Grown-ish 2×12 Sneak Peek “Fake Love” (HD)

You and Ana? How does that even work? Like, physically, politically, spiritually— Was it everything I imagined it was? Like a Maxwell video? Get your boy, man. That’s— that’s your boy, man. Unfortunately, he’s both of our boy. Aww, that’s so sweet. Bro, look. I’m not even trying to judge you, but smashing within the friend group is straight treacherous. It’s not like I went looking for this. It just kinda happened. I wish that stuff just kinda happened to me. Although, flip side — Zoey’s probably pissed at you, Ana’s probably pissed at you, Zoey’s definitely pissed at Ana. I wouldn’t have the emotional bandwidth for that.

50 thoughts on “Grown-ish 2×12 Sneak Peek “Fake Love” (HD)

  1. Uggg the scenarios in this show annoys me i annoy myself by watching it everytime they come out on hulu

  2. No reason for Zoey to be mad. On top of that Ana and Aaron have you discuss and came to a conclusion of your personal views

  3. Please tell me why Zoe has the right to be mad? She chose the stoner over Aaron. So both Aaron and Ana can do what they want. But if the writers split Ana and Aaron over this then it's the first bad writing on the show. Keep Aaron and Ana together because I enjoy their chemistry.

  4. Why is Zoey pissed ? Zoey and Aaron were never a couple.

  5. Zoey better get tf over herself. She hurt that boy by choosing Luca's pothead ass. She has ZERO right to even remotely react to Aaron and Ana. If I was Luca, I would have a serious problem with her even being mad. What's so bad with OUR relationship that you gotta be mad that your "non-ex" got with someone else that makes him happy??

  6. Explain to me why Zoe is mad. You had the option to choose Aaron but you went for the stoner. It’s not like Zoe and Aaron were an actual couple or had dated before. I understand that dating in the friend group is bad but aren’t Zoe and her boyfriend already in the friend group and they already dating? What bullshit and if the writer break Ana and Aaron up I’m finna best someone’s ass 😂

  7. Uh please answer question??? I mean tbh Idk why Ana is even in their friend group.

  8. Zoey knows good and well she’s not mad at them bc their dating in the friend group , she’s mad bc he’s over her .

  9. They could've went for having different political affiliation but they went with ZoEy WiLl bE pIsSed!!

  10. I think that why Zoey is so angry is because she feels out of control. her dad cut her off, school is not going well, growing up is hard. Her friends are the only thing that give her sertantly and straight so when she find out this she feels like she got staved in the back. i think if Zoey find out about this before all the shit hit the fan she would have taken it way better, but now she is hurt by all angles.

    PS: Why is no one talking about Nomi, she is in a hard spot as well and no one is talking about her. Nomi came out to her parents, found love, got dumped, and feels lonely.

  11. Real question is why is Vivek imagining what it would be like when Ana and Aaron get together lol

  12. If Zoey doesn’t piss at tgis Ana n Aaron thing, it’d be too unrealistic. If my friend ever hook up someone BEHIND my back, no longer friend!!! Cancel the Bitch

  13. So people are calling out Aaron as well right? Like they did with Ana?

  14. The only "foul thing" Aaron and Ana did was not tell Zoey sooner. Zoey was never his girl so there should be no drama 🙄

  15. The boys need more moments talking with each other. These three can riff together so well and so easily lmaoo

  16. Zoey never dated Aaron so why does Zoey care that Anna and Aaron is dating when she and Luca is dating

  17. I don't think that Zoey is mad or upset about the fact that Ana and Aaron are together, I think that Zoey is mad and upset about the fact that they hid it from her and Ana disrespected the girl code. Yeah, Aaron technically isn't Zoey's ex, but Ana knew how much Zoey like and felt about Aaron freshman year because they used to stay up all night in their girl group and talk about him!!!

  18. Zoe is angry because Ana didn’t tell her i don’t get why you guys don’t get that. Y’all just hate Zoe so much 😂

  19. i get why zoey would be pissed, less over aaron dating someone else moreso over ana hiding it which implies a clear break in girl code. Like if she never hid it she could just be like, yeah i did nothing wrong but since she hid what she was doing w him then it confirms in zoeys mind that they were up to something trifiling, maybe even before she chose luca? But zoey still need to focus on her man cause luca too fine for all this, or she gotta pass him sis.

  20. First of all Zoey an Aron wasn’t a thing. They was only talking Zoey acting like she loved hi
    So much etc.

  21. I think a lot of people forget that we were introduced to Aaron on blackish so zowys crush on him was a longggg term thing it wasn’t just freshman year and considering how her and Ana consider each other best friends Ana has most likely known how long zoey has had feelings for Aaron before she chose luka, ultimately it’s about respect

  22. Why is it so wrong for Ana to date inside the friend group with technically Luca is in the friend group and Zoey is dating him.

  23. where can i watch grownish for free?
    other than freeform…can’t get that in my country

  24. I feel like Zoey has a right to be mad even though her and Aaron didn't date because Ana knows that Zoey did like Aaron before. How is Ana sure that Zoey doesn't have feelings for Aaron anymore? Ana should have told Zoey that her and Aaron are vibing and ask Zoey if she was completely over Aaron. You can't date your best friend's ex crush. True friends understand why. It's going to get messy very quickly. I hate how Ana is soooooo sorry that she didn't tell Zoey but she feels like she's doing nothing wrong. Then what is she sorry about? Ana didn't break the girl code but she's not a good friend. I wouldn't see her the same way if I were Zoey.

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