a comment on this video now let me tell
you the truth about being Brown in Germany it was after I live here that I
stopped using fairness cream and sometimes I even want to slather myself into some
bronzer you know what why I was doing this strange thing, due to the fact
that people in Europe or maybe in the colder region love to look tanned and
this is the reason why they love summer they like to experience the summer the
Sun heat the Sun rays compared to the Indians who hide ourselves when it’s
summer interestingly it was recently that I got to know from one of my
American friend that in the Western world Brown people like the brown skin
symbolises not brown people but brown skin symbolizes people who work out and
enjoy sports hence showing the positive side of their
life of maintaining their health as a result they like to get tanned
or use tanning products on contrast the white skin considered peel or sick or
simply lazy which as an Indian is totally different than what we think
back in India where dark-skinned is considered to be poor and symbolizes
dirt or cleanliness or people with low paying jobs
such as farmers who end up working under the sunlight the entire day and get tanned so
far my experience about racism in Germany is sunya zero yes
or you could frame it in a way that they made me feel naturally beautiful by being
brown in shade or somewhat tanned. They make you feel good about your skin they
made me feel superior about my complexion which was totally against to
what Indians believe those who don’t know India is obsessed with fairness yes
if you google it it’s everywhere over there
the retailers the big retailers like Unilever PNG they are selling their
fairness products and I’m sure you don’t get these type of products so yeah like
as you can see here it’s all fairness anyways so yeah India is obsessed with
fairness and as I grew up in North India I always been made felt less beautiful
compared to other fair skinned girls moreover sometimes to maintain our
fairness level we cover our face when we step out or we simply avoid stepping out
in Sun. Coming back to my experience in Germany my first friend and now best
friend here in Germany is German who accepted me the way I am the person I am
who welcome me always with open heart compared to the
Asian or Indian groups here so yeah it might sound strange but it’s true if you
might have seen my last video on requests to Indians abroad it was a
result of my experience with Indians here some of them don’t even bother to
say hi I mean such a small short word they don’t in short greet the other
Indians not all but definitely here are few not so welcoming or eager to help
others Indians present. Before pin-pointing other
nations just reflect your own lifestyle and see whether you suffer or did
something that has caused discrimination whether against religion ethnicity color
income gender or caste if you see yourself caught in any of these
then stop because as it is said what goes around comes around
anyways the point here I want to make is that there are all sort of people
everywhere and having one bad experience which might not be even racism does not define the
entire country therefore the moral of the story is to be friendly, definitely at
times you might have bad experience here which might be possibly due to the
result of your own preconceived notions about people in Germany just accept it
and let it go. Rather I would suggest that learn German it could help you to get
integrated and can understand the culture by meeting more Germans don’t be
afraid to network and feel awesome about being brown in Germany so far I have German best friends and my
house master who is also German who helped me sooo so much from the very beginning till today that coz of him my parents are not worried about my stay in Germany. Over-all, all these experiences has made my time in Germany as one of the best days of my
life with people around me that are simply the best best best people I’ve
ever met if you’re still not convinced about the
racism in Germany then feel free to go back to my previous videos and can see
the comments made by the Germans where they not only appreciated my videos but
also in case of any contradictory views they participated share the information
and on the arguments made on that they even happily accepted it I mean they are
the ones also watching my videos and made me feel good about me making me feel
happy about me doing YouTube and to continue this passion I hope you guys
have liked this video with this I’m signing off for today hope I have been
able to sort out at least one of your doubt about Germany and definitely if you
have a goal in life or regarding your career definitely come to Germany and
pursue it regardless of the fear related to racism I will see you in my next
video till then take care bye..

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