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There are man-eating sharks in every ocean. But we still swim. Every second, somewhere in the world, lightning strikes. But we still play in the rain. Poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states. But we still go looking for adventure. A car can crash, a house can crumble, but we still drive and love coming home. Because I think deep down we know, all the bad things that can happen in life, they can’t stop us from making our lives good.

100 thoughts on “Good Life Anthem | Allstate Commercials

  1. awerty25, I think you are giving Allstate way to much effort for trying to hide messages that work in their benefit in reverse psychology. I think the writer(s) we more concerned about being emotional, passionate and colorful. Which they pulled off. This is a well produced spot. It should be revered as brand standing for something and not trying to sell at every corner or sanding off the details. It's smart and wonderful.

  2. Wow! What a change! I've pretty much hated their advertising for the last 5+ years. This is a complete 180. Very nice. Much better message.

  3. I saw this ad and was absolutely stunned. Brilliant, emotionally affecting work.

  4. I have watched this so many times…i've memorized it. 😀 😀 😀

  5. The commercial itself is moving, but just seeing the adorable little girl at the end… OMG!

  6. Does anyone else think that at 0:46 are two girls kissing? If so that made my day, Bravo, Allstate, Bravo

  7. This is right! I live for good, not in fear of the bad! Why waste money on insurance?

  8. This is one of those few commercials that are meaningful, and actually have truth in them.
    I love this commercial.Its just…wow<3

  9. Are you serious?? You must be one of those people who sit in their home on the computer and do nothing fun because most fun things have a little danger, you gotta get over irrational fears

  10. This commercial, though. I thought it was going to be for a documentary or something…good job Allstate. I love it.

  11. Outstanding! It's good business to urge people to believe…. to set high hopes….to be the best…. as we destroy fear. All State ought to be proud of its ad agency. Which one is it?

  12. Disgusting, offensive, exploitive of those who lost loved ones. Preys on grief for situs such as lightening, sharks, snakes, etc. all non-Allstate situs!!!! And, via a young "girl" voice-over! Insulting, belittles grief and suffering that comes with loss – for those of us who have lost – it's gut-wrenching "Good Life" tactic is inexcusable and unconscionable. Shame on Allstate and all of you who like it – hope you never lose anyone in any of these situs! And, think it's the "Good Life". Pull it

  13. Umm…no not really…it is telling the truth…unless u stay under a rock.

  14. Perhaps you might benefit from seeing a good therapist to get over your sense of loss.

  15. Deep Down We Know… All the bad things in life, they can't stop us.


  16. Vesna – you're an idiot and you have completely missed the point of this beautiful ad. You are an angry person. I encourage you to take your vitriol elsewhere.

  17. Saw this spot last night during the NBC Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting telecast and was blown away. I felt like a kid again. What a positive message! 

  18. they should do more videos like this, ,y dad never likes the commercials and flips channels, but when we see this commercial, we never change it

  19. Thank You for an uplifting, inspiring video. I have emailed it to my family. would like more of the same.

  20. forgetting it's an insurance commercial it has a good message, it reminds of of those "I am a princess" commercials that Disney shows

  21. I've seen a lot of ads, but I've never seen one better than this. It is absolutely perfect. And beautiful. And true.

  22. There are man eating sharks in every ocean, but we still swim. Every second someone in the world lighting strikes, But we still play in the rain. Poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states, but we still go looking for adventure. A car can crash, a house can crumble, but we still drive and love coming home. Because I think that deep down we know that all the bad things that can happen in life they can't stop us from making our lives… Good

  23. Amazing commercial and the message can not be anymore uplifting. Whatever agency you used is really talented!

  24. Who is the author of the quote "… bad things that can happen in life – they cannot stop us from making our lives good"?

  25. Now get rid of those disgusting fear-mongering "mayhem" ads, and I may keep my insurance with you.

  26. thank you allstate.  a great reminder. a great piece of art.  great marketing.  break through ad. 

  27. I searched a long time for this commercial. Every time I see it on TV it brings tears to my eyes. I love the little girl who is narrating. She is so beautiful and she has a voice like an angel. Never thought I could be so moved by a commercial. Thank you. And thank you to the little girl.

  28. That s an outstanding commercial. The tone of voice and direction is much better then the mayhem campaign. Cheers to Leo Burnett.

  29. That was my voice when I was 8 years old. The girl couldn't speak English so they called me in to do the voice

  30. This should be the commercial played at least once during every football game. Let all the fucking pussies trying to kill this great sport know players know the dangers and still CHOOSE to play the game. Even when I was a kid we knew the pros and cons, and don't even say we didn't know about concussions, we knew about them but just called it getting your bell rung. We didn't know just how bad it was, but if ANYONE honestly thought getting hit that hard wouldn't cause damage, they're just fucking stupid! But again, the players CHOOSE to play the sport!

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