grown-ish Season 2, Episode 15 | Vivek & Doug Give Aaron Relationship Advice | Freeform

Hey. You hungry? Me and Ana are meeting Sky and Nomi at the diner. Uh, we just gonna post up for a minute. But, I mean, I may be in the mood for some dessert. Ooh, I could definitely go for
some dessert. It’s my cheat day. Oh. You mean f***ing. [Jazz] Okay. See you.
[Doug] Yeah. Bye. Thank you. Text me when you get home so I know you made it safe. Sure. [Aaron] Okay.
[Doug] Later, dude. So, you’re kicking it with us
instead of having sex with Ana? That feels dumb. Uh, I’m sorry. Am I not allowed
to hang out with the fellas? Besides, I didn’t see Doug go with Jazz. You saw me give her a kiss goodbye. You gave homegirl your cheek like
it was your grandma or something. I’m just saying, that’s weird for that
“new new gotta smash” phase. I don’t get it. It’s really not that deep, guys. Don’t over-read it. Yeah, but it seems like you not feeling her like that. Incorrect, dude. I’m definitely still feeling her. It’s just that we’re on, I think, two different pages. You know, I’m in the prologue and she’s— Working on the movie adaptation? Possibly. It’s just, between us hanging out
every night, her trying to hold my hand— Oh God! What?

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