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Every product around us, merchandise in stores, building materials, gas, and other commodities,
was brought to its final destination by a truck. Even goods that are shipped via plane,
boat, or train will have to be transported by a truck at some point in the delivery process. The Commercial Truck Driving Program at Georgia
Northwestern Technical College prepares students to be confident and safe in the everyday operations
of an 18-wheel, semi-trailer truck, as well as other positions in the commercial trucking
industry. The program is taught at the Walker County
Campus of Georgia Northwestern Technical College. (Robert Browder)
We try to teach them the basic skills and operations of day to day driving. We’ll go
over the log books and all the paperwork that you need to keep you legal out there on the
road. When you come out here we show you how to do the basic skills for learning how to
make your turns and cuts and over the road driving. We do a lot of over the road driving
that way that way you do understand what you need to do in a truck. (Announcer)
Robert Browder is the Program Director for the Commercial Truck Driving Program at Georgia
Northwestern Technical College at the Walker County Campus. According to Robert, a person can complete
the program in only eight weeks and find immediate employment afterwards as an entry-level driver. (Robert Browder)
Average starting is anywhere between 30 to 40 thousand dollars a year their first year.
The more they do like as far as flat bed pays a little extra to tarp and untrap, things
like that that’s going to put your pay up a little bit more . . Trucking companies need
truck drivers the pay is going up. (Karen Hight)
I felt so confident after coming through this school . . . . I mean I just felt confident,
they gave me the ability to feel confident, comfortable in what I was doing and the knowledge
that I needed to go out there and perform my job and I felt really good about it. (Announcer)
Karen Hight is a Spotter for Shaw Industries. A Spotter is someone who is responsible for
the safe, smooth traffic flow of trucks and other vehicles at a location where many trucks
and other vehicles may come and go at the same time. Karen said she was attracted to the Commercial
Truck Driving program at GNTC because she was looking for a career change to a field
that was in great demand and provided stability. (Karen Hight)
I always been in yarn mills and I knew that if I was going to jump careers that I needed
to make more money in something that was stable and you know they’re sending jobs overseas
these days . . they can’t send driver jobs overseas. (Announcer)
The admission requirements to enter the Commercial Truck Driving program at Georgia Northwestern
Technical College are: A student must be 21 years old or older to
drive outside the State of Georgia. Secure a Commercial Driving License Learner’s
Permit from the Department of Drivers Services in your state of residence. Obtain a Motor Vehicle Report from the Department
of Drivers Services from your state of residence indicating no DUI within the last seven years
and no more than four violation points within the last three years. Obtain a valid Department of Transportation
physical by a physician or medical center. And pass a DOT drug test from a physician
or medical center. (Karen Hight)
It’s a very enjoyable job . . . and the benefits of seeing the country if you never got to
be out of the Georgia area to be able to go in different places that you’ve never seen
before. (Announcer)
If you are looking for a stable, financially rewarding career with high growth potential
that offers very flexible hours, then consider a career as a Commercial Truck Driver. (Robert Browder)
Right now any paper you can look at, any web site you go to, you can find a truck-driving
job – jobs are out there – they are posted on many different web sites. There is a web
site you can go to where a student can put in an application on a web site and it can
go to anywhere between 80 to 100 different trucking companies. So the jobs are out there
. . if somebody wants to drive, the jobs are there. (Announcer)
To find out more about GNTC’s Commercial Truck Driving program, visit our website or give
us a call for more information.

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