Grow your business faster with Microsoft Relationship Sales

>>Finding and building strong relationships is
key to growing business. The Microsoft Relationship
Sales solution gives sellers the advantage of embedded intelligence
to streamline business processes
and gain insights. With the combined power of
Dynamics 365 for Sales and the social data of more than 500 million
professional members on the LinkedIn Network, Microsoft empowers
sellers to find and focus on the right people
right from the start. With embedded intelligence,
and the unified view of data from across
LinkedIn, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, sellers find the leads
who are most likely to convert and get
guidance to strengthen current relationships
all in one place. With LinkedIn Sales
Navigator integration, sellers can easily keep tabs on the latest news and notes around leads and current customers. This ensures interactions
are maximized, as relevant conversations foster trust in current
relationships and valuable icebreakers provide perfect conversation starters when reaching out to
a new potential client. A seller can find
a mutual contact to provide that all-important highly
credible introduction and find ALL of
the key decision makers and influencers within
a buying committee. This drives the sales process forward with
trusted relationships, creating an intelligently
built pipeline of high-quality leads. The Microsoft Relationship
Sales solution also tracks seller
interactions with all prospects and customers and monitors the health of the relationship for the seller. It automates routine tasks
and embeds familiar tools in the context of
each customer interaction to optimize seller productivity. And it uses interactions with leads to identify leading
indicators for the future, so sellers can anticipate
future needs as relationships grow and
respond in a reliable way. All of these embedded
intelligence features empower the seller to
continue to develop more trust and reliability. Creating long-lasting and
profitable relationships needed to grow business. Request a free demo of
Dynamics 365 for sales today.

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